Rapidworkers Review 2023 (Legit Or Scam?)

Micro jobs online work means doing small jobs and getting paid a small amount daily. There are plenty of platforms available for you to start your micro jobs online work career. But finding a legit website is really tough. You may be introduced to rapidworkers and now looking for the review of rapidworkers to know if rapidworkers is a legit micro job online work platform or not.

The answer to your question is yes rapidworkers is a completely legit micro jobs online work platform.

Among them, Rapidworkers is one of the great website to start with micro-jobs for free. I have been working on this platform since 2021 and still working on this platform sometimes for my own purposes. So, I have a long time experience of working with Rapidworkers. In this post, I am going to share with you my honest review and my personal experience of working on Rapidworkers.com.


In simple words, Rapidworkers is a completely legit micro job online work site but not for full-time work. Like other micro jobs sites, you can earn a small amount of money from this site by completing small tasks.



I will explain this site briefly as it is similar to picoworkers. If you haven’t read about picoworkers article click Here for a better and more detailed concept about the micro job.



 What Is Rapidworkers.Com?

Rapidworkers.com is a completely legit micro-jobs platform where you can make money by completing tasks as well as you can give your work to a certain amount of workers at a low amount of cost.  In RapidWorkers you can work as an employer or as a worker or both at the same time. Workers are those who work on this website and complete tasks and get paid for each task. Employers are those who gave jobs to workers at a low amount of cost.

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How To Earn Money From Rapidworkers?


You can earn money from RapidWorkers in 2 ways. One is to work as a worker which is a direct earning way. The other way to make money using RapidWorkers.com as an employer. The direct method is you complete tasks like subscribing to a youtube channel, watching youtube videos and like, commenting or sharing, visiting websites, Testing android or iPhone Apps, Visiting websites, etc. For each task, you completed successfully you will be get paid. As an employer, you can earn money from different sources using Rapidworkers.com. You can set any of the above-mentioned tasks for a certain amount of workers for a low amount of costs. By doing so you can make money from a different source. To start any job you need money. You can either deposit money from PayPal to this website or even you can use your earning balance to start campaigns. So, you can at first work a few days and earn money as a worker and then you can use your earnings to run a campaign for workers. But be careful in times of doing any tasks. Must read the steps you need to complete a task and then complete the tasks following the steps as the employer told you. Otherwise, you won’t get paid. It is simple if you run a campaign for a certain number of workers and if a worker doesn’t follow your desire then you won’t pay him. That’s the case when you complete a task in the wrong way then the employer won’t pay you.  

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How To Join Rapidworkers.Com?


To join this site click Here 

Then a page with a form will appear.

Put all the required information then click on Create my account. Then confirm your email from the mail you used to sign up. That’s it.

How To Work On Rapidworkers?

After completing the sign-up process. Log in to your account. Then a page will appear like that:

Start Micro Jobs Online Work With Rapidworkers


Then you have to find out the type of work you want to complete. 1st of all you can not do all the tasks shown in the above picture. So for a valid task which you can do you have to choose either your country or international tasks. For this click on Target Workers.


Then choose international. Then the tasks which are for all people around the world will be shown. You can find easily the type of work you want to do by searching on the job name box. Suppose you are looking for a task like you want to install an app to earn money on your android device. Just write android on the job name box and search with choosing target workers as international.

Then you will find android tasks for people all over the world. Your final page will show the tasks that are available for you by your choice.

Choose any of the tasks you want to complete. Then read the instructions and do all the steps as said. After that put all the proof on the proof box as mentioned. To put a screenshot you can use this site  Screenshot

 Then just submit the proof and wait for employer review.

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Which Kind Of Tasks Are Easier For Workers In Rapidworkers?

There is plenty of work available for you depending on your region. But in common the most easier tasks by which you can earn more money. Search by the keyword on the Job name like Search,  Marketing test, Youtube, Facebook, Review, and others if you like to do. These tasks are easier compared to other tasks and there are available plenty of tasks per day. Search and marketing test tasks are like you have to visit a website and click 1 or 2 ads and then you have to give the links or article line in the proof box as required. Youtube tasks are like finding a youtube video and liking, commenting, sharing, or Subscribe a youtube channel and giving the required proof. Facebook tasks are like watching an ad on your Facebook newsfeed from the mentioned page or website then clicking or saving it and then reviewing it from recent ad activities of your account. This task is only for the desktop users not for the mobile users. Other tasks can be done on desktop and mobile both.

How To Withdraw From Rapidworkers.Com?

This site pays on regular basis and very fast. Other micro jobs sites take up to 15 days to complete a withdrawal process. This site takes only 24 hours to 48 hours to complete a withdrawal.

However, this site support only PayPal for withdrawing money, not any other payment method. So you must need to have a PayPal account to receive money from this site.

The minimum withdrawal from this site is 8$.

So you must have to be your account balance over 8$ to place a withdrawal.

To withdraw money 1st of all click on the withdraw. Then a page will load.

To place a withdrawal request 1st of all you have to fill out a form. For that click on here then you will be taken to the form page.

Fill out this form with your correct information. Then when your balance is over 8$ you will be able to place your withdrawal request.



How Much Can I Earn From Rapidworkers?

As with other sites it obviously depends on the region you are living but wherever you live You can earn per day on average 1$ by just completing the international above-mentioned tasks on the Which kind of tasks are easier for worker article. But if you are from outside the Asia region you will be able to make plenty more money than 1$ per hour.

I have just one suggestion for you don’t lose hope keep working hard hope you will get your reward. But don’t waste your important time on this site just use the leisure time of your day to work there or make some free time like an hour to work on this site thanks. 😁




 If you have any questions or any problems about working on this site just comment below. I will try to answer all of your questions.

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