5 Best Free Traffic Exchange Sites

If you have an affiliate or business website and don’t get enough traffic to your site. Wants to drive free traffic to your website? Use these 5 best free traffic exchange sites to get free traffic to your website. I will discuss all the 5 best free traffic exchange platforms to get website traffic in 2022 in detail. You don’t have to invest any money just work on these sites in your free time to get as much traffic as you want to your website. On these free traffic exchange websites you have to visit other person websites they will also visit your websites.


The following things will be covered in this free traffic exchange platform tutorial:

  • What Are Traffic Exchange Programs?
  • Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work?
  • How Do Traffic Exchanges Make Money?
  • Is Traffic Exchange Sites Traffic Allowed For Adsense?
  • Type Of Websites That Can Be Used For Free Traffic Exchange
  • The 5 Best Free Traffic Exchange Platforms With Pros And Cons.
  • How To Make Money Using Traffic Exchange Sites?





Best Free Traffic Exchange Sites







What Are Traffic Exchange Programs?


Traffic exchange programs are used to exchange traffic between websites. This means two website owner visits each other websites on free traffic exchange platforms. Suppose you have a website and I have a website. Both of us working on a free traffic exchange platform. Here, if you visit my website one time, I also have to visit your website one time. That’s actually happened when you work on traffic exchange platforms. Users have to visit other websites to get an equal or less amount of visits to their website than the number of visits they did on other websites on this platform. Actually, for each website surf, you will earn credits which you can use to get traffic to your website or links. If you wish to purchase a certain amount of traffic for your website instead of surfing other websites. You can also do this on these traffic exchange platforms.





Do Traffic Exchanges Really Work?


The answer is yes and no. If you use traffic exchange sites to generate leads or sales it might work. But it won’t work for organic traffic purposes. You can’t generate ad revenue using an ad network on your website. I will explain them in detail in some of the next sections.







How Do Traffic Exchanges Make Money?


Traffic exchange platforms make money in so many ways. Some of them have 2:1 ratio surfing and some of them have 1:1 ratio surfing. 2:1 surfing means you have to visit 2 websites to get 1 visit to your website. In 1:1 ratio surfing, you will get an equal amount of traffic you surf on this platform. Now, your question is how they made money. First of all, they have so many banner ads and other ads from different ad network sources. When you visit their website they will make money from their ad revenues. Moreover, they have bots to send traffic to your website as they don’t guarantee you to send organic traffic to your website. Also, when somebody purchases banner ads and traffic from them they also make money.






Is Traffic Exchange Sites Traffic Allowed For Adsense?



The answer is straight no. Adsense doesn’t allow any traffic from traffic exchange site as their traffics are not organic traffic. In traffic exchange sites your website is shown in a frame with their website in the link bar. Also, most of the traffic from traffic exchange sites is bot traffic. That’s so why Adsense counts this traffic as fake traffic and will ban this type of website if they bought this traffics continuously. That so why these types of traffics are strictly prohibited for Adsense.






Type Of Websites That Can Be Used For Free Traffic Exchange:



You can’t use websites that use Adsense or any professional ad network similar to Adsense [example: ezoic, Infolinks, etc]. Because the traffics is coming from free traffic exchange sites mostly bot traffic is counted as fake traffic. But you can use these traffics to get traffic to your affiliate or referral links or to your website that contains affiliate links. You can also get traffic to your business website to get sales. The positive thing about these websites is you can use geo-targeting which means you can select from which region or country the traffic should come to your website. Also, you can select unique visits for 24 hours. Also, some of them allow you to select the time within which traffic should come to your website. So, use traffic exchange sites in any website where 100% organic traffic is not required and try to avoid only if you are using Adsense or similar types of ad networks.




 The 5 Best Free Traffic Exchange Platforms With Pros And Cons:







Hitleap is a free traffic exchange site that allows you to get both free and paid traffic to your website. To get paid traffic go to the Buy traffic section and purchase traffic starting from 10000 traffic for 7$. The higher amount of traffic you purchase the higher your commission is.

For free methods surf other websites to get traffic back to your website. First, add your website from the My websites section. You can add at most 3 websites as a free member.

To earn free traffic exchange first you have to download and install their hitleap application for your windows or ubuntu 16.04+ and run it. Just keep running their software you will earn credit using which you can drive traffic to your site. To join Hitleap click here.



  • You can get a large amount of human traffics.
  • Through this, you can increase your website’s Alexa rank.
  • Increase your website traffic.
  • Auto surf is available.
  • They have such an amazing support system.
  • You can get traffic by your desired geo-targeting from all over the world.




  • Low-quality traffics.
  • Most of them are bot traffics.
  • Increase the possibility to drop website rank in the search engines by increasing bounce rate.
  • The amount of credit you can earn as a member is limited so is not completely free of cost.
  • Can’t add more than 3 websites as a free member.










Traffic ad bar is a free traffic exchange platform using which you can get website traffic for free. To join this website click here. After joining ad your website which you want to promote. Then start gaining points by clicking Click here to earn points section from your dashboard. You will earn points by surfing other websites and then they will send traffics to your website according to your points. 




  • High-quality traffic.
  • Low amount of time needed per visit.
  • You can get up to 150% of your visit. Every 25 visits you will get a bonus for visiting their premium members site by which you will earn extra 100 points and you will get some extra hits to your website.
  • Higher Alexa rank.



  • As you get up to 150% visits from your visit, most of them are bot traffic.
  • High bounce rate to your website.


 Join TrafficAdBar now.








Easyhits4u is a free traffic exchange site that is working as a medium to exchange traffic among users since 2003. They have around 2 million members all over the world. You can promote your website or any kind of link using this website. You can add an unlimited number of links as a free member and also use all types of benefits without paying a single buck. Also, you can select unique traffic and choose the region or country which you want to target. Everything is completely free.

After joining sign in to your account. At first, you have to add a site on which you want to get your traffic. For that click on Activate your site and paste your URL and choose your traffic type and other necessary information by your requirement. Then click on Submit website and confirm that everything is okay. To get traffic to your website you have to earn credits. To earn credits you can go to the offer section or start website surfing. In the offer section, you have to run a link for a certain amount of time, retweet a post on Twitter, watch youtube videos, etc. There are 2 types of website surfing available 2:1 and 1:1. Click here to join this platform.



  • You can get a huge amount of traffic to your links.
  • You can promote any kind of link.
  • You are eligible to add an unlimited number of websites or links.
  • You can even select unique visitors and the traffic region.
  • You can specify the amount of credit that should be cost for a certain website.
  • You can move your credit from one website to another.
  • Allows working from all devices mobile and desktop.
  • You can also earn money sometimes by completing their weekly targets in surfing and completing offers. And you can withdraw your earnings when your balance is 3$ or more.




  • Low-quality traffic.
  • Lots of bot traffic.
  • High bounce rate.
  • Have some complaints from the user that they have poor support not sure about that.


If you have referral or affiliate links to promote don’t forget to check this website and join on this website now.









TrafficG is a manual surfing free traffic exchange site. Also, one of the oldest free traffic exchange sites for manual surfing. To earn credits you must have to visit a website for a certain amount of time and then have to complete a captcha.  To join this website click here.



  • You can add an unlimited number of sites.
  • As the visitors need to surf manually so have a higher chance to get real human visitors.
  • Decrease your bounce rate and protect your site from getting dropped in search engines.
  • It also allows you to promote more than one language site.
  • You can get traffic from your desired region.



  • I think this website will only be boring if you are looking to get traffic by auto surf.
  • I don’t find any problems with this site. But if you found any comments below I will re-edit this post.


Join TrafficG to get free traffic to your website.









This platform is the best I think the No.1 free traffic exchange platform all over the internet. On this website, you will earn minutes for free by visiting other users’ websites from the traffic exchange section.

Before starting traffic exchange you have to install their Chrome extension or Firefox extension. Go to the traffic exchange section and follow the steps to set up your surfing.

Also, you have to download the Alexa toolbar from the traffic exchange sections to earn credit.

Add your website from the Websites section.

Then you will earn credit by surfing other websites. Using this they will send traffic to your website. After setting up click on start exchange session to start earning credit by auto surfing.

You can also purchase traffic from them. To purchase traffic from rankboostup go to the buy section and select the types of traffics you needed. If you wish to buy minutes for your website go to the Minutes section and make your purchase starting from 12,000 minutes and up to 72,000 visits at a cost of 7$. To join on rankboostup click here.



  • High-quality traffic.
  • Allows you to auto surfing.
  • Almost 100% human traffic.
  • Has a lower bounce rate effect on your website thus less chance to fall your website rank in search engines.
  • Increase the Alexa rank of your website.
  • Allows you to choose the type of traffic you want.



  • You can add only 3 websites as a free member not more than that. But you can add an unlimited number of websites if you purchase a premium membership for 7$ per month.
  • I don’t find any negative things about this website yet. But if I find any problem in the future I will update this post.


The benefit of the premium membership of Rankboostup:

  • 5000 minutes free every month.
  • You can customize your traffic source.
  • You can target your bounce rate.
  • You are allowed to GEO-Targeting.


So, in conclusion, if you are looking for the best free traffic exchange site join this site undoubtedly. If you want to invest some don’t forget to try their premium membership at least once. Click here to join this top best free traffic exchange site.







How To Make Money Using Traffic Exchange Sites?



You can make money using free traffic exchange sites by promoting your referral or affiliate links on these platforms. My recommendation is if you want to do affiliate or CPA marketing you can use this platform to make a great amount of money. For that create a landing page or make a blog post and include your referral or affiliate or CPA links. Then promote this landing page or blog post link using these free traffic exchangeplatforms.






In conclusion, If you want to get organic traffic and want to make ad revenue try to ignore traffic exchange sites. But if you wish to ignore organic traffic and ad revenue, you can use these free traffic exchange sites to get more referrals and make more sales to your affiliate product. Also, you can generate leads for your lead generation business or CPA marketing business using these 5 free traffic exchange sites. Thank you.

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