Top 6 Best Real Money Earning Games

Making money online is not that easy before. Today I am going to talk about 6 real money-earning games. These games are completely ad-free. You don’t need to watch any ads to earn money. Yes! You heard absolutely right. This post is going to be about the 6 best money-earning games to make some extra cash. These apps are for android only. Day by day android users are increasing and people are loving to play games. So, game lovers are increasing day by day. What if you can make some extra cash by playing games for 10 minutes per day. Today I will show you how you can play games and earn money. If that money helps you to make some pocket money that’s definitely not a bad idea right? But you have to bear in your mind that you can’t make plenty of money by playing android games. So, if you are looking to make plenty of money then this is not for you. It is always my suggestion that if you want to earn a lot of money, then learn a particular skill and start your freelancing career on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelancing platform. You can also start affiliate marketing or any of the digital marketing fields to start making a lot of money. If you don’t want to learn any skill but you have internet surfing skills. Then you can start micro-jobs read this article to know about micro jobs and how to work on micro-job sites.

However, this post is for those who love to play games and likes to make some extra cash by playing games. The following things I am going to cover in this post:


  • What Games Give You Real Money?
  • Which Game Is Best For Earning Money?
  • 6 Best Real Money Earning Games Without Investment
  • How To Create An Account For These Games?
  • Ways To Earn Money On These Games?
  • What Is Givvy And How To Earn Money On This App?
  • What Is MatematiX! And How To Make Money On This App?
  • What Is Play And Earn How To Make Money On This App?
  • What Is Game And Earn And How To Make Money On This App?
  • What Is Farm Simulator And How To Make Money On This App?
  • What Is Dynami-X And How To Make Money On This App?
  • How To Withdraw Your Earnings From These Apps?
  • How Much One Can Make From These Apps?


Before going straight to the point I will answer 2 questions. These questions have been asked by plenty of people. That’s so why I am answering these questions. If you don’t like to read about them you can skip the next two paragraphs. And read from the next 3rd paragraph to be straight to the point about the top 6 best real money earning games.



Top 6 Best Real Money Earning Games




What Games Give You Real Money?

There are plenty of games available for android that give you real money but also there are lots of scam applications too that didn’t give you real money. Clip clap, Earn cash reward: Make Money Playing Games & Music, Free cash app: Make money now, Utternik, Google opinion rewards, etc. Also, the 6 apps about which I am going to talk in this post these games give you real money. So, undoubtedly you can work on these games if you like to have some fun as well as some extra cash. Among all of them, Utternik is the best app that gives you real money. If you don’t know about Utternik you can Check this article.





Which Game Is Best For Earning Money?

Among all of the android games available to earn money, Utternik is the best app for earning money. Also maybe the 6 apps today I am going to talk about would be the best applications for you for earning money. No matter in which app you are working to earn money always be careful about the scam applications. Listen there is a lot of application that will tell you that you are going to make 10$ or even 100$ to 1000$ in just one day by playing their game. Just stay away from these kinds of games. They will use you for their welfare but never give you any kind of money. They will force you to watch 100, 200, or even 1000 ads but never ever pay you a single buck. So, it is always my recommendation to stay away from that kind of application. Always be aware that no android application will give you plenty of money compared to your time. But some of the applications as I have mentioned above will allow you to make some extra cash. So, if you would like to spend your leisure time you can run these games or applications to make some pocket money.

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6 Best Real Money Earning Games Without Investment:

The best 6 real money earning games without investment are Givvy, Game & Earn, Play & Earn, MatematiX!, Dynami-X, and, Farm Simulator. You can make some extra cash not a lot by playing these 6 games for 10 to 20 minutes per day. Before installing these applications you have to sign up on their website. Click here to sign up to their website.

All earnings will be stored on their website and you have to convert your coins into cash from their website. Then you can withdraw your earnings from their website. This is the new thing they added recently. Now you don’t have to reach the minimum payment threshold on each game to make a withdrawal. Your all apps account balances will be combined on their website to a single account. So, if you reach their minimum payment threshold by summing your earnings from all these 6 applications you can withdraw your earnings. Also, you will get daily spin and tickets to join in giveaways on their website. Join their website now.

To download Givvy Click here.

To download and install Game and earn Click here.

To download and install Play and earn Click here.

To download and install MatematiX! Click here.

To download and install Dynami-X Click Here.

To download and install  Farm Simulator Click Here.

If you don’t know how to open these links Watch this video to know how to open these links.

Download these 6 apps and create an account using your Gmail or Facebook account on them and start enjoying and earning.





How To Create Account For These Games?


First, install the games using the above links. Then open them one by one. The account setup process is the same for all of them as they all are similar applications. First, open the application. It will ask you to select the language and the currency you prefer to use. Of course, you can change them later from the setting section. However, after choosing the language and currency it will let you enter the app. Then select the profile icon and sign in using your Gmail. It may require choosing a name for your account. You can edit it whenever you want. That’s it you are all set. In this way create your account on all of the 6 games.




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Ways To Earn Money From These Games?



You have to earn coins first and then convert them into cash. And then you can withdraw the cash to your PayPal when the minimum payment threshold is reached. However, the followings are the ways to earn coins on these games:

  1.  Play the games to earn a certain amount of coins.  Every time you play each game will cost one life. After every hour all of the games gain one life each. So, after you use one life on any of the games every game will get one life after 1 hour. A maximum of 5 life can be stored if you don’t play the games for 5 hours or more.
  2. You can earn a certain amount of coins by referring your friends. Just share your referral link with them. If they download the game using your referral link you will earn 200 coins per referral when they create an account. Also, you will get 400 coins more when they gather 500 coins. Even for some applications and some cases, the invite rewards are more than that.
  3. You can earn some cash by doing short surveys. For each survey, you will get 200 to 10000 coins.
  4. You can earn some additional coins by installing their other applications or completing offers.
  5. There on each game, you will get daily rewards certain amount of coins for logging in on consecutive days.
  6. Inside each application when you go to the earning section at the bottom you will see a few chest boxes. You can make this box to prepare by just on the box. You have to wait a certain amount of time for the box to be prepared. And after that time if you again click on that box when it is written as collect at the bottom of that box you will get a certain amount of coins.
  7. Each of the 6 applications has a daily and a weekly leader board. If you got ranked on the leader board you will get a certain amount of bonus coin. The leader board is made depending on the number of coins earned by the users on a particular day and week.
These are the 7 ways to earn coins on these 6 games. When you gather a lot of coins you can convert them into cash. You can convert the coins at the rate of 0.01$ for every 119 coins and 0.01 euro for every 130 coins. When you reach their minimum payment threshold. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your Paypal.

What Is Givvy And How To Earn Money On This App?


Our 1st app that pays real cash is givvy. Givvy is a play game and earns money application that pays users for playing their games. To download and install givvy click here and get your bonus now. In givvy, there are 3 games and they are Memory, Tic Tac Toe, and Calculate. Memory game gives you 4 coins for every game you win. Tic Tac Toe will give you 2 coins if you draw and 5 coins if you won a game. In this game, you will play with other users. Calculate games gives you 5 math questions and if you answer all of them correctly you will get 5 coins on each game. Also in givvy, you will earn 600 coins per referral by the above rules. Also, there is a referral ladder where you can get some extra rewards by inviting others. There are daily and weekly leader boards where the top earners will be rewarded with additional coins every day and every week. Also, you can earn coins by doing surveys, Installing their other applications, and also there are some tasks available for you by which you can earn between 10 to 10000 coins.


What Is Matematix! And How To Make Money On This App?

To download MatematiX! game Click here. In this game, there are 3 games and they are Calculate, Solve the task, and Inequalities. Every game pays you 4 coins per play if you win. All of them are simple math similar to the math games in givvy. I think this app takes the most less time to play all 3 games among all the 4 applications. Besides playing games you can earn coins by inviting others, collecting daily checklists, Collecting chest packages, 10 to 10000 coins by completing their tasks, and also from the daily and weekly leader boards.

What Is Play And Earn How To Make Money On This App?

Play and earn is also similar to the above 2 application that pays user for just playing games. Also have other ways to make money on this app as the 2 above applications. To download and install Play and earn Click here to claim your bonus. In this application, there are also has 3 games to play. Puzzle, Rectangle, and Balloons. Each time you play each game you will earn 4 coins if you won. In the rectangle game, you need to play with other players. Similar to the MatematiX! and givvy in this game also you can earn additional coins by inviting others, doing surveys, completing tasks, completing their offers, collecting chest boxes and daily checklists. Of course, you will get a certain amount of bonus coins if you got ranked on the daily and weekly leaderboards. Among these 4 games, I think this application is the slowest to earn coins in my experience.
That is because the 3 games available in this application take 20 to 30 seconds sometimes even more whereas the other games available in any of the other 3 applications take even less than 15 seconds on average for me.

What Is Game And Earn And How To Make Money On This App?

Game and earn is a real money earning game that gives you real money for playing games. Click here to download and install and get your reward coin now on game and earn. Similar to the above 3 applications this game also contains 3 games and they are Mathemati-x, Gifts, and Precision. Each game takes less than 10 seconds to play once in my experience. The time needed per game depends on your playing skill. However, Each of the games gives you 4 coins as a winning reward per game. Other ways to earn additional coin in this game is by inviting others, doing their offers, and collecting chest box. Yes, this game also contains a daily and a weekly leader board. Also, contain a referral leaderboard. If you got ranked on any of these leaderboards you will be rewarded with additional coins. But in this game, there didn’t have a daily checklist, tasks, or surveys to earn additional coins as these have on the other 3 applications. But I think these options will be added in the future on any of their updates. If so then you can also earn coins from those options.

What Is Farm Simulator And How To Make Money On This App?

Farm Simulator is a simulator game from which you will feed animals and earn additional rewards. In this application, you have 2 tasks. These are first at the second section collect crops by clicking the Collect button on each of the crops. You don’t have to cultivate crops. Crops are automatically got harvested. All you have to do is just collect the crops after a certain amount of time. Then just feed all the animals from the first section. To feed animals just click on feed. Then choose which crops you want to feed that animal. You can click max to feed the max amount the animal can take. Then for a certain amount of time just collect the XP. XP is converted into coins on their website. 1 xp=1 coin.

What Is Dynami-X And How To Make Money On This App?

Dynami-X is also similar to the above applications which pay you for playing games and other activities. To install this game Click this. In this application, you can make money by playing Cars, Apples, and Balls these 3 games. Also, you can make money from Dynami-X by collecting chest boxes, collecting daily checklists and completing tasks, etc. In this application also you will earn XP which will be stored as coins on the givvy website.

How To Withdraw Your Earnings From These Apps?

The withdrawal process on these 6 apps is similar. At first, you have to convert your coins into cash, and then when you reach the minimum payment threshold you can withdraw the cash directly to your Paypal or Revolut. The minimum payout on these givvy apps is currently 0.29$ for PayPal. But sometimes the minimum payout can be more due to the problem in PayPal transactions for small amounts. I have withdrawn my earnings several times from all of the 6 apps and they send me the payment within 30 seconds almost instantly after requesting the withdrawal. However, sometimes payment processing also takes much time even 5 to 7 days. That is also due to the problem with the PayPal transaction. So, to convert your token go to the convert section. You will find that option at the bottom of these applications. Click on the second symbol next to the earning section symbol. Then select how many coins you want to convert into cash. You will convert the coins at a rate of 0.01$ per 119 coins. Then click on Convert to convert your selected amount of coins into cash. After converting your coins into cash click on Withdraw. Then put your PayPal email on the Send to: section and put the amount you want to withdraw in the next section. Then click on withdraw. They will send your amount directly to your PayPal.




N.B. The latest version of all these apps changes coins into XP in the applications. You will earn XP for playing the games. But these XP are stored as coins on their website. So, now for money, you have only one wallet on their website instead of a different wallet on each game. So, you will earn XP now from these games and you will earn coins on their website for accumulating XP on these games. For every 100 XP, you will earn 100 coins. To withdraw your earnings now you have to withdraw from the website instead of withdrawing from apps. Click here to go to their website. Just sign in using your Gmail. Then you will see how many coins you have accumulated in each game. Then convert the coins into cash. Then withdraw your cash directly to your desired wallet if your account balance is over the minimum threshold required for that particular payment method.

They have added some new payment methods. So, for now, all the payment methods are PayPal, Coinbase, Litecoin wallet, Binance, and more. Just went to their website and you will find answers to each of your questions.


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How Much One Can Make From These Apps?

At the start of this article, I mentioned that you couldn’t expect to make huge money from these applications. But of course, you can make some pocket money in your leisure time. However of course you can make much more if you are doing surveys and tasks into these apps. But if you normally want to earn coins by playing games, collecting chest boxes, and daily checklists you will be able to make around 3 to 5 cents which is my average earning on each game per day. This means you can make around 0.30$ per day if you play 6 of them all regularly. But you can definitely make plenty of money if you do surveys, and tasks, invite others, and by doing their offers. So, that is up to you what you want to do.
So, that’s all I have to say about the top 6 best money-earning games. Now it is completely up to you what you are going to do. If you like the games of course comment below among all of the games available in these games which one do you love much. Among all of them, my favorite game is the 5 math games. And my average time needed to solve 5 math questions on each game is 10 seconds what about you? Don’t forget to comment below these 2 questions. Also if you have any query to know, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section. Thank you. Stay home. Stay safe. Wear a mask and wash your hand. Keep yourself and your family protected.

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