2captcha Review 2023

While you are looking to make money online through captcha solving you might be got introduced to 2captcha. Not sure about is this website is really paying means this is legit or a scam. Don’t worry in this tutorial you will get my honest 2captcha review from my own experience of working with 2captcha.
So, Is 2captcha legit?
Yes! 2captcha is a completely legit site for earning money by solving captcha.


In 2021 2captcha is become the most popular site for both employers and workers for captcha entry jobs. This site is similar to the PTC site. As many captchas you can solve that much you will earn depending on the rate of captcha. But this is not an ideal site for earn money. You can spend your leisure time on this site to earn some pocket money. Making money by solving captcha may be better than wasting your leisure time on social media or playing games. You can earn money by solving captchas besides hearing music in your headphone.

Whatever, in this post I will let you know how to open an account and how to start working on this site.


Online captcha typing job is a typing job that means making money by solving captcha. This job pays less compare to other jobs. But if you don’t have any skills you can start this job to start making extra money from home. In this type of job when somebody needs to entry captcha for his website or other security reason, he hires workers who will entry captcha for him and he will pay that worker a certain amount of money for those captcha entries.


What Is The Best Platform For Earn Money By Solving Captcha:

There are plenty of platforms where you can start your captcha typing job. But the problem with those websites is some of them pay a very low rate for thousand captchas and some of them will ban your account if you make mistakes repeatedly a few times. Among all of these captcha job sites in my opinion 2 captcha is the best captcha job site and the best platform for earn money by solving captcha. Why 2captcha is better than all other captcha job platforms I will discuss in the last section of this post. Before then let’s learn how you can set up your account and start making money from 2captcha.

How To Create An Account On 2captcha:

To create an account on 2captcha Click Here.

2captcha homepage will be loaded then click on Registration. Then a page with a dialogue box will load.

Just enter your email, Enter and confirm the password then fill up the captcha then click on Register.
You have to solve a captcha and then click on Register to sign up on this site.
Then just confirm your email from your email. That’s it. You are all set.

How To Work On 2captcha:

Log in to your account. Then to start working click on start work which is on the right side of your dashboard is at the top. Then a page will load.

When you are new you have to pass a test to start working there. In this test, you will be given 45 captchas. You have to solve them all to pass the exam. But if you make mistake again and again then you will fail the test. And after a few failures, your account will be banned permanently. So, be careful about the admission test. If you make any mistakes during the test click on start over and complete the test from the beginning.
After passing the test you can start working. But I suggest you work on the 2captcha bot on your windows or mobile device. For this, in the above picture click on work through 2Captchabot to work on your pc. Then install it and start with your API key which you will find in your dashboard. Same, you can work with your mobile. Install 2captcha app from google play store. And start working by pasting your API key.

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How To Withdraw Earnings From 2captcha:

1st of all this site doesn’t support Paypal to withdraw money. The followings are supported to withdraw money:


As you can see these are the supported payment method from this site. The minimum withdrawal limits are 0.5$ and 1$ depending on your wallet type. And this site is completely charge-free for withdrawing money. So, when you are above the minimum limit then you can withdraw your earnings. Just click on Request payout from your dashboard.
Then the previous page will load. Select your payout method and follow the next steps then complete the withdrawal process.

They generally pay within 24 hours. They pay only Monday to Friday. So, try to request a withdrawal within these days. Sometimes they pay instantly. I got my payments just between 1 hour.

2captcha Payment Proof:

I have requested withdrawal twice and got my money very fast. There is my payout history:


As you can see my first withdrawal is completed between 55 minutes and last one is just between 2 minutes. So, try to withdraw between Monday to Friday.
Update: September 2021: I got 10 payments till now from this website. Still this is an amazing platform for captcha jobs.

How Much One Can Earn From 2captcha:

This depends on how many captchas are available on their server. When captchas are available more you will get captcha fast and can earn some fast. Other times, it will take much time to load the captcha. Whatever in average you can make 0.3 to 0.5$ per day if you give enough time on this site. But I will teach you some tricks in the next tutorial. By which you can earn 1$ easily. Click here to know how to earn fast in 2captcha.

Why 2captcha Is Better Than Other Captcha Entry Sites?

I have already told you that from my perspective 2captcha is the best platform for earn money by solving captcha even in 2021. For the following reason 2captcha is better than other captcha entry sites.
  • 2captcha didn’t ban your account if you make mistakes continuously for some time. Whether other sites will ban your account permanently if you make a repeated mistake just for few times.
  • You can work from desktop and smartphone both. Whether so many captcha entry sites allow only desktop.
  • The rate for 1000 ReCaptcha is 1$ or more if you work through 2captcha bot android application which is higher than other sites.
  • They have easier admission test and you are allowed to take that test as many times as you want if you make mistake during the test. Which is not allowed in so many captcha entry sites.


So, that is it for today. I will upload another tutorial about this site soon. That tutorial will be about how to maximize your earnings on this site. So, stay with me. Thanks. Click here to read that tutorial.

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