Learn To Protect Your Freelancing Account [Things To Keep In Mind]

Nowadays, Freelancing has become a common occupation for the people who want a part-time job beside their full-time job. Also, students all over the world trying to earn some money besides their studies by freelancing.
But sometimes your freelancing account got banned for some reason. But you even do not actually know the reason for getting banned. A freelancing account like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Picoworkers, Rapidworkers, etc, and all other legit freelancing sites gets banned because of some misleading behavior or breaking rules worker needs to maintain to work on that site.
Learn To Protect Your Freelancing Account [Things To Keep In Mind]


To protect yourself as a freelancer the first thing is you must be honest and hard working. Maintain all the privacy at first and set a strong username and password. Don’t use fake or wrong details which is not going to be matched with your document verification.

So, very important thing you need to know to prevent your account from getting banned is must read the terms and conditions of any site before start working on that site.


I have the experience of getting banned because of breaking their rules. I have earned and got my 1st 5.4$ from that site. But then my friend also works on this site he faced some problems while working on this site. Then I logged in to his account on my device to see what is the problem with his account. At that moment my account balance is over 20$. After a few hours, I tried to log in to my account and saw that my account was suspended. So, I lose the 20$ which was very much frustrating for me.

From my own experience, I am writing this post for you to protect any of your freelancing accounts.


Why Was My Freelancer Account Suspended?


The reason for getting banned from Upworkers, freelancers, and any of the freelancing websites is common. Every country has some rules. If you broke any of the rules it means you made a crime. And you will be punished by the government of your country. Freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Picoworkers, etc work in the same manner.
Mainly freelancing accounts is got banned because of these key reasons:

  • Using proxy/ VPN.
  • Accessing or opening multiple accounts on the same device.
  • Violating any of the rules of the particular website.  
  • Making mistakes during work again and again.
These are the common reason to get banned from your freelancing account.
Now I have some tips for you. 

Ways To Protect Freelancing Accounts From Getting Banned:


Don’t Use VPN / proxy :

Using a VPN or proxy to get the highly paid tasks is the main reason for most of the banned accounts.
When you working on any site the website server track your IP address by which they can easily match the location of your VPN/proxy with your actual location. So, if they find a mismatch between these two locations they will ban your account immediately.





Don’t Create Multiple Account On The Same Device:

This is you all know if you create multiple accounts from the same device you will be get banned. Or even if you logged in to two accounts on the same device your account will get banned when you try to withdraw your money. So, be careful about this thing.

Use One Account Only On One Device:

This doesn’t mean if you use one account on multiple devices your account will get banned. No. This is not going to have happened. But for your safety, I suggest you use your account only on one device. Suppose by chance your account gets banned by violating any rules or making mistakes repeatedly. Then you can’t open an account on your device for a lifetime. But you can create another account on your other device. So, if you log in to the same account on two or more devices then you can’t open any more accounts on that site on those devices. Because when you log in to any device then that device ip is automatically saved to the database of the site. So, when you try to create another account from any of those devices their database will find that you already used this device to log in to another account. Then they will ban your account when you try to withdraw money from that site.
That’s it for today. Hopefully, you understand all the above things discussed.
Work honestly and protect your freelancing account & Protect Yourself as a freelancer to make money online. Thanks.

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