Top 4 Best Website To Earn Free Bitcoin Online

Cryptocurrency is becoming a world-famous currency day by day all over the world. Also, these currencies are the most expensive currency among all the real-time currency and cash. So, people are becoming hungry to earn crypto as much as possible. In this post, I am going to share with you the idea to earn bitcoin free. Not only the bitcoin free earning method I am going to share with you the best way to earn bitcoin free and other cryptos without investment. Actually, I am going to share with you the 4 best websites using which you can earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from home from today.



Top 4 Best Website To Earn Free Bitcoin Online







In the last tutorial, I shared with you the no. 1 bitcoin earning site that is In this tutorial, I am going to share the 4 best bitcoin earning sites that are similar to including So, I will discuss these websites in brief throughout the whole post. To know details about the click here.


Using these websites you can increase your earnings by giving the same amount of time. I will share with you how you can make a profit from these 4 websites at the same time in the last paragraph of this post. Before then I am introducing you to these 4 websites in brief.




The 4 best websites to earn free bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies online are coinpayu, adbtc, earnbitmoonclub, and claimtrx.








Coinpayu is a legit Crypto earning sitethat pays users for multiple activities. From this website, you will earn bitcoin satoshi free by surfing their ads and completing offers. You can also earn some cryptocurrency by claiming faucets every hour. These are the ways how you can earn bitcoin free and other cryptos from coinpayu. To join coinpayu click here.





Earn Crypto By Watching PTC Ads:

In coinpayu, there are 3 types of ads available for you to earn bitcoin Satoshi. Surf ads, window ads, and video ads. You will earn bitcoin Satoshi for watching each ad for a certain amount of time as required. Personally, I recommend you to watch all the surf ads and window ads available per day instead of watching video ads. Actually, I don’t like video ads as they pay less and consume more data. PTC ads are uploaded several times every day so don’t forget to check back whenever new ads are uploaded.






Earn Crypto By Completing Offers:

They have so many offers and completing each offer you will earn bitcoin Satoshi. Offers are like watching a short video, surfing short time ads, installing and playing android or iPhone games, signing up to a particular website, watching slides, etc. Don’t forget to complete their offers if possible to you to earn a big amount of Satoshi.


Earn Crypto By Claiming Faucet In Coinpayu:

There are plenty of faucets available for claim. You can claim at most 3 faucets every 24 hours. That means, on the first of the day you have to choose 3 of your desired crypto faucets to claim throughout all day. Then you will be able to claim those 3 faucets every hour. When you claim any faucet you can claim it again after 60 min from your previous claim. You can either swap your faucet claimed crypto to bitcoin Satoshi or even you can withdraw it directly to your wallet when the minimum threshold reaches. The faucet claimed balance won’t show in your main balance you will find it in the faucet section. Each faucet claimed balance will be shown in that faucet wallet.





Earn Bitcoin Free By Referring Others To Coinpayu:


In coinpayu, they have a referral system. You will earn up to 10% of your referrals earnings. This means if somebody joins coinpayu using your referral link. He will be your referred person to coinpayu and you will earn 10% of his earnings. This means If he earns 100 satoshi coinpayu will reward you 10 satoshi. Also, you will earn a commission if he purchases an advertisement.


How To Withdraw From Coinpayu:

To withdraw your earnings from coinpayu at first link your desired wallet address with coinpayu. The minimum withdrawal for the different types of wallets is different. In Payeer the minimum withdrawal is 1000 satoshi. After linking your wallet address to coinpayu go to Withdraw section to withdraw your earnings. Then select your desired wallet on which you are going to receive your payment and then click on Confirm. Then select the amount of Satoshi you are going to withdraw and click Withdraw. They will send a one-time password to your email which you used to sign in to your coinpayu account. Just put it here and click confirm to place the withdrawal request. They will send your payment within 3 business days.


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How To Earn Bitcoin Free From Adbtc: is a completely legit and high-paying bitcoin earning site that pays users in bitcoin Satoshi and in ruble for watching ads and completing shortlinks. To join on adbtc click here.

In adbtc, you can earn ruble by completing shortlinks and you can earn bitcoin Satoshi and ruble by surfing internet ads.


There are 5 types of ads available using which you can earn bitcoin Satoshi and ruble.  Surf ads, Surf ads p, Active window surfing, Video ads, and Autosurfing are the available 5 types of ads to earn bitcoin Satoshi and ruble. You can also earn ruble by completing shortlinks. They also have a referral system similar to coinpayu. You will earn up to 12% of your referred person’s earnings. To know details about this website read this article.



Earnbitmoon is a legit PTC site that pays users for claiming faucets, watching PTC ads, completing offers, and completing shortlinks. You will earn coins on this website which automatically convert into cash. 1 coin = 0.0005$. Click here to join earnbitmoonclub.

In earnbitmoonclub, you can claim a faucet every 5 minutes. Each time on faucet claim you will earn coins based on the lucky number you got on the faucet. You will earn 5 coins if your lucky number is from 1 to 89,999. You will earn 8 coins if your lucky number is from 90,000 to 94,999, 12 coins if your lucky number is from 95,000 to 99,499, and 18 coins if your lucky number is from 99,500 to 99,996, 80 coins if your lucky number is from 99,997 to 99,998. If accidentally or luckily you got 99,999 in faucet claim you will win the jackpot of 20,200 coins which have an equal value of 2.02$. Your faucet earnings will multiply with the increase in your levels.


Then you can earn coins by watching PTC ads, completing offers, participating in lottery events, and completing shortlinks.

How To Withdraw Earnings From Earnbitmoonclub?


In your wallet, all your earnings are stored as USD. Then you can withdraw your USD balance to any of your crypto wallets. They support all types of crypto wallets and Faucetpay for withdrawals. They will send your earnings in crypto equivalent to your withdrawal balance in USD.


The minimum withdrawal from earnbitmoonclub to any crypto wallet is 7$ and in Faucetpay is just only 0.2$.


To withdraw your earnings from earnbitmoon follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Withdraw at the right section of your dashboard.
  2. Then select your desired payment method Faucetpay or crypto wallet as you want.
  3. Then select the type of currency you want to withdraw.
  4. Then put your wallet address and the number of coins you are going to withdraw.



They will review your withdrawal request and send your payment as soon as possible. In faucet pay withdrawals are processed very fast.


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Claimtrx: is a completely legit crypto earning site using which you can earn faucet pay Tron. In claimtrx for each task, you will earn Tron Satoshi. But you can withdraw this Satoshi in tron wallet or other cryptos including Bitcoin in Faucetpay. Faucetpay is the only supported method for withdrawal from Claimtrx.


Manual faucet, Auto faucet, Shortlinks, PTC ads, Tasks, and Lottery are the earning ways in Claimtrx. To join in claimtrx click here.

In the manual faucet, you can claim the faucet every 2 minutes. In the auto faucet, you will earn Satoshi automatically every 3 minutes. Each Auto faucet claim will cost a certain amount of energy. Energy will be earned from completing shortlinks. For completing Shortlinks You will earn Satoshi as well as Energy that can be used in claiming the Auto faucet. PTC ads are simple you have to run ads for 5 seconds or 10 seconds and then complete a reCAPTCHA to complete the ad. In the Tasks section, you will earn additional Satoshi for completing different types of tasks similar to Coinpayu. Sometimes there are lottery events going on. So, you can earn additional Satoshi by joining lottery events.


How To Withdraw From Claimtrx:


Withdrawal from Claimtrx is pretty easy and straightforward. At first, just link your desired faucet pay crypto wallet with claimtrx. For that just copy your desired crypto wallet address from Faucetpay and Paste it into withdraw section in the dashboard.

There is no minimum withdrawal threshold from Claimtrx. You can withdraw your earnings any time and any number of times every day. This means you can withdraw whatever you earn from Claimtrx to your faucet pay wallet. Withdrawals are processed instantly within a few seconds after placing a withdrawal request.

 How Can I Use These 4 Websites To Make Money Online?




You can use these websites to both earn money directly using these websites as well as indirectly using other methods. The direct method is straightforward work on the above ways to earn bitcoin Satoshi free. The indirect method is, to promote any of your affiliate links to earn more money from a different source using these free bitcoin earning sites. You can promote your website link, Youtube video link, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram profile, etc to these websites for a low amount cost. You can either deposit your balance or use your earned balance to promote those links.

I have discussed in my previous post how to promote your links at a low amount of cost on this type of website.

To know about how to promote your links at a low-cost click here.





How To Earn Maximum From These 4 Earn Bitcoin Free Websites:




The only way to maximize your earnings from these websites is just to work on 4 of these websites at the same time total of 20 to 30 minutes per day. I am sharing with you my schedule and how I am used to earning Satoshi from these 4 websites.


At first, I log in to 4 of the above websites in 4 different tabs. Then started surfing PTC ads from these 4 websites in 4 different tabs. The amazing thing is you don’t have to stay on the ad tab of CoinpayU, adbtc, and earnbitmoon ads. Just stay on Claimtrx PTC ads. The ads on the Claimtrx website don’t take much time [5 to 10 seconds each]. Claim faucet from Coinpayu [3 faucets in every hour], Claim faucet from Earnbitmoon every 5 minutes, and from Claimtrx every 2 minutes. In claimtrx, if you have enough energy keep the auto faucet claim in a different tab. Keep watching PTC ads from 4 websites in 4 different tabs. When all the PTC ads are completed in claimtrx and earnbitmoon as the number of PTC ads available on these 2 websites is much less than the other 2 websites, complete the shortlinks available in Claimtrx and earnbitmoon as much as possible. Because shortlinks will pay you more than the PTC ads. Especially short links available in Claimtrx pay you the highest amount of Satoshi than the other websites.


This is my strategy to earn from these 4 earn bitcoin free online websites. I am not forcing you to follow my strategy. You can create your own strategy to work on these websites. I don’t give more than 30 minutes to these 4 bitcoin earning websites. My average earning from these websites is worth 600 to 1000 satoshi per day. You can earn much more than that depending on the region you are living in. 


Don’t forget to read this post to prevent your freelancing account from getting banned.







Among all of the 4 earn bitcoin free online websites which one is your favorite website to earn free bitcoin online? Comment below. Also, don’t forget to comment below your average earning equivalent to Satoshi per day from these websites. Stay well. Stay safe.


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