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If you are looking to get complete guidelines to make money online by transcribing jobs from home, you are absolutely right place. This tutorial is going to be about transcription jobs from home beginner to advance level with 6 best platforms using which you can do transcribing jobs from home from today.


What Is Transcribing Job?

Transcribing jobs from home actually means converting audio to text format. You don’t need an office to work as a transcriber. You can do this job from home easily. All you have to do is just listen to the audio carefully and then write the audio voice by typing on your own. This is the thing actually you need to do in transcribing jobs from home. The audio which you need to convert into text maybe a phone call or a conversation between the customer center and the user or any conversation between two or more people. Sometimes you will get a video conversation and you have to write the conversation by typing your own hand.

Start Transcribing jobs from home






Ways To Become A Transcriptionist At Home:

To become a transcriptionist at home you have to follow a few simple steps.

  1. First, you must have to learn English very well. If you are from the United States or from a similar type of country where English is the mother language, Then it is not a big matter for you. But if you are from a different country where people didn’t speak English much. Then you have to learn the English language as fast as possible to start your transcription job. The countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, etc people don’t speak English too much. So, having English skills well enough will be difficult for you. But if you want to start your career as a successful transcriber you must have to be good enough in English.
  2. You must have a desktop with a strong internet connection for transcribing jobs from home. You can’t do transcribing jobs from a smartphone. So, ensure that you have a desktop with a good keyboard, mouse, and strong internet connection before starting transcribing jobs from home.
  3. If you can purchase good quality headphones or earphones. Because the audio you need to convert into text has low quality. Even, some of them are really hard to understand when they are speaking. So, if you can try to manage a headphone or earphones having crystal clear sound quality.
  4. Try to be passionate and keep patience to become a successful transcriber.


If you have all of the above 4 things you can start your transcribing job from home today.






Get A Transcription Job With No Experience:

First of all, If you have very well English skills and the above 4 things you can get a transcription job with no experience at QA-world. This platform is best for beginners. Also, there are plenty of platforms where you can apply and get a transcription job without experience very easily. But keep in mind to get a transcription job you don’t need any experience but you need to have the above 4 things I discussed.








Can You Really Make Money Transcribing From Home?



Definitely, you can make money transcribing online. To make money by transcribing audio to text you must have to be active and well-educated in the English language. If you transcribe audio to text in the wrong way then you won’t be able to make money much. If you make the same thing repeatedly then you will get banned forever to work on that particular platform that you are using to make money by transcribing jobs. So, you must have to be careful and need to be able to transcribe accurately and carefully. Then you will be able to make a plenty amount of money as a transcriber.





How Long Does It Take To Transcribe 1 Minute Of Audio?

2 to 5 minutes long takes to transcribe 1 minute of audio. If you are a beginner you have to listen to the audio carefully for few times and then have to write the conversation so it will take a bit longer to transcribe this audio into text. However, if you have well English listening and fast typing skills. Then you can do the transcription of that 1 minute of audio in 2 minutes or even less than that. Also, you can transcribe faster with your experience. Usually, it takes 2 to 5 or even more minutes per audio minute for a beginner to convert it into text.





How Much Do At Home Transcriptionists Make?

Transcriptionists can make on average 5 to 25 dollars per hour of audio conversion from home depending on the platform you are working on. Sometimes they can make more than that for per hour audio to text conversion. So, if you want to start your career as a transcriber, make a schedule and start working hard. If you can work 8 hours per day having the skill to convert 3-hour audio per day you can make 30$ or even more each day. So, your income as a transcriptionist depends on the amount of audio you are transcribing per day. If you are able to transcribe more and more then you can earn more and more. If you want to earn free bitcoin from home daily check this post.







The 6 Websites That I Recommend to You For Transcribing Jobs From Home:



I think from the above discussion you got a clear concept about what is transcribing jobs and which things you need to have before starting transcribing jobs. Now, if you have all the 4 required things I discussed above and you set your mind to start transcribing jobs from home. You can start your transcribing career using the below-mentioned transcribing jobs platforms. You can start your transcribing jobs as a part-time job as well as a full-time job. If you wish to work as a part-timer on the transcription job site make a schedule and start working. If you wish to start your career as a full-time transcriber then at first start from a small platform where fresher are allowed to work as a transcriber. Then switch to a higher-level platform that pays a higher amount per audio hour. To be eligible for working on a high-level transcribing job platform you need to have very much skill in transcribing platform. So, as a beginner start working on a small platform and then switch to a higher level transcribing jobs platform.


Now, I am going to share with you the 6 best Transcribing jobs from home platforms to start your transcribing jobs career. You can start working on any of them to start your transcribing jobs from home.


QA-World is the best transcribing jobs from the home platform for beginners. If you are completely a beginner and if you are just going to start your transcribing jobs career, I recommend you to start your transcribing jobs journey through this platform.

QA-World has a very easy admission test. At first, you can read their FAQ and then participate in the admission test. First, a grammar test, then another test on basis of their terms and conditions, and then an audio test. All of these tests are really easy. Just you need to have good English skills. You can make your own schedule to work on this site.

QA-world has a transcription rate of an average of 5$ per hour of audio which is a pretty decent amount for beginners. With the increase of your level, you will get more calls and also will earn more amount of money. Also, with a higher level, you will get a high rate on per-minute audio clips.

You can get a 2$ additional bonus for transcribing 100 minutes or more in a single week. But if your call receives less than 4 stars then this call won’t be counted among that 100 minutes. So, I can say you will earn 2$ for transcribing 100 minutes of audio accurately by getting 4+ stars.


They pay automatically on weekly basis. Whatever you earn in a week they will automatically send your earnings at the end of that week.

They support only PayPal for payment. So, you must have a PayPal account to work on QA-world.






Scribie transcription job platform is one of the best platforms for both beginner and pro-level transcribers. But will be the No. 1 recommendable site for beginners who are just going to start their transcribing jobs career from their home. They have over 38K certified transcribers. Over 6M+ minutes of audio have been transcribed yet.

However, their transcribing rate is started from 0.07$ to 0.4$ per audio minute. That looks like a small rate but if you are a beginner would be great for you to start transcribing jobs from home.


Scribie supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal for payments. They also pay on weekly basis. So, you will get your payment whatever you earn at the end of that particular week.






Verbit.ai is a great platform to start your transcribing jobs from home. They have 22k professional transcribers who transcribed over 3 crore audio minutes in 2020. On this website, transcribers need to convert audio into text, caption a call, and write descriptions about audio. If you are really good at English apply for Verbit transcription jobs. I think this would be the best platform for beginners to start transcribing jobs career.

To start earning from verbit.ai as a transcriber you have to pass their admission test. Their admission test is not too hard but also not as easy as the QA-world admission test. So, pass their admission test carefully and get approval from them. If you can get approval from Verbit, you will be lucky as a beginner in the transcription job field.

You will be able to earn 12$ to 18$ per audio hour from Verbit. Which is really a very good amount of earning for beginners.



Their supported payment method is PayPal. Payments are made every Monday automatically. Whatever you are earning they will send your earnings directly to your PayPal every Monday.





GoTranscript is another great platform to work as a transcriber for home. If you gain some experience from other transcription sites you can start your career at an advanced level transcription site like GoTranscript. You can gain experience before working GoTranscript by working any of the above 2 transcription jobs from home. However, this website is for advanced-level transcribers having a piece of great knowledge about transcribing. Because, if you are a beginner then there is a big possibility to make mistakes when transcribing. But if you make mistakes continuously a few times, they will direct ban your account forever. So, be careful about that fact.

You can get on average 24$ per hour audio rate on GoTranscript. I think this is an enough and a huge amount for transcribers. If you can manage to transcribe 2-hour audio every day. You can earn around 1500$ per month.


Supported payout systems for GoTranscript are PayPal and Payoneer. They send payment automatically every Friday in every week.








TranscribeMe is one of the best transcription service platforms to convert audio and video into text. They have over 2 million active transcribers almost all over the world. So, getting approval from TranscribeMe will be easier than Gotranscript. But you must have great capabilities for converting audio into text to get paid from TranscribeMe. So, don’t apply this platform before working on any other platforms.

You will get on average 15$ to 30$ per audio hour from TranscribeMe. You will get a higher amount if the audio length in minutes is higher. Suppose if you convert 1 minute of audio you will get an average of 0.20$. But if you convert 4 minutes of audio you will get 1.2$ on average. So, try to get as lengthy audio or video as possible.


TranscribeMe currently supports only PayPal for payout. You can request your withdrawal to PayPal if your account balance is over 20$. You can request a withdrawal at most once in a single week.






Rev Transcription Job:



Rev is the No. 1 transcribing jobs from home platform according to my opinion for both beginner and advanced level person who wants to run their career in transcribing jobs from home. You can work on this platform by converting audio to text or captioning a video or doing both. Must be aware of their admission test which is pretty hard. Also, they don’t accept all people from all over the world. Most probably they support people from the British regions.


If you are lucky enough to get approval on the Rev transcription job platform. You will be able to make 24$ to at most 60$ per audio hour. You will get an average rate of the same amount for captioning videos. So, undoubtedly this platform will be the best platform for you to start your transcribing job from home.


Rev supports only PayPal for payments. They don’t require any minimum withdrawals. They will send your payments directly to your PayPal every Monday whatever you earned throughout that week.




These are the best 6 Transcribing jobs from home websites using which you can start making money by transcribing audio to text. Which platform is best according to your work experience don’t forget to comment below. Thank you. Happy Earning.




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