Top 5 Best Micro Jobs Site That Really Pays

If you are looking for the best micro jobs online then you are in the right place.

If you don’t have any high skills to start your freelancing career. You can earn a small amount of money by doing simple tasks on some of the micro-jobs sites. All the micro-jobs sites offer almost similar kinds of tasks to the workers. Also, these sites could be a great platform for you to both earn some extra cash also to promote your work at a low cost. In this post, I will let you know about the top 5 legit micro jobs sites where you can work as a part-time or full-time job according to my opinion and earning experience. 


Top 5 Best Micro Jobs Site That Really Pays




Micro Jobs For Students: 

If you are a student and looking for some micro jobs site by which you can earn some extra cash as a student. Then this post is for you. So to get information about Micro jobs for students read the whole post.

What Are Online Micro Jobs?

Online micro jobs mean performing a small task that takes a very small amount of time to complete and by doing so you can earn a small amount of money.

However, in any kind of micro jobs site, you can work as a worker as well as an employer.  Workers can complete tasks and get paid for each task about 0.03$ to 1$. An employer can offer his task to the worker for a low cost starting from 0.04$ or even less per worker. You can also use your earned money to publish any task for the required number of workers and also can spend money for them.


If you don’t know what is online micro jobs? Or about Micro jobs online sites and how to earn money from these sites. You can read my articles on some of the micro job sites. All of the micro job sites work almost in the same manner. There are tasks like watching youtube videos and sharing them on social media, and like, comment and subscribe to a youtube channel, Website visiting, signing up to a particular website, Mobile applications download and install, Telegram bot join, Facebook ad review, data entry from an image, voting or ratting to a product, etc available for you. These tasks are common for every micro jobs site. So, if you are interested to earn money by completing these tasks or if you need a worker to complete any of your above tasks. Then you can work on one or more from the following site.


 Top 5 Best Micro-jobs Online Sites For Beginners To Earn Money:

1) Picoworkers: 

I put this site on my top favorite list. Because I have earned maximum money from this site compared to other micro jobs sites. To know about this site click here.

Payment-  Minimum withdrawal from this site is 5.40$. Each withdrawal costs 7-8% of your earnings depending on your payment method. Supported payment methods are Paypal, Skrill, and Litecoin.




How Much Can You Earn From Picoworkers?

It depends on the location you are living. I am from Bangladesh and make 1.5$ to 2$ per day after working for almost a month. And received 24$ payments in total. So, you can earn more than 1$ and even 10$ per day depending on your location also the amount of time you are giving to this site.




Is Picoworkers Safe?

Undoubtedly Picoworkers is safe and full legit to earn money by doing simple tasks. You can make money from this website by doing the micro job online work. Just be careful about their rules as they are very strict about their rules. To get more information about this site click here.






2) Microworkers:

I think when it comes to micro jobs sites you will find this site named first. But the problem with this site is, 1st you have to pass an admission test. Don’t worry these tests are very easy like a grammar test and the next test is about their terms and policy and FAQ. Just read them and participate in the test. There are a plenty number of workers from all over the world. I put it on 2nd of my list. Because you have to struggle for a few days or months to be able to earn maximum from this site. As there is a plenty number of workers on this site. Each task was completed very fast after posting. So, you must be active on this site to earn much from this site. However, you can read this to know about this site and how to earn the maximum from this site.

Payment- Minimum withdrawal from this site is 9$ through Paypal, Skrill, and Airtm and 20$ in Payoneer.



Is A Legit Site?

Yes. Microworker is a completely legit site to earn money by microwork. To get detailed information about this site you can read this.



How Much Can You Make On Microworkers?

As a beginner, you will earn 30 to 40 cents per day. But after gaining experience also following these strategies I have shared into This post. You will be able to earn more than 1$ per day by spending just 1 hour.






This is similar to picoworkers and not so popular site. But it was a completely legit site so you can earn some money from this site.

Payment- Minimum withdrawal from this site is 8$. And they support only the Paypal payment method.




 Is Rapidworkers Real?


Yes. Rapidworkers is a completely real and legit site for earning money by doing microtasks. Also, you can promote your tasks here by paying a small amount of money to the workers.



How To Work On RapidWorkers?

The working process for Rapidworkers is different than other micro job sites. They have some difficult features. I have explained about this site and how to work on this site. You can check This post.



4) Clickworkers:

This site should be on top of the list. But I put it on 4th. Because now this site doesn’t accept new workers from most of the country. But if you are already a user on this site you are the lucky one. But you can try to sign up if your country is eligible then you can join and start earning from this site.





What Kind Of Jobs Are On Clickworker?

Clickworkers is paying since 2005 having 700000 users from 136 countries. You can earn money from this site by transcription, collecting data and information, writing product descriptions, and other common tasks.

Payment- Minimum withdrawal from this site is 5$. Payments are made from Wednesday to Friday every week through Paypal.




Does Clickworker Actually Pay?

No doubt about their payment. If you don’t violate any of their rules then obviously they will pay you for each task you complete. When your account balance is reached equal to or above 5$. Then they will send your earnings straight to your PayPal from Wednesday to Friday.




Is Clickworker Worth The Time?

Obviously, if you get access to work on this site you are the lucky one. And yes without having any difficult skills clickworker is the best legitimate site to earn money. And obviously, clickworker is worth the time. Because it pays at a high rate for the work for small tasks. So, work hard to earn more and more on this site knowing any of the above types of tasks.




5) OneSpace:


On this site there are available tasks like transcription, writing answers, giving opinions, writing product descriptions, categorizations, image tagging, data entry from images, etc. So, if you want to earn money by doing these types of tasks then you can start earning from this site.

Payment- There was no limit to withdrawal. You can withdraw instantly whatever you earn. The supported payment method is Paypal.

Now I will answer some of the questions that are asked by many people. If you don’t have any of the following questions then you can leave. If you are interested to know more then you can read them below.


Do Online Jobs Really Pay?


The answer is both yes and no. Online jobs really pay if you choose a legit platform for work and do not violate their rules and work honestly and correctly. But if you choose a scam site to earn money then you won’t be going to get paid.

To know about why freelancing accounts gets banned and how to protect your freelancing account from getting banned you can read This



How Can I Make 100$ A Day Online Without Investment?



Well, I haven’t made faster like that amount per day. But if you have passions then you can start an online business like a SaaS business or via selling products online. So, in this way, you may be able to make approximately 100$ per day. But I am sorry you have to invest in any kind of business. But if you have great skills in any of the freelancing fields. Then you can earn 100$ per day without investment by working on Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancing. Thanks.





How Can I Earn Money Daily Sitting At Home? 

There is plenty of ways to earn money daily online from home. Like blogging, affiliate marketing, working on a particular field on Upwork, freelancer, Fiverr, etc, Or even doing micro jobs on any one or more sites discussed in this post.





Which Is The Best Site For Online Jobs?

If you are well skilled enough in any field like web development, Data entry, Web design, Graphics designing, etc and now looking for Which is the best site for online jobs? Then you can start your online job on any of the following websites.




These are the most famous for starting your online jobs by having skill on any one or more particular skills. But if you don’t have any skill but want some extra cash then you can work on the above sites discussed in this post to earn some extra cash.




How Can I Earn Money From Home Without Any Investment?

As I said before there is plenty of ways if you don’t want to spend any money for investment but looking for some extra cash. Either learn any skill of course efficiently then start working on macro jobs platform like Upwork. Also, you can earn money from home without any investment by Blogging, Digital marketing, content writing, writing product descriptions, etc. But if you don’t have time to learn skills which takes much time. Just need some extra income. Then you can start working on one or more micro jobs sites discussed above.

That’s it for now. If you still have any questions then comment below I will try to answer all of your questions. Happy earning.


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