Microworkers Legit Or Scam [My Honest Review 2023]

Are you looking for the best platform to make money online doing micro jobs online work? Or looking for a crowdsourcing site and want to make money without waiting by doing simple tasks. Then you are absolutely right post. Because in this post I am going to discuss with you the best micro jobs online work platform that is micro workers.

Microworkers.com is a completely legit site. They are still paying regularly for so many years…

In this tutorial, I will try to guide you on how to work on this site.

Also in this tutorial, I will let you know how you will get more and more tasks to complete and boost up your earnings.



So this is a complete package about working on microworkers.com.

As I have already written about this kind of site and how to work on this kind of site, so I am going to discuss with you this site and type of work in brief.

For a better concept about this kind of site and the type of work there, you can read this. But key points are in detail.

So, let’s get started without wasting any more time.




What Is Microworkers.Com? 


Microworkers.com is a micro jobs site where you can work as a publisher also as a worker. For a better understanding you can read my other posts about micro jobs and micro job sites. so you can Read this for a better understand..

On this site you have to complete some small tasks like sign up, watching videos and sharing on social media, data entry from images, Facebook ad reviews, website visits, etc type of small tasks.

These kinds of tasks actually take 2 to 5 min each to complete.

And per task, you will earn $0.03 to 0.6$ or even $1 depending on the type of task.




How To Create An Account On Microworkers.Com? [Get started with microworkers.com]


To create a microworkers account Click here.


Then click on REGISTER. Then a page with a form will appear.

Then fill up this form with all your legal information and then submit it. Then confirm your email.

After that log in to your account and you can set or change your personal information from your profile.





How To Start Working On Microworkers.Com?

To start working on microworkers.com you have to take some small tests and must have to pass these tests to get selected to work there……

Don’t worry these tasks are very easy. These tests are mainly about their terms and conditions, FAQ, and an English grammar test.

You have to pass them all.

So just pass the grammar test then read FAQ and terms and conditions for the next test.

If you pass these tests then you are ready to work there and you can start earning by completing tasks.

In order to work on this website constantly don’t forget to follow their rules. Otherwise, you might be got banned for suspicious activities. Also, I have a different post in which I have shared how to protect your freelancing account. You can check this post too.





How To Earn From Microworkers?

To earn from microworkers.com first just choose e job you want to complete. Then read the steps and complete the instructions as mentioned. Then give the required proof in the proof box. That’s it then you can submit this task for review.

The advantage of microworkers compared to other micro jobs sites is, Here when you accept a job this job will take your place locked for the amount of time given to complete the task.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t complete this task above the given amount of time.

This amount of time means nobody can take your position in this job when you’re working within the given time. For example, follow this task:




This task is for 125  people and is completed by 104  people. But when you accept the job its completed number will automatically increase by 1 means 105 for 10 minutes as you see in this picture. But if you can’t complete the task within the given amount of time then you will be redirected to the main job page. Don’t worry just get ready the proofs. Then find out the task again and just put the proof as required. That’s it. I hope this concept is clear. But if you still don’t understand. Then pick up a task and start completing this you will understand automatically by yourself 😊.





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How To Get More Tasks And Earn More From Microworkers Every Day?


Alright, the problem is when you are a beginner on this site you will not get plenty number of tasks per day. That happens because most of the employers uploaded their jobs to their trusted Hire group.

So, now the question is what is a hire group? Hire group task is labeled as HG.

Every employer includes some people in his hire group by his choice. So, when he uploads a task for his group then that task is only available for his hire group. This task will not available to other people. So, I think you got the idea that if you want more tasks then you have to enter more and more hire groups.






How To Enter Any Hire Group?

For this, you have to complete some free tasks or even paid tasks. This means you will complete a task but not get any money means you will get 0.00$ or some hire group task with payment available for you. But by doing this kind of task the blessing for you is, if you complete this task successfully and the employer finds that you did this correctly then he will add you to his higher group.

So you will get all the next jobs from him and get paid for his every job. The free task is like interviews for a job. If you are qualified then you can start working with that group to get paid.

Finding a hire group task for free. Just click on it and accept it.
Read and complete the instructions and then collect the proof and put them in the proof box. That’s it when the employer reviews your task as satisfied then you will be added to his Hire group and will get the upcoming paid tasks from him.

So, try to complete as many HG tasks as possible.



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What Are The Payment Methods Of Microworkers?

Supported payment methods of microworkers are Paypal, Payoneer, AirTM, Skrill, and Local bank deposit. Minimum withdrawals in local bank is 10$ and 20$ for Payoneer. Minimum withdrawal for other 3 methods are 9$.





How To Withdraw Your Earnings?


Here is the list of supported payment methods with minimum withdrawals and fees:

1)Local Bank deposit: minimum withdrawal is 10$ and the fee is 3%

2)Paypal: minimum withdrawal is 9$ and fee is 7.5%.

3) Skrill: minimum withdrawal is 9$ and fee is 6.5%.

4)Payoneer:  minimum withdrawal is 20$ and fee is 5%.

5)Airtm:  minimum withdrawal is 9$ and fee is 8%.

To place a withdrawal request, if your account balance reaches the minimum payment threshold follow the steps:

  1. Click on Withdraw
  2. Then click on Place a new withdrawal request.
  3. Choose your desired payment method.
  4. Select the amount you want to withdraw >= minimum payment threshold.
  5. Then a confirmation email with the code will be sent to your Gmail.
  6. Put the confirmation code from Gmail. Then confirm. That’s it. 

Sometimes payments are completed fast and sometimes it takes such a long time. So, always try to withdraw your earnings when your account balance reaches the minimum payment threshold.






How Much Can You Make On Microworkers?

Actually, it depends on what country you live in and also on your experience. So, if you join more and more hire groups then you will get more and more tasks depending on your country. So, for the beginner, I think you can make at most 1$ per day in microworkers and it will be hard to reach.

But when you join more and more hire group. Just make a free schedule for work regularly then you will easily earn more than 2$, by working 1 to 2 hours per day. Just always try to follow my above suggestions and also maintain your success rate above 75% always work regularly.

So, that’s it for today. If you need any further help just comment below. How much are you making currently per day and in which country do you live? Write in a comment right now?


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