Start Affiliate Marketing For Free From Today [The Ultimate Beginners Guide]



You may hear about affiliate marketing. There are plenty of resources available on the internet for affiliate marketing. You will find blog posts like this one, youtube videos, Facebook groups and so many ways who post daily about affiliate marketing.

But do you ever find anybody who showed you the step-by-step guide to start affiliate marketing for free as a beginner? I think you don’t.


I know it is hard to get the exact guideline to start any big thing for free. Nobody likes to show the exact strategy without money. 


But don’t worry in this post I will discuss with you every necessary thing you need to know before starting affiliate marketing.


Most peoples are starts affiliate marketing without proper knowledge and an accurate goal set. So, after a few weeks or months they just quiet.



Before starting any business or career goal you must have to know every necessary thing about that field. You have to know in detail what is this field? How many chances are there to fail in this field? Most importantly How to become successful in that field.




Don’t worry in this post I will share with you the step-by-step full guide to start your affiliate marketing career. First I will discuss everything you need to know about affiliate marketing. Then I will discuss the methods available for you to do affiliate marketing. Also, I will discuss the best method among them for affiliate marketing.




Start Affiliate Marketing For Free From Today [The Ultimate Beginners Guide]






Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Affiliate Marketing:




Before starting affiliate marketing definitely, you have to know about what is affiliate marketing, and how to start affiliate marketing as a beginner. How many ways are there available to do affiliate marketing. How to get traffic to your affiliate link, etc.

I am going to answer all of your these questions right now. So, read the whole post carefully.








What Is Affiliate Marketing And How Does It Works:


In simple words, affiliate marketing means selling other’s products online and getting a percentage of that sale.



This means somebody has a product let’s say a washing machine he gives you his product link with a unique id and told you to share that link with other people. If anybody clicks on that link and purchases a washing machine. Then you will get a commission for that sale from the washing machine seller. That’s the takeaway of affiliate marketing.




Actually, in affiliate marketing, the business owner’s goal is to make more sales per day. So, he asks people like you and me to promote his product to people so that more and more people are knowing about his product. By doing so his sales will be increased and you will get some commission from his profit as a reward.






For example, I have a business of selling weight loss medicine. The price of the product is 100$ and the profit for each sale is 30$. I have no affiliate marketer and I am selling 20 products per day. So my profit per day is 600$.


Now I am thinking to increase my sales and increase the popularity of my online shop. So, I told people to promote my products and If they can make people purchase my product I will give them 15% as a commission for each sale. So, 100 people agreed and started promoting my product. I gave them 100 unique links with their unique id for my product to promote them on the internet. They have managed to make 200 sales per day. So, now I am selling a total of 220 products per day on average. My profit for each sale decreased from 30$ to 15$ but my average profit per day is now 220×15=3300$. Which is really high.





This is just an example of how affiliate marketing works. People are making more and more than this example.




In this way, the business owner is happy with more sales and more profit, as well as the affiliate marketers are also happy because of making money through affiliate marketing.



The affiliate marketer will get money if and only if somebody clicks his affiliate link and then makes a purchase. Whenever somebody makes a purchase through his link he will get his commission otherwise he won’t get anything.


This is actually how the whole affiliate marketing system works.







Types Of Affiliate Marketing Platforms



There are different classifications for affiliate marketing depending on various factors. I will just introduce you to different types of affiliate marketing programs or platforms depending on the cookie system. Because as a beginner to start affiliate marketing you have to know this factor very carefully.




Don’t know what is a cookie?

Don’t worry I am going to give you a quick overview of cookies.






What Is Cookie & How Cookie Works?


Have you ever seen some website while you are logging in there is an option like remember me? 


If you click on the remember me box and logged in to this website. Then close the browser and visit the website the next day and you see you are still logged in. But if you are not logging in for a few days for example 30 days and then go to that website and this time you see you were automatically logged out. This whole thing work because of the cookie used on that website.





A cookie means the website collects a copy of your login information and keeps it on their login database for a few days and if you log in within those days they automatically logged you in because of the cookie. And your previous cookie period is changed with the present one. But if you don’t log in for a few days after the session period saved by the cookie they will delete the cookie and you have to log in again.




The same thing worked for affiliate marketing platforms they actually use cookies to track a buyer using which links are purchasing their product. For example, the cookie of an affiliate platform is set for 7 days. This means if anybody clicks your affiliate link and enters the product page. The seller’s website copies your unique code generated by your affiliate link and keeps it on their database for the next 7 days. If the customer didn’t purchase the product at that moment. But he purchases the product within the next 7 days. Still, you will get your commission for that purchase.





I think now you understood how a cookie works. So, depending on the period of the cookie and types of cookie usage the affiliate program or platform can be the following types. These types are actually depending on if anybody clicks multiple affiliate links for the same product who will get the commission for that sale.





  1.    Last click method: Some affiliate program gives the affiliate commission using the last click method. Which somebody clicks your affiliate link first but didn’t purchase the product. Then he goes to the same product page using any other affiliate link and purchases the product. As the affiliate platform uses the most recent click method. So, they will give the commission for the last affiliate link click as that click made the sell.
  2.     Cookie duration method: Most of the affiliate programs use this method. In this method, if anybody clicks your affiliate link first but didn’t purchase the product. His information will be stored on the cookie of the seller’s website for a certain period say for example 24 hours. No matter how many other links he uses to go to the same product page and purchase the product within the next 24 hours. You will get the commission for that sale.
  3.    Usage cookie but updated: This is an amazon affiliate marketing method. Amazon affiliate marketing platform also uses cookies of 24-hour duration. But they always update the cookie with the latest one. Suppose somebody clicks your link and goes to the product page and didn’t purchase anything. Amazon will keep a cookie with your affiliate key to their website for the next 24 hours for that customer. If the customer purchases anything within 24 hours without going to the product page using any other affiliate link you will get the commission. But if that customer goes to the product page again with other affiliate links within 24 hours then for that customer the previous cookie will be replaced with the new one. This means for that customer your affiliate key will be replaced with the new key whose affiliate links the customer usage. Now if he purchases anything the new link owner will get the affiliate commission.
  4.     Goes for one product but purchase anything else still, you will get a commission: Okay. I love this type of affiliate program most. In this type of affiliate program let’s say somebody goes through an air conditioner page using your affiliate link. But purchase a Fridge or other branded air conditioner before the expiration of your cookie. You will still get the commission for that sale.







Which Type Of Affiliate Platform Should I Select As A Beginner?


Listen each of the above-discussed types of affiliate platforms are good. You have to generate quality content and a good review of that product. So, that who are reading your review are forced to click the link and purchase the product.





This means you have to give him a clear concept and clear overview of which he needs about the product so that he won’t have any queries about the product and he goes to purchase the product.



Because he clicks other affiliate links because you can’t satisfy him and couldn’t answer his questions about the product. So, he goes to another review about the product and is satisfied with other content, and purchases the product.



However, among all of these, I will recommend you to select the affiliate platform with the following category:


·       Have a longer cookie duration of at least 3 days.

·       It will be alright whatever the method they use first click or last click.

·       The affiliate platform must allow that if anybody goes for a specific product through your link but purchase any other thing from the same shop and you got a commission for that product.


If these things are satisfied by the affiliate program or platform you can join this platform and start your affiliate marketing career as a beginner.




Can Anybody Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?


Yes. You can definitely start affiliate marketing with no money.


As you already know that the main goal of affiliate marketing is generating more sales.


As an affiliate marketer, you will make money if somebody purchases a product through your affiliate link. So, your task is to introduce people to that product and intend people to visit that product through your link. If they go to that product page through your link and make a purchase you will get your commission.




So, it now depends on you how you are going to promote that product.

There are plenty of free methods to do affiliate marketing without any money. Like promoting the product on your social media profile, answering people’s questions related to that kind of product (Ex. Air conditioner) with your product link, promoting them on various social media groups or channels, and promoting your product on various forums related to your product, etc. But you can’t directly upload your affiliate links on these platforms.


Keep reading this post I will share with you how you can do affiliate marketing without investing any money.






Do I Need A Website To Be An Affiliate Marketer?


Having a blog or website to do affiliate marketing is a blessing for you. But I am not telling you that you can’t do affiliate marketing without a website. Definitely, you can do affiliate marketing without having a website.


  1. You can run various ad campaigns on different ad platforms like google ads, medium.com, popads.net, Infolinks, etc. There are plenty of ad networks available for you to run CPC, CPM, CPA, eCPM, and other types of ads.
  2. You can also create a sales funnel and promote your sales funnel link through various social media.
  3. You can also build an email list and promote your affiliate links or sales funnel through email marketing.



These are the best and most effective ways to do affiliate marketing without having a blog or website. There are plenty of other ways too.




So, you can say having a blog website is a great way to kick off your affiliate marketing journey. But there are also plenty of ways to do affiliate marketing without having any website.





Benefits Of Having A Blog Or Website:


Now if you have a blog or website you can make money from your blog through affiliate marketing as well as by placing an ad network like google AdSense on your website.



So, you can say if you have a website then you don’t have to look for any sales funnel and you don’t have to invest any money to promote your affiliate links. You can easily make money from your blog or website through affiliate marketing and also from the ads that are shown to your visitors on your webpage.




Keys To Become Successful In Affiliate Marketing:


According to the big marketers who are making millions of dollars per month through affiliate marketing followings are the keys for you to become successful in affiliate marketing.

  • Patience: You must have to be patient to be successful in Affiliate Marketing. Because you can’t expect your first sale from the first day or from the first week.
  • Be Punctual: Suppose you are promoting your products 2 days per week. And wasting your whole week on useless staff. But somebody who is working on your niche promoting the same products every day. So, you will get reach a small audience and he will reach a large audience. People are seeing his post regularly so they will easily remember him and will start following him. As he has a large audience and followers thus he has a higher chance of getting more sales than you. So, you must also be punctual and start promoting your products regularly.
  • Work Hard Success Will Come Automatically: In any field, you can’t expect success from the first day. Because success never comes in one day. You have to work hard and try different things in the upcoming days to become successful. You may get your first sale in one week or in one month or even in one year. But trust me if you work hard then after your first sell you will get a plenty amount of sell after working hard regularly for a certain amount of periods.
  • Be Active On Every Platform: Successful affiliate marketers’ main goal is to be popular and increase their audience inventory. So, they try to introduce themselves and keep themselves on every social media or related platform from where they can get an audience for their product and services. If you are going to start your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner you also have to be active on as many platforms as possible and express yourself on those platforms to increase your audience inventory. The more audience you have the more possibility you have to become successful in affiliate marketing.
  • Never Give Up: You may working hard and couldn’t get your first sale for a certain amount of months and are about to quit your affiliate marketing journey. I will say don’t lose hope and don’t give up. It may take more time compared to others for getting your first sale. Just work hard and keep promoting good services and products. One day you will definitely be successful in affiliate marketing. 



What Are The Steps And How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Free As A Beginner:


Listen there are no fixed rules to start affiliate marketing. But there are some common and effective steps for beginners who are going to start their journey to make money online as an affiliate marketer. First, you have to set your mind that you are going to set your career goal on affiliate marketing. Then you can start reading blog posts, and journals, and check quora questions and answers about affiliate marketing.



Because one blog post can never give you 100% clarification about the whole thing of affiliate marketing. But what you can is a basic overview and you can kick it off on your affiliate marketing journey from this post.

However, from my experience I have followed the following steps to start affiliate marketing as a beginner:

1)    Select a niche that hit your interest: While starting affiliate marketing this is the first and The most important step for you. Because first of all, you have to select the type of product you think you can promote and you have an interest in that product. You can’t promote software services and hardware products or household products at the same time as a beginner. So, you have to select a specific niche and start promoting those particular products that are compatible with your niche. When you are skilled enough in that niche you can start promoting other niches too besides this niche.

2)    Selecting the perfect affiliate platform: There are plenty of affiliate platforms on the internet like Jvzoo, Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, and thousands of many more. You have to select the platform which is trusted and gives better commission and has good quality products related to your niche. Also, try to select the platform that provides good commission as well as gives good quality products with comparatively low prices. If you can select this type of affiliate platform and start promoting their products there is a high chance of getting sales as soon as possible.

3)  Build an audience:  Without an audience to whom you are going to promote your product or services? The main thing you needed to do in affiliate marketing is to have a large audience. If you already have a rich social media profile having 100K or millions of followers then you don’t have to worry about getting sales. Start promoting your profile on that social media platform. But if you don’t have an audience then also you don’t have to worry. Start building an audience from today. You can create a Facebook or Twitter or any other social media page or channel. Then promote these pages through different groups or social media ad campaigns. Also, invite your friends to follow your page or channel. No matter how but you have to build a large audience to become successful in affiliate marketing.

4)  Start Building Email List From The First Day: Yes. You must have to start building your email list from the first day. Collect your customer email or the people who are interested in your product and services. Then add them to your email list and start sending emails to them about new products and services regularly.

5)  Don’t post only product-related things on your page: If you create a social media page or channel then first of all you have to create a large audience who are following your page. For that don’t start posting your products from the first day. First, try to promote some social welfare or beauty of nature related things that catches the audience’s attention about your page. When you have a good amount of followers then start promoting your product-related post + keep uploading informative posts and social welfare-related posts. You can also upload positive reviews about some of your products on your page.

6)  Follow The Terms And Condition Of The Affiliate Program: Normally In affiliate marketing, there are no hard rules for you. Your task is to generate sales. When anybody purchases your product the seller got his sell and provides you your commission. However, Some affiliate marketing platforms have some terms and conditions and rules to promote their services or maybe get your payments. You must follow their rules and terms & conditions to promote their products and to get payment from their platform.

7)  Always Promote Good Quality Products: This is a really important point that you have to promote only good quality products. Suppose you go to a new shop and purchase a product. But the quality of the product is really poor. Will you go to purchase anything again from that shop? Definitely not. So, if you are promoting a product that has poor quality but gives a higher commission. You may get some sales and generate some temporary profits. But this profit will not last long. Because people will lose trust in you and never purchase your future promoted products. So, you must have to acquire and keep people’s trust in you. For that, you have to promote the products having high ratings and reviews. You can check the reviews of that product on youtube, quora, and also on the product page peoples who already purchased that product gives some reviews and ratings about that product. If the product is really good but the commission is low don’t worry. Start promoting the product there is a high chance of getting large amount of sales thus your profit also will be large no matter how much the commission is.



If you can follow these steps as a beginner you can easily start affiliate marketing. When you find the right path for your affiliate marketing journey you will automatically find the best next steps for your affiliate marketing journey.







How To Promote & Get Traffic To Affiliate Links


The first thing is you can’t upload your affiliate links on social media. So, first, you have to put your affiliate link somewhere and then you have to promote that location on your social media.


  1. The best way to promote your affiliate links is through a blog or website. Write a product review on your blog and publish it and start promoting your blog post through various social media.
  2. You can promote your blog post containing your affiliate links on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and so many more social media platforms.
  3. Start answering questions related to the product and services you are promoting and add your product-related blog post link with the answer on various question & answering platforms like Quora.
  4.  If you have the money you can directly promote your affiliate links and get traffic to your affiliate links by running a Facebook ad campaign, google Adsense ad campaign, Twitter ad campaign, and through so many more ad networks.
  5. You can also start a youtube channel and start uploading your product-related videos and include your product link in the description or in the pinned comment to get traffic to your affiliate links directly from youtube.
  6. One of the best ways to generate more sales is by creating and publishing Pinterest pins on Pinterest with your product link. You can easily get visitors to your affiliate links if you work actively and publish pins regularly on your Pinterest profile.
  7. You can also join various Facebook groups, Quora space, and telegram groups and start promoting your blog post by having your affiliate links to get traffic on it.
  8. You can also promote your affiliate links on various traffic exchange networks directly. If you need a guide on how to promote your affiliate products and how to get traffic to your affiliate links through traffic exchange sites and a list of the best traffic exchange platforms you can read this post.




Use This Platform To Grow A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business With Their Free Marketing Tools.




Best Affiliate Programs And Affiliate Marketing Websites For Beginners

Choosing the right and best affiliate program is the most important step to kick off your affiliate marketing. As I already said there are plenty of affiliate marketing programs available on the internet but not all of them are good. Even some of the best affiliate marketing programs are not suitable for beginners. If you select one of those platforms maybe you will face a lot of trouble getting success on affiliate marketing with those platforms. There is the list of best affiliate marketing platforms and websites for beginners to kick off their affiliate marketing journey:

  1. Amazon Associates (Recommended)
  2. FanFuel.
  3. eBay Partner Network.
  4. Jvzoo.
  5. Clickbank.
  6. CPAlead(for CPA marketers)
  7. Bluehost.
  8. ShareASale
  9. Semrush.
  10. Shopify
  11. Commission Junction
  12. Awin





Any of these platforms will be best for beginners who want to start their affiliate marketing journey. Among them, I will suggest you amazon associate programs for your affiliate marketing to kick it off.

Most of the people have an erroneous concept that amazon affiliate marketing is dead. But it is completely false. Amazon affiliate marketing is still and will be the best affiliate marketing platform for those who want to become successful in their affiliate marketing journey as a beginner.






How To Start Affiliate Marketing With Amazon


First, you have to apply for Amazon Associate Program through this link.

When your account is activated you must have to generate at least one sale within 6 months or 180 days. If you are unable to generate any sales within this period they will deactivate your account. Don’t worry deactivating your account doesn’t mean you got banned from the amazon associate program. You can again apply for the program and they will activate your account for another 180 days or 6 months. To start affiliate marketing with amazon follows the following steps:


  1. First, build at least a few audiences then register for the amazon associate program.
  2. Promote amazon products through your blog website or a youtube channel or through a sales funnel.
  3. You can also run an ad campaign on cheap ad networks like Popads, Adsterra, etc to start your affiliate marketing journey with amazon.
  4. When you are starting getting traffic or audience to your youtube channel or blog website include the amazon products on your blog post or in the description of your youtube channel.








What Is The Easiest Way For Beginners To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


I have already discussed every necessary thing you need to know about affiliate marketing. Also, I have shared with you the ways available for you to make money with affiliate marketing. But among these methods, the most useful and easiest way for you is to start affiliate marketing with a blog or website. Create a blog website on WordPress or blogger. You can watch my videos on youtube about how you can create a website on blogger and WordPress. Then gather some knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To rank your blog post on the top of the search engine. If some of your articles get ranked on the first page of the search engine you will get traffic to your article from the search engine. Also, start promoting your articles through various social media.


Having a blog website is not only the easiest way to make money online through affiliate marketing but also the best way to kick off your affiliate marketing journey.


As you already know you can make money from your blog website through affiliate marketing and also by selling your website space for placing ads to one or more ad networks.


This is the free method that only requires your afford. You don’t have to invest any money to start affiliate marketing as a beginner through blogging. Just try to generate quality content on a regular basis. You will automatically get ranked higher on the search results and will get organic traffic from the search result. Besides, you will get traffics to your article if you promote them through the various social media platform.



Conclusion About Affiliate Marketing Beginners Guide:


So, these are the things I have to share with you I think now you get a clear concept about affiliate marketing. You can now start your affiliate marketing journey as a beginner today. Remember patience and hard work will never be late you be failed. If you work hard with patience you will be successful one day. Choosing affiliate marketing as a career goal is not work with a different secret ingredient than this.


I know the start of affiliate marketing is interesting. But after a few weeks or months, it becomes frustrating as there might be no profit. But don’t worry keep up your good work. After a few months when you will get your commission on your bank account there will be no word to express your joy. So, You have to be patient and have to work hard success will come to you one day automatically. Happy Earning.


So, did you set your mind to start affiliate marketing? Comment below.


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