How To Earn Fast On Sproutgigs [Earn 10$ Daily]

Are you working on Sproutgigs for a long time but couldn’t make a decent amount of money? Sometimes you select the wrong employer’s task and get rejected after submitting the task. I know it’s really hurt when you work correctly but do not get paid. So, now looking for finding the answer to your question about how to earn fast on sproutgigs?

You are facing trouble maintaining a temporary success rate above 75% always on (previously known as Haven’t any guide to boosting up your sproutgigs earning.

I know it is hard to find a strategy to earn much from any website. It is also difficult to find the right employers task who are going to pay me.


Don’t worry after reading this post you will get a clear guideline following which you can improve your earnings on sproutgigs. Also, you will be able to manage a temporary success rate of over 75% always and learn how to earn fast on sproutgigs. You will never see the message your temporary success rate is too low to submit a task again.


Before starting reading this post, if you didn’t know about sproutgigs then read this article.

This post is for the kind of people who are recently joined or working on sproutgigs for a while but couldn’t know the exact way to earn fast and maximum on Also, I will show my payment proof of sproutgigs. This means the proof of getting paid by


So, if you are a new worker on sproutgigs or even working on sproutgigs for a long time but unable to make sufficient money and want to make more money on this site then this post is for you. Because on this post I am going to share with you my Strategy to work on sproutgigs. So, let’s get started.




Is sproutgigs Fake?

Definitely not. sproutgigs is a real and completely legit micro job site. Not only legit I think the best micro job site I have ever found on the internet. Yeah, it could be spam for you if you violate their rules. In that case, they won’t pay you and will ban your account permanently. So, in that case, maybe they will be spam for you as well as you will be also a spam worker for them. So, be honest and work with honesty in to have a great earnings with them. To protect your freelancing account you can read the following article.





How Do You Make Money On sproutgigs?


You can make money using in 2 different ways. One is as a worker and the other is as an employer. You can earn money as a worker by completing any number of tasks among a huge number of tasks available every day. For each task, you completed successfully you will be paid for that task. But if you complete a task in the wrong way then you won’t get paid. If you make mistakes again and again you may don’t be able to submit tasks. As an employer, you can complete your tasks from a different source by the workers available on sproutgigs. So, you will earn for that task more amount than the amount you are paying to the sproutgigs workers for that task. Suppose you have a referral link and for each referral, you will earn 0.20$. So, you are asking 25 people to sign up on that website and for each successful sign up you will pay them 0.04$ so in total you have to pay around 1.5$ for this job. 1$ to the workers and around 0.5$ for the processing fee to sproutgigs. So, still, you are making a 3.5$ benefit from that referring website which is really great.




Can Anybody Complete Any Number Of Tasks?


The answer is no. You can’t complete an unlimited number of tasks on this site. You have to maintain a temporary success rate always above or equal to 75%. But If you are working actively on this platform and know the exact way how to maintain your temporary success rate. Then you will be able to complete more and more tasks daily. So, if you want to complete more and more tasks and earn more than before then follow my strategies and the steps that are going to be discussed in this post to work on sproutgigs.






How Much Money Can You Make From sproutgigs?

If you are a beginner you may be able to make 0.5$ to 1$ per 2 hours working on this website. Moreover, the amount of money you can earn on this website depends on the number of tasks available per day and on your temporary success rate. In the next topic, I will discuss with you the temporary success rate also I will show you how can you maintain your temporary success rate always above 75%.  The amount of tasks available per day sometimes depends on which region you are staying in. You can complete the tasks available for international workers no matter in which region you are leaving. But if you living in the USA or the European region there will be a lot of and also high paying tasks available for you. In conclusion, you will earn much with your experience of works and if you are from the European region. But for the worldwide people, you will be able to make around 0.5$ per 1 hour working on this site. But if you follow my strategy which is described below. You will be able to make more than 1$ per 1 hour working on this site. So, just follow my working strategy on and start making more money from sproutgigs.









What Is Temporary Success Rate?


The temporary success rate is the percentage of your satisfied task by the total completed task in the last 50 days.

In the last 50 days if you completed 100 tasks and got paid for 77 tasks then your temporary success rate is 77%. So, as your temporary success rate is 75% or above so you are eligible to complete a new task.

But after then if you complete 110 tasks and get paid for 78 tasks. Then your temporary success rate is 71% means you are not eligible to complete any more tasks. Then there will be written unable to submit task instead of able to submit the task in the above picture. But if it happened to you don’t worry. Just wait a few days and then your tasks will be rate satisfied and your temporary success rate will increase and when it is 75% or more you will be eligible to submit tasks again. To find out your temporary success rate click on the menu in the top right corner. Then click on my account.

A page will load. Make sure you chose worker stats. Then the page of your temporary success rate will appear.

I will discuss with you how you can maintain this 75% temporary success rate.







Now, I will show you 3 things.

 No. 1 which tasks you should choose that are legit and safe to do.

No. 2 is how to maintain a temporary success rate always above 75%.

 No. 3 is my payment proof. 

So, follow No. 1 and No. 2 as much as possible to earn more money from by doing micro jobs online work.







Which Tasks Are Safe For Work On sproutgigs.Com?


1st of all before choosing any task you should follow how many tasks the employer completed and his satisfaction rate and how many workers’ positions are left for this task. Look  at this picture:




Valid task



This is a safe task to take. As you saw this employer completed 88  jobs and his satisfied paid rate is 100%. This means this employer rated satisfied to all the tasks that are submitted. Also, there is 73 more work still left to complete this task. So, it is safe for you. You can take this task and complete all the steps honestly as required and submit the correct proof in the proof box as the employer wanted then submit proof. That’s it.

If the employer’s satisfaction rate is 99 to 100% means he always pays you if you just give correct proof. So you can take his task undoubtedly if enough position is available.

Always keep in mind before taking any task if the task holds the following things:

  • Employer satisfied rate is more than 98% if he completed less than or even greater than 10 jobs. You can also take the task of those employers who already completed more than 10 tasks and satisfied rate is over 90%. But be careful and follow the all steps carefully and strictly for this kind of employer’s task. But don’t take less than 90% satisfied employer’s tasks.    
  • Before taking a task look at the number of workers left for the task. For any task, there should be a minimum of 50 workers left to complete this task then you can select this kind of task. Because before anybody submits the proof this post remains vacant. When anybody submit proof for a task then completed worker number increased by 1. T suppose you take a task that has 10 vacant positions. You are not the only person who is completing this task. It is very much possible when you are reading instructions somebody submitting the proof for that task. So, when you are completing the instructions others already submitted this post. So, when you are reading and completing instructions then collecting the proof. It is possible within these times 10 persons already submitted proof for this task. So, when you complete all steps then click on submit proof. It will show you this job is not available anymore try another one. Means already 10 positions taken by other 10 people who completed this task before you. So, be careful about this thing.



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How To Maintain A Temporary Success Rate Above 75%?


For this when you are a new worker please choose 1-day rate tasks as much as possible. As you can see in the above picture this job is a one-day rate task. So take this kind of task as much as possible if it is meet the above conditions. You can also take a 3 or 7-day rate task if it has a green line. For example: Consider a 7-day rate task but it has a green line below 550 of 558 means that this employer already paid all of the workers who completed this task. And for this task already 550 people have completed the task out of 558 needed. The depth of the green line means the number of users who get paid for that task. So, if you find any task like that you can do it. If any 7-day rate task has no green line then don’t do it. This employer will rate your task after 7 days of completion. So, it will make an effect on your temporary success rate. But when you complete 100 or more tasks and your temporary success rate is above 85% then you can take some 7 days rate tasks.



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My 1st Payment Proof Of sproutgigs.Com:



As you already know the minimum payment threshold of sproutgigs is 5.4$ for PayPal. And they have a payment processing fee of 8%. I have taken several payments from them.

My 1st payment proofs on this site are shown in the picture below : payment proof  



I think this post will be really a beneficial one for you. If you follow the above tips to work on Then definitely you will see a change in your earnings on average daily. So, you will never see the message your temporary success rate is low again. Also, you will earn fast on sproutgigs than before.

If you want to know about a micro job online work website where you will find an unlimited number of tasks daily then don’t forget to check this article.

That’s it for today. If you still have any questions just comment below. I will try to help you all.

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  1. Hello can u please explain in short about this line I didn't understand this
    "You can also take a 3 or 7-day rate task if it has a green line. For example: Consider a 7-day rate task but it has a green line below 550 of 558 means that this employer already paid all of the workers who completed this task. And for this task already 550 people have completed the task out of 558 needed"

    thank you.

  2. Watch this screenshot first . Here the first task twitter: read email task. The employer give this job for 101 employers. So, when 101 peoples are completed the task then no body can do this task. And this is a 1 day rated task. Means when you submitted the task the employer will review your work within the next 24 hours. If you did the task successfully employer will rate the task as satisfied and you will get your money. Suppose you have submitted the proves at 5:05 pm today. The employer will rate the task before 5:05 pm tomorrow. If it is a 3-day rate task then the employer will rate your task within the next 72 hours. Now come about the green line. Green line means the employer rate the task as satisfied before the time limit. Means the workers who are submitting proofs for that task getting satisfied rate before 24 hours he submitted the task. If the green line is small means some of the person who submitted the task got satisfied rate before the time limit. So, the depth of the green lines means the percentage of getting satisfied before the time count for that task. So, you can choose 7 day task if it has high green line depth. The employer will rate your task as satisfied as soon as possible before 7 days. If it doesn't have any green lines means you have to wait 7 days to get rated about that task. Now watch this screenshot . This task has red line. Means this employer is really bad. He is ratting workers task as not satisfied. That's so why it will be a dangerous task for choose. This task has high chance for getting not satisfied. So, always avoid this type of tasks.

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