How To Start Programming For Beginners

Hello. Welcome to this tutorial. From today I am going to guide you to start computer programming. So, these tutorials are for beginners who are interested in computer programming and just don’t know how to start programming. So, I will try to guide you about that matter. In this post, I will try to discuss with you how to ger started in programming as a beginner.





How To Start Programming For Beginners



What Is Computer Programming Actually Meant?



Programming means creating a program or software using any of the programming languages to perform a specific task without any error. This is the programmer’s responsibility to ensure that his code is accurate and fills the conditions and works perfectly. For a better understanding of what is programming, you can read my previous articles. To read that article Click here.



Coding vs Programming Comparison:


When anybody starts learning about coding and programming they thought that coding and programming are actually the same things. They also find sometimes coding and programmings are synonyms for each other. However, there is a basic difference between coding and programming. Yes, coding is a main branch of programming without which you can’t be a programmer. But they are not exactly 100% the same. Coding means converting one language to another. Actually, this code works as a decoder. This code converts human language to machine-understandable language. But programming means writing a program with the help of code of a particular language to perform a specific task. So, I hope it is clear that coding is an important branch of programming but they are not the same.





What Are The Materials That Are Needed To Start Programming?


To start programming you must need the following things:

  1. Passion(This is the main thing you must have).
  2. A computer
  3. Knowledge about any of the programming language
  4. A compiler.
  5. A water bottle😉.

I’ve mentioned passion in the top position. Because to be a programmer you must be an addiction to programming instead of a drug. Without this, you will not enjoy your programming career and will not go to be a programmer.





Then you obviously need to have a laptop or desktop for coding. This laptop is suggested with the configuration minimum core i5 or equivalent processor, 4 GB ram, 500 GB hard disk, and 1GB graphics card. Minimum these configurations your computer must have from my suggestion.

Then knowledge about any programming language. You must choose 1 programming language for programming I will explain it later. Then compiler. You must have a compiler that can perfectly compile your code. There are plenty of compilers available for any of the programming languages just install them and start coding using them.

Lastly, I mentioned the water bottle. Because when you start programming you will feel high pressure in your brain for difficult problems then you will feel thirsty and you have to drink water. This is so funny right that I am telling you about water bottles being a part of elements needed for programming. Now you thought that is funny but start programming then you will find that is it funny or true. Because in a programmer’s life water bottle and computer is his most close and also a best friend.





What Are The Programming Languages?


There are plenty of programming languages like C, C#, C++, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL,  ORACLE, etc. You should select a particular language to start making the program. As programming language is the kidney of programming. You should select the proper language to start your programming career.



Which Language You Should Choose To Start Your Programming Career?


Well, it actually depends on which field you want to start your programming career.

1st of all I divide programmers into 2 classes one is a website developer and the other is a software developer.

In both fields, there is an opportunity for you to become a front end, back end, full-stack, or any other developer.

However, if you want to be a website developer you must have to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript and any other according to this field. If you want to be a software engineer you must learn C, C++ or Python, or a similar language.

But you shouldn’t start learning all of the languages of a particular field at the same time. 1st start learning one language. And learn this language in detail with all of the basic things, structures, and syntax. When you expert on this language then shift to other languages.



How Should A Beginner Start Programming?


To start programming first you must learn the basic structure of a particular language. Don’t go to learn multiple languages at the same time. Learn only one specific language structure and basic part of that language. Then start learning syntax and functions. Then start practicing on online platforms available for coding practice. Don’t worry on this website you will find a series of tutorials about computer programming for beginners just follow them step by step.





How Do I Practice Coding?

There are plenty of ways to practice coding. But the best way to practice codding is to solve problems using your known programming language on any of the codding online platforms. Some famous websites for practicing codding are Codeforces, HackerEarth, Codechef, UVA online judge, etc.

You can start codding practice using any of the above sites. Just start solving the problems from the beginner level.




My Plane To Guide You In Your Programming Career:

I am a software developer so I will guide you to become a software developer. So, my next tutorials will be for people who want to start their career in software development. However, to do so I will start with C language and then shift to C++ and at last Python. At first, I will try to teach you the basic structure, syntax, and other things about the C language. Then when you completely learned them. I will guide you to start problem-solving on some virtual online judge platforms. Then I will shift you to C++. And lastly, I will try to teach you the basic structure of Python.

Most importantly i will try to teach you Object Oriented Programming using C++. Which is the most valuable and must needed thing to become a software engineer.






Some Advice From My Own Programming Experience

My self Anthor Kumar Das from Bangladesh. I am now reading Bachelor’s Science Degree at Khulna University of Engineering And Technology. However still now I am not a pro-level programmer. I am learning programming science in January 2019. I will try to share with you what I have learned in these certain years of period. In these years, I have wasted so much time by doing the worst things instead of programming. Which is very much harmful to my programming career. And also that makes a huge impact on my career. Because the person who started programming with me also even later than me is currently at a very much higher level than me. The most reason for my failure is most of the time I was sick. Then after coding for a few days I don’t get any motivation and felt bored with programming that’s why I detach myself from programming for a few days. Again most of the time I was depressed due to my failure. By these, I have wasted plenty of time instead of programming. I realized my mistakes in august 2020 and then till now I am trying to give my best effort in programming. I am not only the person who feels bored in programming or becomes depressed. It can also happen to you too.

So, I suggest you don’t lose hope. Be passionate and dedicated to programming and try to give your best effort. One day you will be one of the best programmers.


Happy Coding😊.

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