How To Earn Fast In Captcha [ 2captcha Slow Loading Problem Solved]

Are you doing captcha entry works to make money online? But slow captcha loading problem making your captcha entry work difficult. Want to know the ways to get captcha fast loading and want to earn 1$ very fast doing captcha entry online work. Then this post is definitely worth your time. This post will be best for you if you are working on 2captcha. Because I am going to share with you the strategy that I am using to earn fast on 2captcha. So, keep reading this post to earn 1$ fast from 2captcha.


If you already have a 2captcha account and already passed the admission test. Then this tutorial is for you.


But if you don’t have an account you can create one by Clicking here.

To learn about 2captcha and how to pass the 2captcha admission test. Read my previous post.

However, this tutorial is to boost your earnings on this site. I will show you my strategy using which you can earn fast in 2captcha. As you already know that your earnings on this site depend on the number of captchas solved by you. Normally captchas are loaded slowly. So, I will try to help you to maximize your earnings and also how to get a fast captcha. So, let’s get started.

In this post, I will discuss the following terms.



  1. How Do You Earn By Captcha Solving?
  2. Which Site Is The Best To Earn Money By Captcha Solving?
  3. Browser Or Software To Work On 2captcha?
  4. Why We Should Work Through Software Instead Of Using A Browser?
  5. How To Get Fast Captcha Load?






 How Do You Earn By Captcha Solving?


You can earn money by solving captchas. Here are 3 persons who involve in the earn money through the captcha solving process. one is the advertiser who needs to get the captcha solved. Another is the captcha advertising platform owner who will introduce the advertiser’s captcha to the earners. And the last one is the earners like you who will solve the captcha for the advertisers. Advertisers need to get captcha entries for their website or applications or other secure processes. They need to hire workers to enter captcha for their desired needs. For this, the advertiser either goes to the captcha advertising site and set a deal with the website owner or developer. The website developer will hire workers who are earners to their website. Or the advertiser can go to freelancing platforms like freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, or other websites and can deal with a freelancer directly who will enter captchas for him and he will pay the freelancer directly. In the case of hiring workers from a captcha entry advertising website. The workers won’t get the whole amount of money from the advertiser. The site owner will get some percentage as a processing fee and the rest will be distributed among the workers. Suppose the advertisers are paying 1.2$ per thousand captcha entry rate. The site owner will cut 0.2$ and will distribute 1$ among the earners or workers. So, you can earn by captcha solving in both ways. One is working on a particular captcha entry website. The other method is to create a captcha entry freelancer profile on any of the popular freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.






Which Site Is The Best To Earn Money By Captcha Solving?

There are plenty of websites to earn money by captcha entry. But most of them banned your account if you make mistakes sometimes repeatedly. Also, most of them have a very low captcha rate. So, by considering all the terms from the perspective of earners in my opinion 2captcha is the best site to earn money by captcha solving. Yes, opinions from person to person will be different. Before joining any platform don’t forget to check their review from google did they really pay or not. You can also use to check the reviews of any website before working on that website.




Browser Or Software To Work On 2captcha?


I suggest you work from the 2captcha app on your laptop or smartphone instead of working through the browser.

To work on a laptop download this software and follow the steps from This instructions.

By these instructions set up your software. Then you can start working on your laptop.

If you want to work from your android device just install the 2captcha app from the google play store.

For this search on google play store by 2captcha bot and find the 2captcha bot app.

Then install this. You can upgrade the app to the beta version. For this go to the app and scroll down. Here you will find something written join beta. So, click on join beta then wait for a few moments. When the beta upgrade is complete then your app will be like 2Captcha bot(Beta).

Then open the app. A box will appear asking for the Client Key.

Copy your API key from the dashboard then paste it into the app and start working.







Why We Should Work Through Software Instead Of Using A Browser?


1st of all if you work from a browser and make some mistakes repeatedly then your account will get permanently banned. But if you work from software then your account will never get banned permanently. So, to protect your account you should work from software. Moreover, the main advantage of working on software is you will earn more than 3 times more than working from a browser. Because from the browser you will get captcha rate of 0.3$ to less than 1$ per 1000 captcha. Almost 90% of them are 0.3$ per 1000 captcha rate. But if you work from software you will get only re-captcha which rate is a minimum of 1$ per 1000 captcha. Sometimes this rate increases to 1$-2$. So, I think it is clear why you should work from software.





How To Get Fast Captcha Load?

1st of all you will get some fast captcha from 3 pm to 11 pm PST than other times of the day.

But I think you will not be satisfied even during these times. That so why I am going to share a thing with you 😎. By this, I think 30 minutes to 1 hour is enough for you to work there. I also try to work on 2captcha by this strategy.

For this, you have to install the Telegram app from the google play store.

Then open the app and sign in by your mobile number. But if you have already done this. You don’t have to do this again. By the way search on telegram by writing 2captcha. And find this channel:

2captcha Bot



There will be more channels but you should find out only this which subscriber is over 3.6 k.

Then subscribe to this channel. Now, read the last message about the captcha rate. This message is on 28 December at 10:29 am. Captcha rate at that time 1.61$ per 1000 captcha. This means from 10:29 am to around 11:00 am you will get captchas instantly and very fast because the new pack of captcha is loaded to the server. So, these new captchas will distribute among the active workers at that time. Also, the captcha rate is over 1$. Up to 1.61$.

I think you got an idea of when you should work. All you have to do is just wait for notification from this channel on telegram. When you got the notification don’t waste your time. Go to your 2captcha app either on your android device or laptop. And start working till the captcha are started loading slowly.

By this, you will never be disappointed to work there.


So, that’s it for today. In the above way, you can maximize your earnings. If you follow the strategy you will earn maximum by wasting less time on this site.


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