Earn Bitcoin From This Website [Completely Free]

Earning bitcoin for free without investing any money is not easy right? Yes, I know it is hard to earn bitcoin without investment. But it is not impossible.

You heard right. It is absolutely possible to earn BTC free without investing a single buck.

In this tutorial, I am going to discuss with you how to earn bitcoin totally free. Actually, I am going to share with you the best bitcoin earning site all over the world. So, if you are looking to earn bitcoin free online without investment, you are absolutely right place. To work on this website you don’t have to invest any money. You will earn free bitcoin online by just watching short-time ads on this website.


The website about which we are going to talk about today is adbtc.top. To join adbtc.top Click Here. The following things will be covered in this post:

  1.          What is bitcoin?
  2.          What is adbtc.top?
  3.          How to earn from adbtc.top?
  4.          How to advertise on adbtc.top?
  5.          How to withdraw from adbtc.top?
  6.          How much can you earn from adbtc.top?
  7.          Best way to make more profit from adbtc.top




What Is Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. The control of bitcoin doesn’t need any bank account. Transactions of bitcoin are controlled by blockchain technology. All the transactions are stored on a particular server. It is the most popular and top valuable cryptocurrency ever.



There are plenty of bitcoin or crypto earning websites available all over the internet. Among them, there is also a lot of scam website who doesn’t pay the users. There are some legit websites available too. But earnings from most of those websites are really small. Among those legit free bitcoin and other cryptocurrency earning sites, I have found the best and no.1 Free bitcoin earning websites. The best-ever website to earn bitcoin completely free is adbtc.top. This website gives you a very high rate of satoshi ads for less amount of time spent.




What Is Adbtc.top?



Adbtc.top is a completely legit bitcoin earning site. Adbtc.top allows you to get free bitcoin by just surfing internet ads. It is much better than any bitcoin faucet site. They pay you a high amount of bitcoin for short ads compared to other bitcoin earning sites. It is not similar to a mining site or any website which have to invest money. On this website, you will earn bitcoin as well as Ruble without any investment. Also, you can advertise your website link or affiliate links using this website. So, earn bitcoin online free using adbtc.top and withdraw it to your desired bitcoin wallet. To join this website click here.




How To Earn From Adbtc.top:

As an earner, you can earn bitcoin and ruble from this website by watching 5 types of ads. To sign up on adbtc.top click here. Sign up process is similar to other websites. Just put your email and type your desired password twice. Then they will send an email. Verify your account through the link provided on the email you used to sign up. That’s it you are all set.

To start earning from adbtc.top sign in to your account.  On this website go to the earn section here you will find 5 types of ads. Surf ads, Surf ads P, Video ads, Active window surfing, and auto surfing. You will earn bitcoin satoshi by watching Surf ads, Video ads, Active window surfing, and auto surfing ads. You will earn Ruble by visiting Surf ads P. There are also shortlinks to earn additional Ruble. So, you can earn Ruble by visiting Surf ads P and by completing shortlinks. Here ads are available several times per day. So, if you watched all the ads available for that moment. Don’t forget to check back later to earn bitcoin satoshi and ruble visiting ads. The good thing about this site is that it pays the most amount of satoshi and Ruble for viewing short ads compared to other bitcoin earning sites. So, in my opinion, It is the number 1 bitcoin earning site for the earners.

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How To Advertise On Adbtc.top?

You can advertise in adbtc.top and target real bitcoin users for as lowest per ad view starting from 5 satoshis. The great thing about this website for advertisers is there don’t have any minimum requirements. So, you can purchase ads for as many satoshis as you want. If you want to purchase ads for 100 satoshis you can do it. You can also purchase ads at a cost of 1 BTC or more.

To purchase ads you can either deposit satoshi from your bitcoin wallet or you can use your earned balance. This means you can use the satoshi you earned by watching other people’s ads to purchase ads. To move your earned balance to advertising balance follow the steps.

·       Click on the + sign on the right side of your advertising balance [Satoshi or Ruble which you want to move from earned to advertising balance]

·       Then click on MOVE FROM MAIN BALANCE. [If you want to deposit from Faucetpay or Payeer click on the option that says PAY WITH FAUCET PAY or DEPOSIT USING PAYEER as you want. Then follow the steps.]

·       On this step put the amount you want to move from earned to advertising balance and then click on MOVE to convert your earned balance into advertising balance on adbtc.top.


Remember you can’t convert your advertising balance to earned balance or withdraw it. You can use your advertising balance only for promoting your links.


To run an ad campaign on adbtc.top first go to the Advertise section. Then select the type of ad campaign you want to run. Then click on +LETS CREATE ONE! Then fill out the form as you require. In the first section put your link. Before putting a link read their terms for advertising which links are not allowed on this site. Otherwise, if you want to promote any illegal content by their terms and condition. They will reject your campaign. Then select the amount of time per ad view and other necessary pieces of information as required. You can also target GEO. If your ad is for a certain amount of country people select the countries where you want to promote. To make the campaign for the people all over the world leave all the country options blank as it is.


After putting and checking all the necessary information click on START CAMPAIGN to start your ad campaign. Adbtc.top will review your ad campaign soon. If your campaign doesn’t break their terms and conditions rule they will run your campaign as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be rejected.


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How To Withdraw From Adbtc.top?


Supported payment methods are FaucetPay, ExpressCrypto, Payeer, and BTC address. In payeer and BTC wallet addresses, the minimum withdrawal threshold is 100000 satoshi. But in faucet pay and the express crypto minimum withdrawal is 1500 satoshi. But the minimum withdrawal for Russian Ruble is just only 1 Ruble.


To withdraw your earnings when you reached the minimum payment threshold click on Withdraw. Then select the method which of the above method you are going to use to receive your earnings. If you haven’t linked your wallet address. Just copy it from your desired wallet and then put it on adbtc.top and link your wallet with adbtc.top. Then request for the withdrawal. Suppose we are going to withdraw Satoshi to the Faucetpay wallet. So, choose TO FAUCETPAY under withdraw section. Then put the amount of satoshi you are going to address and then put your adbtc.top password you used to sign-in on this site. Then click on Withdraw. That’s it your withdrawal request will be placed. They will send your payment within 3 Business days. I got 7-time Payments from adbtc.top.





How Much Can You Earn From Adbtc.top?


It completely depends on the GEO you are living in. You will make plenty of money from adbtc.top if you are from outside Asia. But if you are living inside the Asia region you will make on average 200-700 satoshi and on average 1 ruble per day by watching ads. Also, you can earn additional rubles by completing their shortlinks. Because most of the ads give you really high-value satoshi and ruble. The minimum satoshi you can earn from ad view is 2.4 satoshi and the maximum is unlimited as the advertiser sets. And the minimum Ruble you can earn from an ad is 0.04 ruble. Till now the maximum satoshi I have earned for a 1-minute ad view is 42 satoshi and the maximum Ruble I have earned for a 60-second ad view is 0.35 ruble. See the ruble earning screenshot from my account below:



adbtc ad value








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Best Way To Make More Profit From adbtc.top [Earn 5$ Daily]:


From my own experience, I found adbtc.top is the no. 1 bitcoin earning site to earn free bitcoin online. One of the best features of this website is you just have to run the ads on a new tab and you can do whatever you want on the other tabs. To make more profit from adbtc.top I have 2 suggestions for you.


1) Use your earned balance as advertising balance and promote your referral link or article link that contains any of your referral links. Must use any referral link which will pay you a high amount of money per referral.


2) You can watch 3 or 4 different websites ads in different tabs of the same browser at the same time while watching adbtc.top ads. In this way, you can increase your earnings 3 to 4 times by giving the same amount of times. If you don’t know any other crypto earning legit site then use the websites I am personally using.


a) Coinpayu










In conclusion, If you are looking to earn bitcoin free. Adbtc.top will be the best bitcoin earning site without investment for you. So, start earning bitcoin completely free from today on adbtc.top.


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