Tips To Increase Your Paidverts Earnings (10$ Per Day)

Are you working on rapidworkers? If do, you might be earning a little from this website. So, you need some tips to increase your earnings on paidverts. Don’t worry you are on the absolutely right place.


In this post, I am going to discuss with you and share some important things by which you can maximize your earnings on paidverts. In the whole post, I will show you my working strategy for paidverts and the exact way I am using to earn 10$ daily. So, following these tips, you will learn how to make 10$ or even more per day from paidverts. Actually, I won’t guarantee you that will make 10$ per day following my strategies. But I can assure you that you will find growth in your daily earnings after following the strategy and tips shared in this post. So, Don’t forget to read the whole post carefully.

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Which Factors Actually Work For Making Money From Paidverts.Com?

1st of all this site actually pays you based on your activity on this site. So if you were active every day at least once you will earn a lot of money one day in the future. Once again I repeat if you are an active member on this site and log in to this site every day at least once you will earn a lot one day after a certain period.

Then collecting BAP and gaining APS is very very very important to enhance your earnings.
You must collect all the BAP ads every day. Also, view all the paid ads.
BAP ads are given once each day but paid ads are available twice each day. So collect all of them every day. Collect all of them every day.

So, these ads are the main source of your earnings. For one day of my ad earning value, in the 1st ads of the day there are 3 ads in total 0.0305$ value. In the 2nd ad group of the day, there is 1 ad of 0.001$ value and plenty of 0.0005$ ads. Actually, these values of the ads come to me according to my APS and BAPs.

BAPs are important to keep you gaining ads every day and APS is responsible for the value of your ads.
So, you must gain more and more BAPs and APS to boost your earnings. This is the only way to enhance your earnings on this site.  If you can enhance your bap earnings you will be able to earn 10$ per day from

So, now i think your question is how to gain more and more APS and BAPs right???😕
Don’t worry my main target of this post is to help you to increase your BAPs and APS to boost up your earnings.😎
 So, let’s get started.
Earn 10$ Daily From Paidverts


How To Gain More BAPS In Paidverts?

BAP means Bonus Ad Point. BAP is used to give you ads every day. Higher the BAP means higher the level of your position. So you will get a higher and more number of ads.  Every day a certain amount of BAP will be charged from your account as tax. These BAPs will be used to give you Ads.


You wanna say what the heck is this thing right??  This actually shows your level of claiming ads.
If your BAPs are less than 1600 then you will receive less than 0.02$ ads in total per day. If your BAPs are 1600 to 12000 you are in level 2 and so on. I am in level 2 so in the above pictures of the ads. You will get an idea of earnings per day at this level depending on  APS.

However, there are 4 ways to increase BAP.



1st of all Collect the BAP ads given every day.
Another way to earn BAP is by playing games.

There is plenty number of games to play. You can play coin flip or Shoot out champ as they are famous games on this site. Actually, this is a risky way to earn BAP. But if you are lucky enough you can even earn worth of 100$ or more BAPS.
In this way you can earn BAP also you can lose BAP. Every game needs to spend BAP. These are like betting with BAP. In every game, you have to make a bet and by this, you can get BAP or also lose the BAP you bet.
For example:
In one game I bet 25 BAP and Won 250 BAP. So, I earned 225 BAP at first.
The second time I bet 25 BAP but lose that bet so I lose this 25 BAP. Another important thing about these games is that nothing is in your hand. You just bet and the win or lose result is automated by the server. So, it is just a matter of luck. But I suggest you play those games that require a minimum bet is 1 to 100 BAP. And always in any game just bet the minimum amount BAP which is allowed to bet. So this could be a great and huge way for earning BAP.


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Another way to earn BAP is by buying Bulk ads.

By doing so you have to spend some money to gain BAP.  You can use your earned money to buy Bulk ads or you can also deposit money from your  Perfect Money or other supported wallets. For this, just click on BALANCE. Then your wallet page with the supported payment method page will load.
Then click on ADD FUNDS on your wallet. Then follow the other steps to add funds to your account. And then use them to buy bulk ads. The best strategy to buy bulk ads is just to spend 1$ to buy ads at the time when there is an offer available to get extra BAP with your Bulk ads. When you join for the 1st time and also every month you will get an offer saying earn 2400 BAP bonus with a red mark in bold letter.


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By clicking on the 2400 BAP bonus just spend 1$ and you will get a 2400 BAP bonus with 2400 BAP for buying bulk ads. So, you will get a total of 4800 BAP for 1$. But when there is no offer available and you make a purchase of 1$ ad pack you will get only 2400 BAP.

Also when you create an account you will get a 300 BAP bonus. And in the 1st purchase of 1$ bulk ad, you will get a total of 4800 BAP. 2400 for 1$ bulk ads purchase and 2400 BAP for 1st purchase as a welcome bonus.

So, I think it is clear that if you like to spend 1$ some times to get BAP to spend them when there are some offers available for bulk ads.

For purchasing bulk ads click on the offer (Example: 2,400  BAP BONUS as in the picture) or manually click BUY ADS>>Bulk Ads.

Then a page will appear for processing the bulk ad purchase.
Complete all the steps. You can watch the tutorial video for a better understanding. Or follow my steps.


Click next from that page. For this step, you have to enter a website URL. If you own a website or youtube channel you can put that link on this box. Otherwise, you can put my website or even this post link too. Then click next.
If you want to ad banner you can select it from your device. It may cost an extra charge I am not sure about that. But I recommend selecting OPT-OUT on both banners. Then click next.
Just write the 3 lines you want to show on your ad in 3 boxes. Don’t change anything else otherwise, it will cost more money. Then click next.
On this last page choose the payment method then click FINISH. That’s it. You will get your BAP.


So mind it if you want to purchase BAP only purchase it when there is any offer available for Buying Bulk ads.


You can also claim more BAP by completing achievements. I will explain it in the next section.

How To Increase APS In Paidverts.

APS means Achievement Points. Higher the APS means higher the value of your ads. The only way to earn more APS is to complete the tasks mentioned.

If I log in 7 days in a row then I am going to get 50 APS. Also, you can get BAP for completing the required achievements. You can claim your BAP rewards only once a day. Currently, my BAP reward per day is +16 BAP. So by clicking CLAIM YOUR BAP REWARD, 16 BAP will add to my account. So, collect them regularly in this way. These BAPs are rewarded by completing daily tasks.

Whatever for getting more APS there are plenty of tasks like purchasing bulk ads. Viewing certain numbers of ads in total etc,
Just read what they want and complete the task and then you will get a certain amount of APS depending on each task.

For a large amount of APS just keep logging in every day. Suppose, by logging in 7 days in a row I got 50 APS. After 10 days I will similarly get 75 APS after 90 consecutive days I will get 1000 APS. Also more between these days. So more consecutive days you log in you will get more APS. also playing different games and also completing other tasks you will get more APS.
So, earn more and more APS and then you will get more and more valuable ads.

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What Is CLICK GRID In Paidverts?

This could be also a way to earn cash or BAP. It is similar to playing games. In this, you have to spend 1 BAP/click. First of all click on CLICK GRID in the above picture then:


Just click any grid of this picture. Then solve the captcha similar to paid ads and BAP ads. Then either you will get money or BAP or you will get nothing.

Every day you will have a total of 20 chances to click on the grid for the cost of 1 BAP/click.
Today I have clicked 20 grids by the cost of a total of 20 BAP and earned 0.01$  twice and 10 BAPs once. The green grids mean I won, the Red grids mean I lose and the rest of the white grids means I didn’t click that day. You will find it when you click 20 grids.



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So, the conclusion of this post is, that if you want to boost up your earnings on paidverts you have to get more and more BAP and APS in the above-mentioned ways. If you follow these strategies you will be able to increase your earnings on paidverts and will be able to make 10$ per day.

If you have any problems you can comment below or for further help, you can contact me.

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