Beginners Guide To Start Coding With C/C++ .

From today I am going to upload a series of tutorials in C language for beginner programmers. In this post, I am going to express my thoughts and will discuss some things you must know to start programming. When you are a beginner you must need a proper guide to start coding with C/C++ or any other languages. You must know which things you need to start coding.




Best Compiler For C Programming








Do You Know When The Computer Was Invented?


Yeah. 1822 by Charles Babbage. Nowadays we use computers to watch videos, movies, and web series, to use social media, internet browsing, hearing music, playing games, and for other reasons. But computers were actually invented for computing. And the computer only knows binary digits. Means 0 and 1. Whatever you are giving to the computer as input it was converted to a set of digits containing only 0 and 1. Also, the computer produces the output as a set of digits 0 and 1. But that was converted to your required format before giving you output. This conversion is done by encoder and decoder.

However, on your computer, there is a lot of software.



Do You Ever Think About How Software Are Actually Made?

They are actually made by programmers who create a lot of code to make this app or software. Actually, the programmer creates a program with the help of coding to give instructions to the computer.


As computer only knows 0 and 1 and only can operate with 0 and 1. So, when the computer has invented a programmer has to make code with the help of 0 and 1 to give instructions to the computer for a particular task. And these 0 and 1 are called machine language.  But with the development of technology, there is plenty of change and programming and everything is made easier for the users.

After machine language, 1st came assembly language which allowed programmers to perform some mathematical operations like summation, multiplication, etc. For these, there was an assembler who convert these operations to machine language and also converted the machine output to human-understandable language. Then came the programming language which we are currently using.  There is plenty of programming language available to make a computer program. Like C, C++, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Fortran, Basic, Pascal, etc. Different languages are used for different purposes.

However, we will start with the C language and then will shift to other languages. C language is a very old but much efficient and very much popular language for programmers. You can easily learn other languages after learning C.



Before start coding you must have the following things:

  1. A computer
  2. A compiler
  3. Enough time

1st of all of course you need to have a computer to start programming. Without it, you can’t write code. And can’t test if your program is working or not. Then you must need a compiler to run your program. There are plenty of compilers available for different programming languages. Also, you can use an online compiler.

The Best Compiler For Coding Offline:

Always you will not have an internet connection. So, I suggest you for installing a compiler on your device to start programming offline. As we are starting C/C++ programming so I suggest you install gcc or codeblocks. If you are a Linux or Mac user then you can install GCC. Codeblocks is the best compiler for coding offline with C/C++ I have ever found. For windows, users can use codeblocks. Codeblocks is also available for Linux and Mac users. You can install this compiler using the following link  Then go to download then Binaries then choose your operating system and then download it. Installation is similar to other software. Just install it in your desired drive. If you have any problem and even don’t know how to install it. Just comment below I will try to upload a new tutorial on how to install codeblocks.





After installing the compiler then open codeblocks and start coding. The last one is enough time. Of course, you must have enough time to make a perfect and accurate program.

Now steps to make accurate programs are as follows:

  1. Think widely and deeply about what you want to do means for which purpose you are going to make your program.
  2. Then make an algorithm for this program. An algorithm means making a list of the solution for your program step by step.
  3. Then write your code to run the program.






This is all for today. If you did all the above-discussed things properly and if you are ready to follow all the rules then you are all set and ready to start programming. In the next tutorial, I will show you how to make your first program using the c language and also discuss about the basic parts of a C  program. Also, I will show you some shortcut keys which will be very much helpful for you to use codeblocks while coding.

Happy coding. Must wear musk when you went outside to prevent covid-19. Stay safe.

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