Paidverts Review 2023 (How To Earn)

Are you looking for making money with each click you perform? If the answer is yes. Then you should go to a PTC site to earn money for your every click. While looking for a PTC site to make money online you might be heard about Now your question is paidverts legit or a scam?

The answer is Yes! paidverts is a completely legit Paid To Click (PTC) earning site. In this post, I will share with you the review of paidverts from my own experience of working on this website.


But If you want to earn a big amount of money then I wouldn’t suggest you work on the PTC site to make money online. Because in PTC site you won’t be able to make a good amount of money. You can make a very small amount of money by working PTC work.

If you want to earn a small amount of money daily in your leisure time then you can work with the PTC site. I have worked on plenty of PTC sites. Among all of the PTC sites, I have worked yet paidverts is the best website from my experience. But If you want to know the better option for making money online you can check this idea.

Paidverts is a completely legit PTC site. In this post i will let you know all about this site in details.

 To join paidverts Click here. 



Is Paidverts Real?

Paidverts is not a scam it is a completely legit paid-to-click website. Where you can earn money by watching ads, playing games, and purchasing bulk ads. You can advertise your links as well as you can also earn money from them. So, you can work as an advertiser as well as an earner on this website. You can work on both their website and their apps. They have different ways to maximize your earnings. The more you are active with Paidverts the more you will earn from them. You will make money for the activity you show on this website. You will earn additional rewards for logged-in consecutive days, for playing games, and for every activity, you performed on this website.

What is Paidverts?

Paidverts is a legit PTC site where you can make money by doing multiple small tasks. PTC means Paid To Click. This means you will earn money for each click on this site. all you have to do is just log in to this site every day and click the ads you have been given that’s it. Also to earn more money you have to gain more and more APS and BAP. I will explain it later. But you shouldn’t spend your important time on this site. You have to spend just your leisure time or 5 minutes from the time instead of spending time on social media.






How To Join On Paidverts?

To join on paidverts  Click here 

Then this page will be loaded:








Then click on register. Then a page will appear with a form. Fill up that form with your correct information then click on open account. Then an email will be sent to your Gmail which you used to create your account. Confirm your email that’s it you are all set. Then log in to your account on this site and start working.

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How To Earn From Paidverts?

To work on this site you just need to spend 5 to 10 minutes per day. The main source of earning on this site is just viewing ads. For this, you have to click on paid ads. for a beginner per day 10 ads are available 2 times per day Monday to Friday 5 ads on each. Ad value depends on your BAP level and APS. The higher the APS and BAP higher the value of ads also the higher the number of ads. In level 1 You will get 1 0.01$ and 9 0.0005$ ads every day.


Means less than 0.02$ ads on each day. So if anybody sees like that he is not even earning 0.1$ per day so he will not want to work there. But I suggest you not for earning but for entertainment spend less than 5 minutes per day twice and collect all the ads. By doing so if you continuously collect all the paid and BAP ads then after 6 months to 1 year, you will earn 1$ per day by this 5 minutes of work.  There are also other ways to earn money like playing different games, completing PTC walls, and cash offers.

1st of all there is plenty number of games which you can play. Like coin flip, Baccarat, Casino War, Rock paper scissors, etc.
But the problem is that these games are not free you can earn BAP by playing this game but also you have to spend BAP for playing each game. So it is a matter of luck. You can earn BAP also you can lose BAP for playing each game. So this is a risky strategy for earning BAP.

Then the Cash offers are also a great option for earning. You can earn some cents to dollars by doing these offers. But the problem is that the surveys and most of the offers are not available for all countries. So if you are from the European region, of course, you can earn not only some cents but also a few dollars by doing these offers. But from wherever you are if you have time you can complete some offer like in the above picture and increase your earnings.

Then PTC walls. Here you can earn some money by completing tasks.

They are similar to Cash offers. You can earn some cash by watching ads or completing surveys.

They are like simple sign up or by doing other tasks you can earn some dollar. So this is a good way to increase your earnings.

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What are BAP and APS? 


BAP means Bonus ad points. You can earn some BAP per day by viewing BAP ads or playing games.

But 8 Bap ads will be given to you every day.

This BAP ad appears only once a day and it is available for the whole day. So collect these BAPs by clicking the view activation ad.

Every day few BAPS are consumed for giving you paid ads. So you will have just a few BAPs per day. So you have to work there regularly to earn BAP and increase your level. But if you don’t like to wait for a long time you can Buy ads to increase your BAP. Your ad number depends on your BAP level.

APS means Achievement points this actually depends on your activity on this site. If you work there on a regular basis for at least 90 days you will earn a lot of APS and higher the APS means higher the value of your paid ads. So complete the achievements as required and earn more and more APS to get high valued ads.

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How to withdraw earnings from Paidverts?

1st all minimum withdrawal on this site is 1$. They support lots of payment methods. But PayPal is not supported for withdrawing money from this site. I think that is the biggest problem with this site. However, the following methods are supported to withdraw or deposit money on this site based on your country:

1) Perfect Money






To withdraw your earnings from Paidverts click on balance then the wallet page will be loaded. Then click cash out in which method you want to receive your money. All the methods will not support withdrawing your money only in which methods site CASHOUT button showing are supported to withdraw your earning. Suppose I want to withdraw my earnings to perfect money then I click on cash out in PM.

Then a page will load with a form for the information and amount I want to withdraw.

Fill out this form and then click on submit. Then after a few days, you will get your money. But mind it on each withdrawal 4%+0.25$ will charge. So try to withdraw a large amount because no matter what amount you withdraw it will cost 4% of your total amount also 0.25$ as a charge per withdrawal. So if you withdraw 4$ once it will cost 0.41$. But if you withdraw 1$ 4 times it will cost a total 1.16$ (0.29$ each). So try to withdraw a higher amount in each withdrawal.

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Is Paidverts worth your time?

Paidverts is worth your time if you have enough patience to work there. But if you want to earn money from the 1st day and looking for a big amount then this site is not worth it for you. But if you have patience I suggest you just log in to this site every day and collect the BAP and all the paid ads. This will take not more than 5 minutes per day. But if you have enough time you can also complete PTC walls and Cash offers to earn cash. Being active and consecutive log in you will earn BAPs and APS. Also for watching all daily available ads and playing games and completing the achievements you will earn more BAPs and APS. More BAPs and APS mean higher your earnings is.

So keep your patience high you will be successful one day.



In the next post, I will share with you a working strategy by which you can earn a lot of money from this site. So, also read my next post. Thanks.

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