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 Coding in a computer which is computer programming means giving a set of instructions to the computer to perform a specific task by the computer. And the person who sets these instructions is called a computer programmer. The main reason for this post is to answer your question about what is codding in computers and if computer programming is right for you. To get the answer to your question you need to learn a few things and I will try to give you all the information in this post so that you can learn how to do coding on a computer.




Learn Coding In Computer Now



What Is Computer Programming And What Is Computer Programming Meaning?


Computer programming language means the language of computers. As I already said computer programming means a set of instructions to perform certain instructions by the computer. Actually, these instructions are called code. Coding on the computer means creating a program that is made by a set of codes. A set of codes can show a particular behavior like it can make a certain behavior in a webpage or software or just in a picture. Different code makes different behaviors as the coder set them.


Your computer or mobile contains lots of software and games. Each of these games or software contains lots of code. Actually, these are made with lots of code.

What Is The Work For A Computer Programmer And What Do Programmers Actually Do?


I think now you got a basic concept about what is codding in computer and what is a computer program actually. The person who writes this program or code is called a computer programmer.

Now your question is what is the work for a computer programmer and what do programmers actually do?

The work of a computer programmer is to make accurate code to perform a specific task. The programmer actually does coding and finds the bug and solves it for the maximum time of his day.

He needs to spend his maximum time of the day in front of a computer. He needs to write a program to test software, a website, or any program on a computer or mobile phone. To make a game he needs to create e lots of code 1st then combine them to run that game. A computer programmer spends his day writing codes and finding the mistakes in his code. Once a computer programmer becomes a software developer, software engineer, computer scientist, or computer analyst. Each and every day he got new problems and he needs to create code to solve them. So, you can also call a programmer a problem solver.



Why Do We Learn Programming?



I have faced this question so many times in my life why do we learn computer programming? Even my juniors and batch mates ask me what you are typing most of the day on your computer like bla bla bla.

I think some of you guys also have the same question what is computer programming why do we learn to code on computers.

Well, I think I have cleared you about what is computer programming and also about what is the work of a computer programmer. Now your question is why do we learn computer programming. First of all, if you don’t have any interest or passion for programming. Then please don’t involve in this and don’t waste your time. But, if you are passionate to explore how a program like software or a website works. Then you should learn programming to know about the mechanism and working principle of a particular website or software. Also if you want a better and high salary job then programming might be one of the best options for you. Because nothing can work properly without programming which is related to software or computer-based systems. Now, I think you have a clear idea about why we need to learn computer programming.




How Does Computer Programming Impact My Life?

After getting knowledge about all of the above things. Now, one should try to know how does computer programming impacts my life?

Well, you know your life will be boring and there will be no joy and entertainment without computer programming. You are reading this article using a computer or smartphone or tab. Okay fine, whatever you are using to read this article contains thousands and even millions of programs to fulfill your desire. Your browser which you are using to read this article also contains a lot of code that is made by computer programming. The world is developing day by day. In this development besides technology, computer programming is making a great impact. In our daily life, we are using lots of technology which are built with computer programming. Website, applications, different software, messaging apps, browser, smartwatch, a remote control cars, Robots, etc each of the every mentioned thing is nothing without computer programming. So, if there is no codding then you wouldn’t get any of the following things.

So, could you imagine how important computer programming is for us and how programming does impact our lives?

Higher Studies And Degrees In Programming:



If you have an interest and passion in coding in a computer that is computer programming then you can take a higher degree in this. For this, at the university level, you have to choose Computer Science Engineering (CSE) subject for Bachelor Science Degree. Also then you can take M.Sc. or even Ph.D. On this subject.

Higher the research about computer programming more efficient will be your knowledge and skill on this. So, try to take some degree or courses on computer programming as much as possible.


What Are The Job Field For Computer programmers? [Computer

Programming Jobs]:



There are plenty of fields for a computer programmer where he/she can settle his/her career. So don’t worry about computer programming jobs. There is plenty of small to highly demanded jobs for computer programmers.  A computer programmer can be a software engineer, Computer scientist, App maker, Android app developer, website developer, etc. So, if you are a good and skillful programmer then you don’t need to be worried about your career and job. If you have any kind of programming skills enough then you can be a high and valuable professional person in the future. followings are the fields for a computer programmer:

  1. Software engineer
  2. Computer scientist
  3. Android app developer
  4. website developer
  5. Computer systems engineer
  6. Database administrator
  7. Computer systems analyst
  8. Software quality assurance (QA) engineer
  9. Network system administrator

In conclusion, I have a few things to clear you. First of all, if you are a good programmer then you have a secured bright future. Also, there are some negative things too of a programmer’s life. 1st of all if you just want to do programming to earn a lot of money then you can’t enjoy this profession and will feel bored later. Again a programmer has to spend a long time of his day in front of the computer. So, he might have headaches or pain in the neck, leg, arm, waist, or other physical problems. But they are not so serious problems. Finally, if you have a passion for programming you can start setting your career through programming. You will have a bright future in this technology-developing world.

Finally, Is Computer Programming Right For Me?

If you have read the whole post clearly. I think you get full knowledge about what is computer programming and what are the responsibilities of the programmers. Now, it is your decision are you ready to start your career in programming or another field. But my suggestion is if you have a passion for coding in computers. Besides, if you want to be a software developer or website developer or even looking for such a very expensive job then programming is the best suggestion for you from me.

I think you have enjoyed the post. If you still have any doubts then comment below. Thank you.


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