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In this post, I am going to tell you about the best app for making money. So, if you follow my steps you will get an idea about how to make extra money from home using this application. The best Android app for making money online which we are going to talk about is Utternik. In this post, I will discuss with you how you can make money by just giving opinions using Utternik in detail.


The following things will be covered:


  • Which App Is Best For Earning Money?
  • What Apps Give You Real Money?
  •  Google Opinion Reward Alternative.
  • What Is Utternik?
  • Utternik Invitation Code.
  • How To Work On Utternik?
  • Rules You Should Maintain To Work On Utternik
  • A Negative Thing About Utternik
  • How Much One Can Earn From Utternik?
  • How To Redeem Coins And Make Withdrawals?
  • Utternik Payment Proof  




  Which App Is Best For Earning Money?


Among all the applications I have used to earn money utternik is the best app for earning money. Well, there is plenty of legit android apps to earn money. But the matter with them is about how much reward you are making in perspective of the amount of time you are spending on. I have another article where I have written about 3 android apps to earn some extra cash not much you can check that article. I have found a lot of questions about What is the best app to earn free money? So, today I am going to tell you about an application which is best for earning money and that is utternik. I will talk about it in detail in this post.



What Apps Give You Real Money?

Some apps that give you real money are: Utternik, Givvy, Play & earn, Game & earn, Clip claps, etc. Among all of them, the best app for earning money is definitely utternik. I have tried plenty of android applications to make money online. Among all of them some got legit that really pay and lots of scam applications. At first, I made my first 10$ on clip claps and withdraw it as a top-up to my mobile number. And they send me the money within 3 days. But to make 10$ I need to work 3 months over 15 minutes per day on this application which is not a great way to make money online. So, I wouldn’t recommend somebody for this kind of application. Also please be aware in mind that you can never make plenty of money using any of the android applications. But you can make some extra cash using some of the applications definitely in your leisure time. So, don’t waste your important time on any of the android applications if you want to make a big amount of money. Among all of the money-making apps, I think Utternik is the best money-making app in 2021 and will be on top in the future too.





Google Opinion Reward Alternative:

I think you definitely heard about the google opinion reward application which is an android app for earning money by giving opinions like doing surveys. The best google opinion reward alternative is Utternik.

Now your question is why Utternik is the best google opinion reward alternative right? Listen there is plenty of customer review that they even couldn’t make about 5$ in 2 months on google opinion rewards. Which is really disappointing. Moreover, most countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc are not allowed to work on google opinion rewards. But Utternik supports all countries over the world. Google opinion reward takes much time to earn money whereas Utternik takes less time to earn money. You can not get work on google opinion reward every day. But you will get work every day on Utternik. So, without any doubt, Utternik is the best alternative and even better than Google opinion reward to earn money.





What Is Utternik?

If you read the above whole article you heard about Utternik plenty of times. Now it is definitely your question is what is Utternik right?

Utternik is an android app that pays users for giving opinions about a particular thing. The opinion can be about movie stars, sportsmen, movies, songs, electronic gadgets, android apps, books, youtube videos, news, sports teams, etc. For every opinion, you give you will get rewarded with up to 20 opinions per day. Utternik is definitely a legit android app no doubt about that as I have received payment from it several times. But it has one problem too I will talk about it.





Utternik Invitation Code:

Your utternik invitation code is Thankyou554.  If you use this code you will get 150 points which is equivalent to 1.5 coins. Also, I will get a one-time 2 coins if you accumulate 5 coins for the first time after using my invitation code. So, install the app and create an account by putting in my invitation code. I will talk about the benefits of putting my invitation code.




How To Work On Utternik?

At first search on google play store by writing Utternik. You will find an app named Utternik: Opinion Rewards at the top. Install this application. And then open the app. First, you may ask to choose the category you are interested in. So, select the options you are interested in. Then you will find a lot of things where written something like value. Click any of the values to give value to any of the particular things according to your interest. Then choose the options you are thinking about in that particular content. Then click next. Then they will ask about your recommendation to others. You may choose definitely if you strongly support this or select Maybe if you are not sure or select Never if you don’t recommend this. Then click done you will get about how much value you have given to that content according to your choice in the previous two steps out of 100. Then if you want to tell something about it write on the Add more details box otherwise you may keep it blank. Then click on submit your opinion then your opinion will be submitted. Then they will ask you to put your invitation code. Put my Utternik invitation code “Thankyou554” without quotes. If you put my invitation code you will get 150 points which are equivalent to 15 opinions and 1.5 coins. Moreover, I will give you trust and give value to you for which you will get 20 extra points. These are the benefits of using my invitation code. Then create an account put all the necessary information as required then confirm your email from the email you have used to register. Now you are all set. Open the app and log in if required. You don’t have to log in again and again just log in once.

Then start giving values. You will get 1 coin for accumulating 100 points. Each opinion gives you 10 points. So, you will get 1 coin for every 10 opinion you gives. You will get a maximum of 2 coins for giving opinions. So, you will get coins for giving 20 opinions per day. For every 10 coins, you can convert them for cash. For every 10 coins, you will get approximately 0.10$-5$ which is random and depends on your luck.

The more ways to accumulate coins are:

  1. For each friend you are invited if they use your invitation code and accumulate 500 points, you will get 2 coins.
  2. If you rate them on the play store you will get 2 coins.
  3. For each person who has trusted you, you will get 20 points.
  4. If you make a review about them on youtube or blog writing you will get random 2 to 8 coins.
  5. And of course a regular maximum of 2 coins for 20 opinions.

Option number 5 is limited per day. Option 2 and 4 are one-time offers. Options 1 and 3 are allowed to do any number of times as you want per day. When you reach 10 coins then go to your profile and convert your coins into cash. These are the ways to work on Utternik and earn money through Utternik.




Rules You Should Maintain To Work On Utternik:

Definitely, they have some terms and conditions you should maintain if you want to work with them. If you don’t follow the rules or do any violation of their rules. They have the right to disable your payment or even they can suspend your account. So, to prevent your account from being banned and to work there properly to make money you should maintain the following rules.

  • Don’t create multiple accounts on one device only use a single account per device or the same IP address.
  • Don’t comment on anything irrelevant when giving value to any content.
  • Don’t invite fake users.
  • And don’t do anything that means suspicious activities.




A Negative Thing About Utternik:

The only negative thing I got about Utternik is they require 10 referrals for making withdrawals. This means you have to reach their minimum payment threshold as well as you must invite 10 more persons to make your withdrawal. Once you reach 10 invitations then you can withdraw your earnings any number of times. Which is look like a scam but Utternik is not a scam platform. But this is the negative thing about this app I think. Maybe Utternik will remove this option in the future but now as it is a rule or condition for making withdrawals then you have nothing to do. You must invite 10 persons to make a withdrawal also you will get 20 coins by these invitations if they all reach 500 points each.



How Much One Can Earn From Utternik?

It completely depends on your luck. As I have already mentioned that for every 10 coins you can convert it into cash. For every 10 coins, you will get a certain amount between 0.10$-5$. It completely depends on your luck. In my perspective, I have got 0.60$ on average for every 10 coins. I got 0.70$, 0.90$, 0.80$, 0.20$ and even 0.10$ for 10 coins. So, the amount you will earn depends on your luck. If you consider only your opinion rewards mean you are giving 20 opinions per day and accumulating 2 coins per day. After every 5 days, you can redeem your coins into cash and that is on average 0.60$/10 coins. So, on average you are making 0.12$ per day. Look like really small but compared to the amount of time you are spending the amount is very good. You may need to work 5 minutes per day to give 20 opinions but you are making 0.12$ for that 5 minutes. From an android app to make money, this is really good. I have tried so many apps in my earning career but I don’t find any app that makes 0.10$ for even 1 hour of work. But this app makes 0.12$ per day on average by just working a few minutes. Which is I think the best of all the android earning apps.






How To Redeem Coins And Make Withdrawals?

The minimum withdrawal on utternik is 5$ and the supported payment method is Paypal only. From the above discussion, you have got to know that you will get cash for every 10 coins. And you will get 1 coin for every 10 opinions and a maximum of 2 coins per day by giving opinions. So, when you accumulate 10 coins to convert it into cash and the minimum withdrawal on Utternik is 5$. To convert your coins into cash also to withdraw your cash on Utternik follow these steps. 

  • Click on the bottom right corner on Me. and Then you will go to your profile. 
  • Click on your points. 
  • Then just below your point coins and cash you will find 2 options REDEEM>> and WITHDRAW>>. 
  • Click on REDEEM>> to convert your 10 coins into cash. Here you can convert your coins and for every 10 coins, you will get a certain amount of cash as you know between 0.10$ to 5$. 
  • However when you reach 5$ or above also once you have invited 10 friends to join Utternik using your invitation code you can withdraw your earnings. 
  • To withdraw your earnings click on WITHDRAW>> from your profile section then click on Withdraw cash and then put your Paypal email and make a withdrawal request. 

That’s it you successfully made a withdrawal request. They will send your payment within 7 business days.






Utternik Payment Proof:

As I already mentioned Utternik is the best opinion reward alternative. Which pays users for giving opinions on any content. I have managed to make my first withdrawal. I have withdrawn my first earnings and which is 5.4$ and it takes 35 days to reach this amount from the day I have installed the application. That is because I missed some days to work on this app. However, here is the payment proof of Utternik.




Utternik Payment proof
Utternik payment proof




As you see I have made a 5.4$ withdrawal and I got my payment less than 72 hours after placing the withdrawal request. Paypal charges 0.36$ as a processing fee and I got 5.04$ to my PayPal account.

So, undoubtedly Utternik is a completely legit and the best app for making money online. The invitation matter requires making withdrawals may be removed soon by the developer for the welfare of the users soon.

So, that’s it for today comment below about your experience on Utternik. How is your Utternik journey put a comment about your average earning per day on Utternik? Thank you. Stay well. Stay home. Put a mask on your face before going outside for unavoidable necessary. Stay safe.

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