Legit Or Scam [My Honest Review]

First of all, is not a fully legit or fully scam site. JobBoy is a micro job site by which you can earn money doing small tasks like other micro job sites. Here, each task pays you on average 0.10$.


Which is higher than most other micro jobs sites like watching youtube videos and sharing on social media, signing up to particular websites or applications, taking surveys, website visits, App tests, etc tasks pay you 0.03$-1$ per task you complete. So you might be asking is jobboy legit or a scam? So, I am here to share with you the jobboy review from which you will get a clear idea should you work on this site or not.





User’s Experiences About Jobboy:

Though you can earn higher than some of the micro-jobs sites from this site. But the following things can happen to you too:


  • Most of the users said that they completed a task but did not get paid even after a long time the time to rate had been over.
  • The payment processing fee is very high compared to other micro jobs sites.
  • Some user successfully got their payments from this site but most of the users did not get their payments from this site. Even when they try to contact in helpline they never respond back even banning their accounts without any information.
  • Their customer service is the worst service ever compared to any site. Then never respond properly to their user’s problem. And never try to take any steps to solve their problems.
  • Some of the employers deposit their money to post a job. And they placed a task for a certain amount of workers. But even after a long time, their job is not shown on the list.
  • Again minimum withdrawal from this site is 10$ but you will not get too many tasks to reach the minimum withdrawal limit soon. So, you have to work for a long time to reach the minimum withdrawal limit.
  • I am not sure about the current reviews on Trustpilot about jobboy which makes the site ratting 4.7/5 very soon. So, you may check about this fact.

Which Websites Are Best For Micro Job Online Work:

Worker or employer whatever you are, you can start your micro jobs career on Picoworkers, Rapidworkers, and Microworkers. These are completely legit micro jobs sites. You can start making money using these sites without any doubt. I got paid more than once from these websites.


These are the alternative micro jobs site to earn money from home. If you want to know how you can earn more than 100$ per month as a part-time worker Check this.






Is Jobboy Worth?:

Recently jobboy got a higher trust value in Trustpilot in 2021. I don’t know did that site is become legit or not. I am not sure whether those reviews are real or paid. But recently the tasks are paying low compared to the amount of time it takes. Moreover, it has higher payment processing fees which are not helpful for the worker. So, from my perspective, you may choose other micro working sites like these sites rather than jobboy to start your micro working job. So, in my opinion, jobboy isn’t worth your time.





So, the conclusion of this post is JOBboy is not a suggestable site to earn money. But if you want to have a try in JOBboy, you can try it for a day or even meet their minimum payment threshold once and try to withdraw your earnings. If you got your payment then you can continue working on jobboy if this site earning satisfy you.

So, if you want to work on this site you can work by your own interest and can have a test. If you do so, then write a review about your experience on this site in the comment. Thank you.

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