Future Of Pi Network [My Honest Review]

As you know, Pi network has successfully launched in the year 2022. So, this post is going to be about the present and future of Pi coins.


Pi Network review






In 2022 mining cryptocurrency is becoming popular day by day. As considered that one-day cryptocurrency will be the top exchange medium and currency all over the world. People are forcing themselves to collect as much crypto as they can collect. In this article, I am going to introduce you to a cryptocurrency that you can mine by just using your smartphone. The cryptocurrency to which I am going to introduce you today is Pi. I will teach you everything you need to know about the Pi network. Also, I will teach you how can start mining and set up your Pi network profile completely on your smartphone in this post.

Can I Mine Crypto On My Smartphone For Free?

1 or 2 years ago crypto mining is possible only for PC. But now you can mine crypto using just your smartphone. To mine crypto, you don’t have to pay any money. You can mine crypto on your smartphone completely free. There are so many cryptos that you can mine using your smartphone. But I personally used to mine Phoneum which is PHT and Pi crypto using my smartphone. To mine crypto on a smartphone, my recommendation is to use a smartphone that has a powerful configuration. In this post, I will help you mine Pi cryptocurrency using your smartphone.

What Is Pi Network?




The Pi Network, developed by a team of Stanford graduates, enables users to mine coins using its mobile phone app, validating transactions on a distributed record. With branding based on the number π, Phase 1 of the project launched in 2019 on Pi Day, March 14, with its free Pi mining app.





Can I Join Pi Network Without A Referral Code?




To register on Pi network you obviously need an invitation code without it you won’t be able to join on Pi network.

So, to join on

Pi network your invitation code is thankyoudude554.





Is Pi Network Fake? 




No, the Pi network is completely legit at this time and trusted by google play. So, you can work there without any doubt.





Is Pi A Cryptocurrency?


Yes, Pi is a newly developing cryptocurrency that is similar to bitcoin, litecoin, ETH, etc. And they finally launched their transaction available recently. And its value is expected to be much higher in the future. But as you know the price of cryptocurrency is completely unpredictable. So, we have to wait and see how the price of Pi token changes in the future. Then we can make a decision of investing in Pi crypto.





How To Mine Pi?




It is very simple. Just install Pi network app from the google play store and register using your email.

While registering join with my invitation code 

Then you will find an option on the right side at the bottom of the list where the chat and security option is visible. Click on the last icon once after every 24 hours. That’s it you don’t have to do anything instead of this. Every day you just have to click on this mine option once. Which takes less than 1 minute.


Current Price Of Pi:


The price of a Pi token right now on 17 April 2022 is 0.006644$. It was 0.006833$ before 24 hours. So, there is a decrease of 0.0002189$ over the last 24 hours. But don’t worry it can go high in the upcoming days.




How Much Is A PI Coin Worth?



Somebody expecting that one Pi will be equivalent to 120$. But I don’t expect much. The current price of a Pi token is 0.0066$. But it can go high or low in the future. So, anything can happen. Yes, it can be worth 120$ per Pi by any miracle. But for that, we have to wait a long time.








Is Pi Network App Safe?




Yes, the Pi network is completely safe. As it is trusted by google play you can start mining from today. Because they said that they will stop allowing people to mine Pi when their number of members will reach 1 billion. Also, with the increase of miners, they will decrease the amount of pi one can mine per hour. So, without wasting time if you like mining cryptocurrency just download the Pi network app from the google play store. And then register by giving all required information and by putting the invitation code “thankyoudude554”.







How To Verify Pi Account?




After installing and registering. Now to verify your Pi account follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the top left corner. 
  2. Then a list will appear where you will find an option Profile at the bottom of that list. Click on it.
  3. In your profile, you will find an option about Account verification.
  4. Here 2 methods available for account verification one is Phone number and the other is Facebook verification you can use one or both options to verify your account.






How Do I Verify My Phone Number In Pi?



For this go to your profile and click on the Phone number. You have to send a code generated specifically for you to their verification center. There are two processes one is you can use their automated process or the other is you can send it manually. For each process, you have to select one of their headquarters. Then for automatic verification click on the automated option then it will direct you to your smartphone message app. Just press send and then return to the app and wait for a while within a few minutes your verification process will be completed. This process is completely charge-free. For manual verification click on the manual process then copy the code and paste it into your message app. Then send to their headquarter number which was given. 









How Many Pi Coins Can Be Mined?



Currently, 0.0202 Pi is mining per hour without any referral. But if you invite more people and they are also mining then you will mine more than 0.02 Pi per hour. But the amount one can mine per hour will be decreased day by day depending on the increase in the number of users.





My Honest Review About Pi Network?

I started mining Pi in May 2021. I have mixed thoughts about the Pi network. In the beginning, I was mining at a rate of 0.12 Pi per hour. Then I referred some of my friends and they also started mining Pi on their devices. So I have started mining Pi at a rate of 0.32 pi per hour. But now it was down to 0.0202 pi per hour for basic. And with referral, the rate is 0.0808 pi per hour. As they already mentioned that the rate of mining will be decreased with the increase of miners. So, it was frustrating but not unexpected. But the most disappointing thing for me is that. I have mined 1670 pi tokens so far. But they are showing that I have 1133 tokens that are unverified balance. Because these are the tokens that I have earned for my referrals. But these referrals haven’t verified their account in the Pi network. Maybe they haven’t found interest in mining Pi. So, they didn’t continue mining after a few days and haven’t verified their account too. But if they verify their account in the future these Unverified balances will be added to my verified balance which can be accessible then. So, I mined 1670 pi tokens so far but I have only 537 Pi tokens that can be accessed. Which is really frustrating for me. But rules are rules I have nothing to do with it.

From my experience, this is a decent quality app to earn Pi tokens from your smartphone. But they are very much hard about their rules. So, before starting mining with the Pi network don’t forget to read their all rules and regulations. But to be honest, this was the only app that I found useful to mine crypto from smartphones for free without any investment.

Future Of Pi Network:


As you know the current price of Pi Token is 0.006644$ per token. But it can be higher in the future. They will launch a few applications using which you can earn Pi tokens in the future. The miner will be earning fewer pi tokens per hour of rate in the future too with the increase of miners. When the total number of miners will reach 1 billion they will stop allowing new users to mine pi. It will definitely dominate the future cryptocurrency market. So, if you are interested in mining or investing in mobile-based cryptocurrency then this will be definitely the best choice for you. So, you start investing and trading Pi tokens if you have a long-term trading target.

In conclusion, Pi tokens will be the dominating cryptocurrency in the future among all of the mobile-based cryptocurrencies ever launched.








So, that is it for now. If you still have anything to know about this app comment below just comment below. What is your current Pi earning rate on the Pi network? Comment below. As always my request to you is to stay home. Don’t go outside without the unavoidable necessity. Wash your hands regularly and use a mask before going outside to protect you and your family from Covid-19. Thank you.

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