5 Best Fone Earning Apps

Fone Token is a popular cryptocurrency that can be earned from smartphones. Fone token is one of the popular crypto which may become one of the highest valuable cryptocurrencies in the future but not much like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you want to earn cryptocurrency by using your smartphone don’t forget to earn Fone tokens using your smartphone. Accumulating this crypto as much as possible might be helpful for you in the future. Throughout the whole post, I will teach you how to earn Fone tokens from android. Actually, I am going to discuss with you the 5 best FONE earning apps using which you can earn FONE tokens and withdraw it directly to your trust wallet or similar wallet that supports Fone token exchanges. Also, at the end of this post, I will suggest to you which are the top best Fone earning apps would be for you to earn FONE fast giving less time.



What is Fone Token:


Fone Token is a real popular decentralized cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum blockchain for transactions. It has a limited stock of 20 billion tokens and 100 million Fone tokens are in circulation. Fone is similar to PI. The current price at the time I am writing this post of the Fone token is 0.0001195$. Actually, this price is not constant it is changing time after time as it happens in all types of cryptocurrency. Recently they Launched their new token Fone token which is TRX (TRON) based smartphone Cryptocurrency. They have a partnership with P2PB2B blockchain technology.


How To Earn Fone Token Without Investment:

You can earn Fone Token by just using your smartphone as you earn PI from the Pi network application from your smartphone. I don’t find anyways to earn Fone tokens from a laptop or desktop. So, If you wish to accumulate Fone tokens you have to do it just using your smartphone. I will share with you the 5 best Fone token earning applications using which you may earn Fone Token from your smartphone. All of the 5 best Fone earning apps that are going to be discussed in this post are available in the Google play store. So, you can install the apps from the google play store and create an account on each of those apps. Account creation is super simple as you did in other apps. Use my invitation codes during installing the apps to get an additional bonus when joining.




5 Best Fone Earning Apps







Cloud Earning Fone Apk:

Cloud earning PHT apk is an android application and mining app which uses to mine real pht from smartphones. It is similar to other mining apps like the PI network app. All you have to do is just open the app after installation and start mining Phoneum Token with just one tap. After every 7 days open the app and claim your mined Phoneum token. After claiming PHT, start mining Phoneum token again. In the Pi app, you did absolutely the same just open the app every 24 hours once and have to just 1 click to mine Pi.

If you don’t know about how to mine Pi from a smartphone Read this to start mining PI from today.


Use my invitation code “6xdusd72” when you join for the first time on Cloud earning Fone apk to get an additional bonus in Fone.




Crypto Treasures Apk:


Crypto Treasures apk is a legit android application that pays users FONE tokens and some other cryptocurrencies for playing games on this application.

I think this one is the best FONE earning app among all the Fone token earning apps available. By just working 5 minutes per day on this app I was able to make over 150 FONE tokens per day. As the reservation of Fone token is going to empty soon they made it hard to earn FONE per day. But now still you can earn more than 60 Fone per day. I will explain in detail later. Now, install the Crypto treasures apk from the google play store, and create an account on this app. Use my invitation code “6xdusd72” to get some coins as a welcome bonus.


In this app, you can earn Fone tokens as well as some other cryptocurrencies by doing activities in the apps. The following features are available for you in this app to earn Fone and other cryptocurrencies. 

  • Spins: You will have 5 free spins every 20 hours. Normally spin rewards are 120 coins, 160 coins, and 10 FONE. But you can double the rewards by purchasing double reward options. Each spin for double rewards costs 50 coins. So, my suggestion is to purchase double rewards every time in the spin. Because for 50 coins you will get a minimum of 120 coins which is really great.
  • Roll: In the roll section, you will get 3 rolls per day and 3 chances in every roll. 2 dice will be rolled in every move. You have to predict the sum of 2 dice in every role. Is the summation of 2 dice will be less than or equal to 6 or greater than or equal to 6. If you predict correctly you will get 100 coins and if you predict wrong you will get 50 coins.
  • Rock-Paper-Scissors: In Rock-Paper-Scissors you will also have 3 chances to play every 20 hours. If you win the game you will get 250 coins but if you lose you will get 50 coins.
  • Videos: You can get 50 coins for watching videos [short ads actually]. You can watch a maximum of 4 video ads every day.
  • Offers: You can earn additional coins by completing their offers.
  • Dig for treasures: You can start digging for treasures for a certain amount of time. You have 3 options for dig 8 hours, 16 hours, and 24 hours. Each dig for treasure costs 100 coins. I suggest you dig for 24 hours as it will bring 1000-1050 coins and other rewards including cryptocurrency that is higher than the dig for 8 hours and 16 hours.
  • Chests: You can earn FONE and other cryptocurrencies and other rewards by opening chest boxes. You can purchase chest boxes from the shop. 3 types of chest box available in the shop. The silver chest costs 250 coins, the Gold chest costs 450 coins and the Special chest costs  650 coins. Sometimes, you will get the wooden chest for the cost of 100 coins. Also, you can get a PATCH BADGE treasure box that will give you only cryptocurrencies. You need to accumulate all types of badges to claim this box. Here is a blockchain chest available that costs 500 FONE. But I will recommend you to not purchase a blockchain chest box. Try to purchase a Special chest and wooden chest [when it cost 100 coins only not 300 coins] as much as possible. Doing so, you will get higher rewards compared to the amount of coins costs.
  • Quests: You will earn a certain amount of coins, FONE, and other rewards by completing Quests and gaining achievements. Like, get a reward of 100 coins by opening 5 chest boxes or watching 3 ads. You will earn additional rewards for the activities you did in the application. You don’t have to open any quests. Quests are completed automatically when you completed certain activities in the app.
  • Complete levels: You will also earn Fone tokens and coins as a bonus for every level you complete.


These are the ways to earn Fone token and other Cryptocurrencies like AMSK, Bittorrent, Beatzcoin, Wink, etc from Crypto Treasures. So, don’t forget to try this application. 

You can get 0 to 100 FONE from the 5 spins per day. And you will accumulate 2500-3500 coins on average per day from other activities. So, you can purchase a special chest for 650 coins and a wooden chest for 100 coins if available. In this way, you can easily get 60+ Fone tokens and also earn other cryptocurrencies.









Crypto Cards Apk:

Crypto Cards apk is an android application using which you can earn FONE by doing certain activities. In this application, you can earn a Fone token directly by playing Tap Card games. In this game, you have to tap the card and try to touch the FONE coins and collect Fone tokens as much as possible. You will get Crypto cards by watching video ads, Opening Booster packs, and Requesting Cards. You can request a crypto card every 24 hours once. You will receive that card within 24 hours of your request. You will get 5 spins known as Wheel in this app every 24 hours. You can get 1000 Fone Token or 1 booster pack or a crypto card from each spin. This app also has Mission rewards similar to the Quests completing rewards in the Crypto Treasures. You will get a certain amount of Crypto cards by opening booster packs. You can sell these cards for FONE or you can accumulate these cards. By collecting all the cards of the same type at least one card each you will get a big amount of bonus. So, try to accumulate and store the cards at least one piece each.

These are the ways to earn FONE from this application. To join this application use code “6m2dlzl3” to get a welcome bonus in Crypto Cards.








Green Karma Apk:


Green Karma apk is a real Fone token earning app that pays users in FONE tokens for using their application. In this application, you will earn Oxygen for each activity. Using your oxygen you can purchase crypto chests at different prices. From the Crypto chests, you will earn FONE, XP, and other rewards. You will get 30 spins every 20 hours. You can get 15 or 20 oxygen or 15 FONE from each spin. You can play Submarine Cleaner and Tap the Bottle games to earn Oxygen. You have 3 lives in each game for every 20 hours. You can reduce Carbon dioxide and gain Oxygen by activating the guard board for 24 hours. You can plant virtual trees for 8 or 16 or 24 hours to earn extra Oxygen. Using this earned Oxygen you can purchase chest boxes from the shop. 3 types of chest boxes are available in the shop. I always recommend you to purchase the highest price chest box as much as possible. You will also get additional FONE for completing levels. You can also get some extra rewards by completing their tasks similar to the above 2 best Fone earning apps.

These are the ways to earn Fone Token from Green Karma. To join this app use code “1efex5cg” to get an additional bonus.






Crypto Planet Apk:


Crypto Planet apk is a completely legit FONE earning android app using which you can earn Fone tokens as well as other cryptocurrencies. Using Crypto planets you can earn FONE tokens. You have to earn Crystals in this app almost similar to the Green karma where you have to collect Oxygen. Using crystals you can purchase chest boxes. By opening chest boxes you will get Fone tokens and other cryptos. 3 types of chests are available for purchase. The basic chest costs 200 crystals, the Common chest costs 450 crystals, and the Rare chest costs 600 crystals. Here is also my suggestion is to purchase Rare chest as much as possible to earn FONE token fast. You can earn Crystals in the following ways:

1.     Play Planet Protector and Asteroid Destroyer game every day to earn crystals. You will get 10 lives on each game every day.

2.     Start Dig for 24 hours to earn Crystals similar to digging for treasures in Crypto Cards.

3.     Start a specific quest and complete it to earn a certain amount of crystals. Each quest costs 1 FONE.

4.     You will also get additional FONE and Crystals for completing levels.

5.     Incubate crystals for 8,16 or 24 hours to receive additional crystals. You will get among 1000-1050 crystals for 24 hours of incubation.




These are the ways to earn crystals in Crypto Planet. Try to gain as many crystals as possible. Using these crystals purchase and open as many chest boxes as possible. To join on Crypto Planet use the “2vkjt2d5” code without quotes to get a bonus.






How To Withdraw Fone From These Apps:


You will earn Fone tokens and Fone tokens from these 4 apps. Cloud earning FONE and Crypto treasures has the same wallet. The other 3 apps have unique wallets. To withdraw your Fone token and Fone token you must have a crypto wallet for these tokens. You can use the Trust wallet to withdraw these tokens. You can find the FONE wallet made on this app. But you can’t find the FONE token wallet yet on this app. So, you have to create a custom FONE wallet in the trust wallet.



If you don’t know how to create a Fone token Wallet address in Trust Wallet watch this video.


The minimum withdrawal for Fone tokens is 15,000 FONE and Fone Token is 200,000 FONE tokens. To withdraw your tokens from these apps copy your FONE wallet address from the trust wallet and paste it into the wallet address section in Withdraw section on the apk from which you are going to withdraw your tokens. Then put the amount of Fone you want to withdraw and click on withdraw to confirm your withdrawals.

They will send your payment within 3 business days.



Watch the payment proof of Crypto Cards and know how to withdraw Fone Token from Crypto cards to Trust wallet. 


Watch to know how to withdraw PHTG tokens from crypto cards to Tronlink Pro.



Watch the Payment Proof of Crypto Treasures and how to withdraw your Fone tokens from Crypto Treasures.

These are the 5 best PHT earning apps using which you can earn Phoneum and Phoneum Green tokens. Among all of these 5 best phoneum earning apk I recommend you to must work on Cloud earning PHT, Crypto Treasures, and Crypto planet. If you can’t give more than 5 minutes per day just use Cloud earning PHT and Crypto Treasures app. Because you don’t have to invest any time in Cloud earning PHT app. Just one click every 7 days. Don’t forget to install all the apps and try all of these 5 best PHT earning apps at least once and don’t forget to work on the suggested 3 best PHT earning apk. Comment below which app is your favorite among all these 5 best phoneum earning apps. Also, if you want to make money from android applications check this post. Happy earning.







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