Ipweb Review: [Is it worth of time?]

Have you recently heard about IPweb? Or you may haven’t heard it but you found a website to get traffic on your website and the website is ipweb.pro.



But you don’t have a clear concept about this website. You also don’t know if this website is legit or a scam website. So, you are looking for the truth.



I know it is pretty hard to believe any website among plenty of scam websites all over the internet.


But don’t worry in this post, I will help you to get a clear concept and everything you need to know about IPweb.


Also, I will discuss the fact that can you get traffic on your website using ipweb.pro or not.


Ipweb Review: [Is it worth of time?]








My Honest Review About Ipweb:


Throughout this post, At first, I will discuss whether is ipweb real or fake with proof. Then I will discuss the features of this website, Is it safe to get traffic to your website or social media account using this website with pros and cons. So, stick with the whole post you will get a completely clear concept.






Is Ipweb Real?


Ipweb is a completely legit and real internet promoting and make money online service provider.


They have over 174k trusted advertisers and over 1.2 Million workers are working with them.

On this website, you can promote your website or any type of social task as well as you can also earn money by completing similar types of tasks. Click here to join ipweb.








What Is Ipweb.Pro?

Ipweb is an online promotion website and allows users to make money too.


This is a Russian website. They provide service inside Russia as well as outside Russia and all over the world.



It is almost similar to micro jobs online work platforms. So, you can also say it is a micro job online work platform.


Here website visits, social media followers increase, youtube video promotion, social media likes, comments, shares, and other similar types of tasks are available for both advertisers to promote and workers to earn money by doing these types of tasks.







Features Of Ipweb:


This website gets tasks from advertisers and provides these tasks to the workers. Workers completed the tasks and get paid a portion of the advertiser gives to ipweb. Workers are happy advertisers are also happy as Ipweb provide both of their needs.



Ipweb.pro provides the following facilities for advertisers to promote their tasks:


·        Social Media Promote: Advertisers can promote their social media accounts or channels to get liked, commented on, or subscribed by real users. Like if you are an advertiser you can promote your telegram or Twitter channel to get real followers. You may boost your Facebook page too using this website. Also, you can get social media shares from this platform.


·        Email Marketing: You can promote your emails to a large audience also you can include a link with that image at a low cost of 0.00265$ per email.


·        Get Referrals:You can promote your referral links easily through this website. Also, you can ask people to a particular website that pays you a large amount for each new sign-up.


·        Increase Votes And Publicity: If you wish to get upvoted on Reddit or any other social media you can use this website at a very low cost. Also, you can get social shares to any of your content or profile to increase your publicity using this website.


·        Other Tasks: Actually, this site provides any of the internet promotion services you need. You can increase your audience in any of your social accounts, get traffic to your website, promote your android application, etc. Join this website to get more services as you wish.


Join now on Ipweb and start promoting your content.







Features for the workers are given below:

·        Earn Money By Reading Email: You can earn 0.12 ruble by reading every email available for you on this website. Each email contains a link that you have to visit for 30 seconds only.


·        Earn Money By Surfing: You can earn from 0.09 rubles to over 1 ruble for each task you complete in this section. Without email tasks, you will find every task those are uploaded by the advertisers which are discussed above in the advertisers feature section.




·        Allows To Work From Both Browser And Software: They allow users to use any device that supports an internet connection. They also have Ipweb surf application for desktop and android. You can use Ipweb surf or any of your local browsers to earn money from this website.




·        Great Affiliate Commission: They also provide you a commission for each advertiser or worker joining from your affiliate link.


Join this website using my referral link to get the information about their Affiliate system.


Also, I will get a commission from IPweb if you join Ipweb using my website and perform any money-making activities.






Pros Of Ipweb:


Followings are the advantages for advertisers to promote their website or tasks through ipweb:


·        Very Fast Result: You can get any amount of traffic you want per day. As they have over 1.2 Million active users you can expect great and fast service from them.


·        Real Users: They don’t provide any kind of bot traffic. They provide a hundred percent real user service to your link.


·        You Can Set The Geography Of Workers: This website gives you the right to promote your content in a certain region and reject any of the regions you want. For example, if you want to promote your content in the USA only and reject other regions you can do this by selecting targeting region as the USA only. Or if you wish to promote your content by just excluding a particular region you can also do this.


·        Low Prices: I have researched a lot all over the internet. But haven’t found any website that actually this type of useful service provider at such a low cost. This website allows you to promote your content as low as 0.0015$ per visit.


·        Excellent Support System: They provide instant support to your any problem. They have a 24-hour live chat option 7 days per week. So, if you have any queries you can contact them at any time.



The followings are the pros for the workers:


·        Tasks Are Too Easy: As you already heard from the features tasks that are uploaded on this website are very easy and won’t take much time.


·        Low Minimum Payout: You can withdraw your earnings daily as their minimum payout is started from 0.044$ or 3 rubble.


·        Quick Payment:They provide a really fast payment service. You will get your payment around 24 hours after placing the withdrawal request.


·        Unlimited Tasks: On this website, you will find plenty of tasks every day. But the number of tasks on this website depends on the region you live as advertisers set the tasks by geographical region. But you will get a really high amount of tasks daily from this website.







Cons Of Ipweb:

I don’t find any negative side about IPweb for advertisers as it is a 100% real user provider at such a low price.



But I have found a cons for the workers which may be not much disappointing.


Earning Is Little Bit Lower: As it is similar to micro jobs online work site the tasks available on this site give you less than the task available on micro jobs online work website. But this may not be a big problem as the task available on this website takes less time compared to the task available on the micro jobs online work website. Also, on this website, you will find plenty of social tasks every day so you can make a decent and better amount of money from this website.







How To Get Traffic On Your Website Using Ipweb?


Listen google doesn’t allow bot traffic or traffic exchange platforms traffic. If you do so they will ban your AdSense account. So, how we can use Ipweb to get traffic to our website right?


Okay, relax. I am here to guide you.


Listen don’t promote your website link directly to this website. Never do this thing.



First, share your website link to any of your social media accounts. Then promote your social media post link to Ipweb. Then workers will go to your social media post from a completely new tab and then they will go to your website from your social media post.


This is completely valid and allowed in googles policy. So, it won’t affect your website also it will help you to boost your webpage rank on google.


So, you can try this method to drive traffic to your website.








How To Withdraw Your Earnings From Ipweb:



Minimum Payout From Ipweb:

The minimum payment threshold for this website is started from 3 rubles or 0.044$. 


Supported payment methods: 

Payeer, Perfect Money, WebMoney, AdvCash, YooMoney, Russian Sim Cards, QIWI.

They also support Visa/Mastercards for payment and payouts.



The withdrawal process from Ipweb.pro:


When your account balance is above the minimum payment threshold according to your preferred withdrawal method.


First, you have to link to your withdrawal account. Go to your profile (Account) section here you will find an option Payment requisites click on it. And then put your payment information on your desired payment method section.

When you link a new payment method on Ipweb you can’t withdraw your earnings for the next 72 hours on that payment method.


This is because they want to confirm whether you have made this decision by you or not and also to check that your given information is correct or not.


When your payment account is successfully linked go to earning section and click on withdraw funds. Then select your desired payment method and put the amount you want to withdraw. Then click on transfer funds to the wallet.


Ipweb has a payment processing fee. So, they will show you how much you will get among the amount you are going to withdraw.


After placing a withdrawal you will get your payment to your payment wallet as soon as possible. I got my payment within 24 hours after placing my withdrawal request.








How Much One Can Earn From Ipweb As A Worker:


Listen, you will earn from 0.09 ruble to above 1 ruble for each task you completed on this website.


As you will get plenty of tasks on this website daily. So, you can expect as much effort you are gonna give to this platform that much you are going to earn from this website.


From my experience, I am working on this website for 1 hour daily and making around 1$ daily.


If you give more time you will get more than me. It depends on you how you want to make money with Ipweb. To join this website click here.


But this is not an ideal website to work as a full-time worker. If you are looking to earn around 1 to 5 dollars daily. Then this website would be a good choice for you.




But if you want to make 10$ or even more daily then this won’t be a great website for you. You can read my other posts to earn 10$ daily by working from home.



If you want to make money online or looking to get a work from home freelancing job you can check this post.


Also, if you are looking to find ways to make money online as a full-time career goal then you can check this article too. In this article, I have shared 21 real ways to make money online.








Final Words About Ipweb Review:


So, have you made up your mind to earn money from Ipweb? Or, are you ready to promote your social media profile at a low cost of money?

 Then join now.

Ipweb is really an amazing website I have ever found for the people who want to drive traffic to their website at a low cost and boost their social media profile.


This is also a great platform for those people who are looking to earn money online by doing small work from home jobs.


Are you going to drive traffic to your website following my guide from this post?

Or are you going to make money online through Ipweb from today?

 I hope this Ipweb review post was a help to you. 

Comment below how you are getting benefitted from Ipweb after reading this post.

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