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You have completed your education and looking for a job for a long time but have not gotten any job. You are looking for money but do not get anyway or job and even do not have any skills to earn money. Then this post is for you. In this post, I will try to help you to earn 300$ per month from home by doing some part-time jobs or you can say data entry jobs.


I am not trying to force you to do that. But if you seeking a way to earn money from the home average of 300$ per month. Then you can follow my suggestions. I can make this post attractive by telling you to earn 1000$ per month by doing a part-time job and data entry job from home. But no I am not trying to lie to you or I don’t want to force you to do that. Of course, I suggest you either look for a job because to be self-dependent there is no alternative to having a job. So try to get a job as soon as possible. Besides searching for a job you can start making money online as a beginner without paying anything.




Part Time Job From Home



How To Make Money Online For Beginners Without Paying Anything

There are a number of ways to make money online without paying anything up front. You can also be Earning frequent flyer miles, score free stuff from companies through sampling programs, or renting out space on your computer or home network.

If you not getting a job then learn a particular skill like Web development, Graphics designing, Transcription, Article writing, or any trending skill and start your freelancing career on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or any other freelancing site. These would be the best ways to make money online for you as a beginner from today without paying any money.






Ways To Make Money Online Fast For Free Today Without Skills:


If you don’t have any of the above skills or don’t want to learn any skills just have basic internet surfing skills. Then you can follow my instructions to make money online for free today. Even if your job is not enough to meet your daily needs and you want to earn some extra money. Then besides your job you can also follow these instructions and you can earn some extra cash by these data-entry part-time jobs. But besides your job, you will not be able to give enough time for the day. So, as a part-time job, you will able to earn some money by these but not 300$ or more per month. However, I think you understand the above things and now if you made up your mind to follow my instructions then read the below articles carefully. So, in this post, I am going to tell you about Part-time jobs like data entry jobs. If you are from the USA or from any European country of course you can earn more than 10$ per day means 300$ or more per month by working on these data entry jobs or you can say the part-time job. So, let’s get started.



300$ Per Month Using These Trusted Online Money Making Site:

The websites that I am going to share with you are the best trusted online money-making site I have ever found. So, you can work on these sites just by following their rules to earn 300$ or even more per month. I have experience working on these trusted earning websites to earn money online. So, from my experience, I am sharing with you exactly the same strategy I have followed to earn money from these trusted online money earning sites.

To earn 300$ per month from home following my guidelines you must have an account on these sites:




To learn about this site Click here.




To learn about this site click here.

To create an account on this site Click here.




To learn about this site Click here.




To learn about this site Click here.

To create an account Click here.




To learn about this site Click here.

To create an account on this site Click here.





 How To Earn Money By Doing Micro Jobs Online Work?


First of all, your task is if you don’t have an account on these data entry job or part-time job sites or have any idea about these sites read my articles about these sites and create an account. Also, check the articles about the strategy to work on these data entry jobs or part-time job sites.




Before starting earning you must have a verified Paypal and a verified Perfect money account. Also, you can use other payment methods if you have one according to the site you are working on.  After then if you are done with all of the above things. Then you are all set and ready to start earning.




Then make your own schedule of course this schedule should be on depending on the time when there are most tasks available for you on that site you are scheduling to work. Then work there on regular basis. On the above-mentioned sites picoworkers, Microworkers and Rapidworkers are micro job sites and 2captcha and paidverts are PTC sites. You must give most priority to the micro job sites than PTC sites. In these 3 micro jobs sites, there are similar tasks available for you. You must do the youtube marketing and website visit tasks. Because there will be plenty of these tasks on these sites. Then if you get Facebook ad reviews, Twitter, Telegram join bot, and App test tasks then you can do them.


Also, you can do the sign-up tasks. By doing these tasks on these 3 sites you will earn 5 to 8 dollars per day if you spend enough time on these sites every day. But you will not earn that much from the very beginning. Because 1st of all each task will take much time as you are not experienced. Also on these sites, you must have to maintain a temporary success rate above 75%. So, when you are a beginner you are not allowed to do unlimited tasks. Your number of eligible tasks will be increased with respect to the number of satisfying tasks. So, after working for a few days, you will learn how to complete each task fast enough. Also, know the strategy to maintain a temporary success rate above 75% and will be eligible to do a maximum number of tasks per day.





How To Work On Picoworkers, Rapidworkers, Microworkers:

Now, your question is how to work on these sites every day. 1st of all there are plenty of workers on these sites. So, when an employer uploads a task for a certain number of workers he needs for this task. This task will not be available for you for the whole day. So, you must have to be quick enough to perform each task. Among these 3 sites, microworkers has maximum no. of workers. So, at first, you must complete microworkers tasks which you are eligible to do. When there is no task available for you then go to picoworkers and complete those task if enough number of vacancy for this task is available. After completing picoworkers tasks go to rapidworkers and complete rapidworkers tasks. You can follow this process like a loop every day whenever you want. Check them repeatedly every day.





How To Earn Money From 2Captcha And Paidverts:

If there are no tasks available for you on these micro jobs sites then you can go to 2captcha and solve captcha to earn money. Also, spend at most 5 minutes per day on paidverts and collect all the bap and paid ads. For paidverts and 2captcha don’t expect to get cash from them for your 1st 3 months. Because I suggest you solve captcha on 2captcha and earn some dollar at least 5$ in one month. You can earn 5$ or more in one month easily if you work there for 2-5 days by my strategy.

To Know How You Can Earn Fast Solving Captcha Read This.



Withdraw this earning on your perfect money. And spend them on paidverts to get BAP by my instructions which I have given in paidverts strategy article. By doing this process for 3 months you will earn a satisfying amount of money per day by spending a small amount of time per day on this site. After 3 months working regularly there(especially 5 minutes per day on paidverts), you can withdraw your earnings from perfect money which you earned from paidverts and 2captcha.


I have many articles about each of the above sites. I suggest you read them and learn the procedure and strategy to maximize your earnings. Also if you work on the above sites regularly you will find your own strategy to earn more and maximum from these sites.






In conclusion, if you follow all of the above instructions and read all of my articles about these sites you can easily earn more than 300$ per month by giving enough time and effort. Also, your earnings will be increased with respect to your experience. This estimated earning is for people all over the world on average from these sites. You can earn much more than that depending on the region you are living in. So, don’t lose hope and keep hard working. Let me know if you follow all the strategies I have shared about all the part-time jobs or data entry job sites above. How much revenue you are making on average per day.


That’s it for today. If you have any question or needs any help comment below. I will try to reply to all of your comments.


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