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Leadsleap Review: Is leadsleap Pro Best For Your Business?

Are you confused to get started with leadsleap? Are You not sure that leadsleap is legit or a scam? Want to get a real leadsleap review? I understand That there are plenty of scam websites on the internet. Among those scam websites, it is difficult to trust any website. 



But don’t worry. In this tutorial, I am going to share with you my honest review of leadsleap from my own experience of working with them. Also, I will discuss the pros and cons side of leadsleap.

So if you have any confusion on whether should you go with leadsleap or not to generate more leads for your business that will also be cleared.

 After this tutorial, you will be able to make your decision on that is leadsleap going to be right for your business? Also, you will be able to know if is leadsleap worth your time to make money online from home.







Is Leadsleap legit?


Leadsleap is a completely legit website and I have been growing my own business and making money through leadsleap since 2021. They have a 4.4-star review in Trustpilot.

You can also check their social reviews of real users. Click here to check their social reviews and what are people talking about leadsleap.com.



What Is leadsleap?

Leadsleap is a free tools provider for business owners as well as they have plenty of options available for those who want to make money online. You can earn money online using any of the plenty of money-making options available.
This website provides all types of support to grow your business for a cheap price. 
You can promote any of your ads using leadsleap for a low price. You can also earn ad credit and use those credits to get traffic to your ad or links. I am going to discuss how you can grow your business as well as how you can earn money with them in the upcoming sections throughout the whole post.

How Can You Use Leadsleap:

You can use leadsleap to earn money from home and for the promotion of any links. If you are a business owner and looking to grow your business for a cheap price. Then you can go with them. 
If you don’t have any money, you can earn credits and then use those credits to promote your product links. 
Especially this website is best for those who are doing CPA marketing or Lead Generation marketing. You can use their GEO targeting methods to promote your CPA, Affiliate, or referral links to specific country people.
All you have to do you have to accumulate or purchase as much credit as possible. You can promote your links using those ad credits or you can convert those credits to money.

Leadsleap Pro Membership Features

You can promote your offer using leadsleap as a free member but leadsleap provides you with a lot more services if you are a pro member. I am going to discuss each marketing tool section in detail below:



Leasleap Pro Membership Benefits


Pro Ads:

Pro Ads are the type of ads that can only be created by pro members and have a higher priority of getting traffic.


The main advantage of leadsleap pro membership is while you are creating pro ads you don’t have to earn credits doing other works on leadsleap. Your credit ads will be shown for the whole month an unlimited amount of times.


As a free member, you can create post-credit ads but for those, you will get 1 traffic for every credit you assigned to that particular ad. When all the credits are gone you won’t get any traffic to your ads.


But pro ads will always stay on the sidebar and other positions for the whole month to maximize traffic.


Moreover, if you are a pro member you can create up to 10 pro ads. This is a great opportunity for you to promote multiple offers simultaneously.



Social Review:


If you are an affiliate or digital marketer then this will be really a great opportunity for you. Because in the leadsleap Social Review section you can write your product review and publish it with your affiliate links.


As a free member, you can’t write a social review but as a pro member, you can write social reviews. By writing social reviews you can easily get traffic from leadsleap and from other sources through leadsleap to your review.


In the social review section, you will see an option written as “top recommendation”. If your review can get on the list of top recommendations then leadsleap will promote your review through all of their marketing methods including traffic coop, daily email sending, and so many more. Join leadsleap now.



Link Tracker:


Link tracker means you can track any link how many clicks are gotten, whether is this real traffic or a bot, from which country and which device the traffic came from, number of sales or leads generated from that link.


You can use their link tracker as a free member. But if you are a pro member you can create custom paths for your link. This means you can select the path as when a person clicks on your link and then perform some activity and go to a particular page then a lead will be counted.

The 2 more benefits you can have from the Link tracker section as a free member are given below:






Rotators mean using one link for multiple pages; people will see variations of pages through that link. As an example, you have created a rotator with 10 links. It means a user who clicks your rotator link can randomly see any 1 of your 10 links.


As a pro member of leadsleap, you can use as many links as you wish on the rotator.




Ad Bars:

It is similar to text ads you will write about your ads and put a destination link inside that ad. When the user clicks on your text he will be directed to that destination link. As a pro member, you can create Ad Bars on leadsleap.





Email Marketing Tools:

Leadsleap will be an outstanding platform for you if you want to grow your business through email marketing. Even if email marketing is a small portion of your business leadsleap will make it easier for you.


Because leadsleap has a list manager, email series,  broadcast, blog to broadcast, and youtube to broadcast tools for you. Among them, the most useful two features are described below:




List Manager:

You can manage and create a list of your followers or subscriber easily using the leadsleap list manager. The benefit of having a list of your subscriber or followers is that you can send any of your products easily at a time.





Email Series:

When you have a list of your subscriber that you have created through the list manager you can send all of them any email in series at the same time.




These 2 email marketing tools will make your email marketing more easier and profitable.


Page Builder:


When you have a list management service you must have a page builder which leadsleap provides you for free as a pro member.


You can use their page builder to create opt-in pages that will link to your list or any promoting material. When visitors perform a task you can create thank you page or any other page to show them. These pages can be presented in different ways like coming from the right, left, up, down, or animated ways.




Funnel Builder:

This feature is only for pro members. Funnel builder or funnel manager helps you to manage your sales funnel. If you have multiple pages and you want to organize them you can use funnel builder or funnel manager to manage them.


You can also create a sales funnel using their funnel builder.


So why are you waiting? Join on leadsleap right now.





Form/Pop-Up Creator:

You can create excellent pop-ups or forms using leadsleap pop-up creators.  On leadsleap, you can create a pop-up or form and also host it with them. You can add that page or form anywhere in the leadsleap promotional area.



Hosting Services:


Leadsleap also provides you with image and pdf hosting services. You can host up to 500 images or pdf with leadsleap of size up to 100 Mega Bytes.




Earning Opportunity:


As a Pro Member, You will get a 10% daily activity bonus whereas free users get only 5%. Also, free users get 25% affiliate recurring commissions but you will get 50% of them.




Is Leadsleap Pro Membership Right For Your Business?


From the above discussion, I think you don’t have any confusion about that leadsleap is really such an amazing website that provides all the necessary tools to manage and grow your business.

The leadsleap pro membership cost 27$ for 30 days with a 30-day money-back guarantee. They support PayPal and credit cards for purchasing pro membership. You can also use your earnings balance to purchase a pro membership.


Yes, you can grow your business with leadsleap pro membership. But leadsleap pro membership will multiply your earnings and your business will grow faster. So, join leadsleap right now.


Benefits Of Leadsleap Pro Membership


  1. First of all, they provide you with all the necessary tools to promote and grow your business.
  2. You don’t have to be worried about credits to get traffic to your links because your ad will be shown an unlimited amount of times for 30 days.
  3. You will get around 4000 visitors per month to your pro ads. But as a pro member you can get up to 10 pro ads so imagine the amount of traffic you can get from those 10 pro ads.
  4. You can build an amazing and attractive sales funnel and manage your followers very easily.
  5. Your email marketing will be much easier and less time-consuming with leadsleap.
  6. You can promote affiliate products very easily using their social review section without owning any blog or websites which is really a great opportunity for digital marketers.
  7. The most important thing is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. They mentioned that if you are purchasing leadsleap pro membership and promoting your offers with them. Then if your revenue is less than the amount you invested to purchase leadsleap pro membership. Then you can make a support ticket to them and they will refund your whole money.



Leadsleap 30-day money-back guarantee
Leadsleap 30-day money-back guarantee





So, I think this would be a great opportunity and risk-free for you to grow with leadsleap pro membership.

So, undoubtedly leadsleap pro membership is absolutely right and the best lead generation provider to grow your business. Try leadsleap now it’s free.


Ways Available To Earn Money From Leadsleap:

There are many amazing options available for you to earn money from leadsleap. All You can earn money from leadsleap through surf ads, PPC widgets, Coop links, daily active bonuses, referring others, and encashing your ad credits.
Don’t worry I am going to briefly discuss each of these things.

Earn Money By Clicking Or Surfing Ads:

You can earn money from your own clicks. You will see a lot of surf ads available for you. If you click and watch the ads for at least 5 seconds you will earn credits for that click. For each ad view of 5 seconds, you will get 0.2 or more credits. The longer you visit the ad the more credit you will earn from the ad up to 0.72 credit.
You can use these credits to promote your product or services or even encash them for money. 

Earn Money By Placing Leadsleap PPC Widget On Your Website:

If you are a blog or website owner you can earn money by placing a leadsleap PPC widget on your blog or website. 
Their PPC widgets are similar to placing a CPC-based ad network on your website.
If anybody clicks any of the PPC ads from your website and surfs the page for at least 5 seconds you will get money for that click.
In order to set up their PPC widget on your website follow the below steps:
  1. First, log in to your leadsleap account.
  2. You will find an option Money on the left side of your dashboard there will be an option PPC and below ” Get PPC Widget Code”.
  3. Click on “Get PPC Widget Code” and it will take you to the PPC ad code creator page.
  4. You can select the type of widget, number of ads per widget (2/4/6),  text color, title color, background color, info color, header color, and more. 
  5. Select your desired type of widget settings then click on the “Get Code” button. 
  6. Copy The Whole code.
  7. Go to your website dashboard layout section.
  8. Then select the location on your website where you want to show the PPC ad widget.
  9. Then Ad the code by selecting Add a Gadget>html/javascript. Put the copied code on the HTML/JavaScript content field and then click save.


That’s it you are all set. Now when a visitor comes to your website will see the ad widgets on the placed position on your website. 
If anybody clicks any of the ads showing on the PPC widget on your website and surfs for 5 or more seconds you will earn money from leadsleap for that click.

Earn Money By Promoting Leadsleap Coop links:


You can also earn money from leadsleap by promoting their coop links. This money-earning option is recently added on leadsleap. This option is launched on 23 July 2022.
You can promote on any platform as you wish. You can use PTC sites, Traffic exchange sites, Forums, Blogs, Social media, etc to promote leadsleap Coop links.

If anybody visits your leadsleap coop link and surfs the page for at least 5 seconds then 1 coop visit will be counted. You can check your coop stats in the Coop earnings section. You will get your earnings for coop visits every Friday. They will pay you on the basis of valid clicks, visitor’s geo, ad view duration, etc. Here is one thing you must be aware that one click on your coop link will be counted if anybody surfs the page for at least 5 seconds and that should be real human traffic. Bot traffic isn’t allowed. 
If anybody opens the coop link and clicks on any link on that page or scrolls the page or moves the cursor within 10 seconds then that visit is counted as a valid or a human visit and your coop visitor is increased. Otherwise, that click will be counted as fake or bot traffic.

Benefits Of leadsleap Coop Link Promotion:

You will get your earnings every Friday for coop traffics on the basis of the CPM rate. CPM means Cost Per Mile. If you bought 100 visitors for the whole week and the average CPM rate for your traffic is 2$ then you will get 0.2$ for those 100 traffics. So, if you can get 5000 visitor’s on your coop links then you will earn 10$ or more depending on the CPM rate.
For the coop visitors, you will not only earn CPM-based money. You will also earn ad credits. The higher your ad credits you will get the higher amount of traffics to your own ads. Also, you will get more daily bonus.

Daily Active Bonus:

You can earn additional money from leadsleap for being an active member. Because they give a bonus daily on their active bonus.
In order to be eligible to get a daily active bonus, you must click at least 10 surf ads or more. If you click and surf 10 or more ads in a day you will earn a daily active bonus at the end of the day depending on the number of credits you earned on that day.

Earn Money By Referring Others To Leadsleap:

You can earn money from leadsleap by referring your friends or others. If anybody uses your referral links and joins on leadsleap. Then you will earn a commission from leadsleap for his activities on leadsleap. For example, if you to leadsleap.com using this link and sign up you will be my referral. So, I will earn from your activities from leadsleap. You will get 100% of your earnings from leadsleap. But I will get a small bonus from leadsleap. That’s similar to how the referral system works for any website.

How To Convert Credits To Money On Leadsleap:

You have to use the “Credit Encashment” option to convert your ad credits to money on leadsleap. You can convert your credits only once every 24 hours. The minimum credit encashment amount is requirement is 50 ads credit. For every 50 ad credits, you will get depending on their credit encashment rates. Basically, their credit encashment rate is 0.1$ for every 50 credits. If you want to encash more than 50 but multiple of 50 (100,150,200, and so on) then you will get less price than that. So, it is always suggested that convert only 50 credits every 24 hours. After one encashment you will be able to encash again after 24 hours.

Things You Shouldn’t Do On Leadsleap:

Before start working on leadsleap, you must be aware that they are very sensitive about the quality of their service for the business owner. They have a high-quality bot-detecting tool. If you are clicking on fake positions which they have set for bot detection your account can be got banned.
See the image below:



You should maintain the following things:
  • Here you see on the right sidebar at the surf and earn section written as “for bot detection do not click” if you click on any of these positions you will be counted as a bot. 
  • Also, you have to click on the title of the ads, not on the description which is labeled in red color. If you click other spots without the title you will be counted as a bot.
  • After clicking any ad move the cursor within 10 seconds. If you click an ad and leave the cursor or move anywhere for 15 seconds or more you will also be counted as a bot.
  • For repeated activities indicating as a bot, your account can get banned from leadsleap.
  • You Must create only one account under one IP address. Creating multiple accounts will cause banned without any alert.


These are the things you should try to avoid on leadsleap in order to get benefited from leadsleap.

How To Grow Your Business Through Leadsleap:

As you already know that leadsleap has a high-quality bot detection and protection service. So, you will get high quality and real human traffics from leadsleap for your business at a cheap price. 
You can either earn credits through several options available to earn ad credits. Then use them to place your ads. Or purchase their pro membership to promote your offers without any credit limitation for the whole month. You can also target Geographic regions to promote your links through leadsleap if you are pro member.
They have several tools for business owners for free like link trackers, rotators, ad bars, email marketing tools, page builders, funnel builders, pop-up builders, and so many more.
If you are a CPA marketer or affiliate marketer you can use their page builder or funnel builder for free.
This platform is really helpful for CPA marketers, Affiliate marketers, or small business owners who want to grow his/her business.
If you are a premium member you will get more and more high-quality service and benefits from leadsleap to grow your business or affiliate marketing earnings.

Best Way To Promote leadsleap Coop Links:

You can promote leadsleap coop links on social media, blogs, or any other way. But the most effective way to get traffic to your leadsleap coop link is using traffic exchange platforms. There are plenty of traffic exchange platforms on the internet. But use only real human traffic provider traffic exchange platforms don’t use bot traffic provider platforms.

How Much Can You Earn From Leadsleap:

It actually depends on how much you are giving effort into this website. If you want to directly earn money from leadsleap. Then I will suggest you use their PPC widget and Coop link promotion options. You will earn money and ad credits by using these options. You will earn an average of 0.10$ for every 50 ad credits.
But you will earn on average 1$ or more for every 1000 traffic you bought on their PPC links or Coop links. 
But if you are a pro member and wants to sell product or services you must go with leadsleap pro membership and boost your sells.

Payment Method & How To Withdraw From Leadsleap:

Ledsleap supports Paypal, Wise, and Bitcoin payment methods. The minimum payout threshold is 10$.
You can request a withdrawal if your account balance is 10$ or more. They have a payment processing fee of 2% for Paypal, 2$ for wise if you withdraw less than 50$, 2$ or 8% on bitcoin. 
To withdraw your earnings first you have to add your payment details. Go to the “My Earnings & Withdrawal” Section and add your payment details first. Then when the minimum payment threshold (10$) is met. You can request a withdrawal. 
They will confirm your payment within the next 7 days.

Pros Of Leadsleap:


  1. High-quality bot detection technology is used so 100% real human visitors.
  2. Cheap price ads.
  3. Plenty of money making options for those who want to earn money.
  4. CPM for Coop Traffic is decent amounts on average (1$+).
  5. As they also support traffic exchange site traffics. So, you can earn unlimited money for promoting their Coop links on traffic exchange sites.
  6. Provides GEO targeting options which are really helpful, especially for CPA marketers.
  7. Provides a lot of marketing tools for free ( Ex. Sales funnel, Landing Page, Email marketing tools, etc)
  8. Good quality support service.
  9. You can use your own earnings to promote your own link.
  10. There is no limit on earnings and promotions.

Cons Of Leadsleap:

  1. The CPM rate I think a little bit lower for Coop. But Good if you are promoting the link in tier-1 countries. (Ex. USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, etc)
  2. They can ban your account if you repeatedly violate their rules. I think it’s not a serious matter because these rules provide their pro members real traffics.
  3. They have payment processing fees which make me annoying. But the fee for Paypal is only 2%. And minimum withdrawal is comparatively high 10$.

Is Leadsleap Worth Your Time?

As I have already shared my honest review about leadsleap. I also, discuss the pros and cons of leadsleap. You see that they have a small number of cons which is considerable.
Overall this is really an amazing website for both earners and business owners.
Undoubtedly this would be a more famous platform in the upcoming days if they can continue their good and comfortable services. So, I recommend you to join this platform right now as this is 100% legit and completely worth your time. No matter if you have a small business or large business or if you want to make money online. Leadsleap will be one of the best choices for you. Click here to join leadsleap now.
Also, at least try their pro membership for 1 month if you have a lead generation service. As they have a 30-day money-back guarantee you should try their pro ads. That might be a boom to your profit. If you want to get a  complete guideline on affiliate marketing you can check this.
 I hope you got a clarification about the review of leadsleap and now you can make a decision whether should you go with leadsleap or not.
How do you are getting benefitted from leadsleap? Don’t forget to leave your experience with leadsleap to help other readers.

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