Sproutgigs Review: Best Platform For Micro Jobs Online Work

If you are looking to make money online through micro jobs online work you definitely heard about Sproutgigs which is previously known as Picoworkers. On this post, I am going to share with you Sproutgigs review from my own experience. I have debuted my micro jobs online work journey with Sproutgigs which was at that time known as Picoworkers.com. So now the question is sproutgigs legit?


Sproutgigs is a 100% legit micro job site from where you can earn money for completing small jobs.


If you are a business owner you can post your task for a small amount of money with instructions on which worker should complete your task.

And if you are a freelancer and only have just browsing skills nothing else and want a small amount of money you can join here and earn a small amount of money by completing small tasks which take 1 to 5 minutes each.

I will try to explain how it works and how you should work on this site.

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Picoworkers: Best Platform For Micro Jobs Online Work








Things that you will learn from this post:


  • Is Sproutgigs A Legit Site?
  • What Is Sproutgigs.Com?
  • How To Join In Sproutgigs?
  • How To Work On Sproutgigs.Com?
  • What Is Temporary Success Rate And All Time Success Rate In Sproutgigs?
  • How To Post A Job In Sproutgigs?
  • How Do You Get Paid From Sproutgigs?
  • How Much Money Can You Make On Sproutgigs?
  • How Do I Contact Sproutgigs?


Is Sproutgigs A Legit Site?:

Sproutgigs.com is not a scam. Sproutgigs.com is a completely legit micro working, freelancing, outsourcing, and crowdsourcing site that connect both employers and workers. They work as a medium between clients and freelancers. Clients are giving their tasks to freelancers and they gave their money to Sproutgigs. Workers complete the tasks that are given by the clients and get paid by Sproutgigs. Sproutgigs collect the money from clients and then they cut a portion as their processing fee and the rest of the amount is equally distributed among the workers. At first, the workers earning balance is stored in the Sproutgigs account. When the minimum payment threshold reaches then they can withdraw from Sproutgigs to their desired wallet.





What is Sproutgigs.com?:



Sproutgigs is a completely legit micro jobs site. Here you can work as an employer and also as a worker. You can earn money directly from Sproutgigs.com as a worker. You can earn money indirectly from this website as an employer. You can earn direct money from this website as a worker by completing tasks. The indirect method is as an employer, you can earn from a different source using this website. For example, you have an android application that pays you 0.5$ per referral. This means if anybody installs the application and signs up using your link or codes they will pay you 0.5$ on each install and sign up. Then you can ask people on Sproutgigs to install and sign up on that app using your referral link or codes. For each successful new install and sign up you are paying them 0.20$. Then still you are making 0.50$ with an interest of around 0.30$ from that application.

If you are a business owner for example: Want somebody to sign up on your website, promote your youtube/Reddit video, ask people to join your telegram bot, Facebook ad review, ask people to visit your site, people needed to install and sign up an android or iPhone applications, etc. You can ask people to work for you like any of the above tasks for a small amount of money. This is for the employer.

If you want to join as a freelancer/worker you can take the above-mentioned tasks and complete them and get your money. Each task takes less than 5 minutes. Higher the payment much time it takes. Each task pays you between 0.03$ to 0.30$. Sometimes the tasks are harder so they pay you up to 1$. But don’t take it as a full-time job. Do it as a part-time job in your free time. So, if you want to join this site click Here

How To Join In Sproutgigs?
To join this site click here  . Then complete the sign-up form by giving all the correct information. After signing up verify by your Gmail. N.B. Your Gmail should be the Gmail that belongs to your payment (PayPal or litecoin or skrill) account. After completing account verification with Gmail. Log in to your account then take any task. It will redirect to your information center. Put the correct information as it will ask for your date of birth, gender, city, and country put them then you are all set. Then start earning.

How To Work On Sproutgigs.Com?


First of all, you have to choose the category you want to do.

Suppose if you want to do a youtube video watch+share task you have to select the video marketing category. Then choose a task you want to complete. Accept it and then read the instructions you have to follow. Here is an example of a youtube task watch+share.



In this task, he wants you to watch his youtube video and share it on 2 social media.

All you have to do is to copy the link from step-2.

Then open in a new tab this link. Then a page with a template will be loaded. Where shows a search bar similar to youtube.

Copy the search bar text 1st. Then search it on youtube with the channel name(If given) for making easier your task. For this task channel name was given so search this on youtube with the channel name.

I have found that the 1st one is the required video. But for your case sometimes you may find the video on 3rd, 4th, or even greater than 10th position. So, first, find the required video which you have to watch and share. Just click on it.

Then watch the video and share it on 2 social media as mentioned. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Reddit any 2 of them. Not like WhatsApp, Viber, IMO. Then read the proof they want.

In 1st proof, box put the URL of the video you have watched

Then put the two social share link where you have shared the video on the 2nd proof box.

That’s it then click on submit proof.

For any type of task follow the instructions mentioned. And put the required proof in the proof box as required.

Be careful when you need to share anything on social media your profile and post must be public. Otherwise, the employer can’t see your proof. So he will not pay you.

For the screenshot link, you can use this site. 

Know which are the top 5 best micro jobs sites. 





What Is Temporary Success Rate And All Time Success Rate In Sproutgigs?


The temporary success rate is the percentage of your successfully completed and got paid tasks in the last 50 days. And the all-time success rate is the percentage of your satisfied tasks among the tasks you submitted for all times. Suppose you completed 50 tasks in the last 50 days. Got satisfied and paid for 37 tasks, 10 tasks are still pending for employer review and 3 tasks got not satisfied. Then your temporary success rate Is 74%. Now suppose you submitted 100 tasks for all time and got satisfied for 75 tasks and got not satisfied for 3 tasks then your all-time success rate is 75%. If you got 85 tasks satisfied and 15 tasks not satisfied among 100 tasks. Then your all-time success rate will be 85%.

Temporary Success Rate = (Total number of tasks got satisfied in the last 50 days / total number of submitted tasks in the last 50 days)*100%.

All Time Success Rate = (Total number of satisfied tasks/Total number of submitted tasks)*100%.






How To Post A Job In Sproutgigs?

All you have to do is just click on POST JOB.  You will get this in the next picture as an example.

Then choose the category or type of work you want to post. Then choose the number of worker you needs, Payment, Time to rate, and instructions and proof you required. Then select a payment method you can also use the money you have earned by working on this site. And also you will receive a 50-cent welcome bonus for posting a job when you sign up.


How Do You Get Paid From Sproutgigs?


To payout your earnings you have to click on the wallet. You will find it at the top menu bar on your dashboard.

For withdrawal, you must have at least 5.40$ to your account earned. Then you can withdraw your money through PayPal, litecoin, and skrill also has some other methods. To withdraw click on the wallet.

Then click on withdrawals.

Then click on this if your earned balance is more than or equal to 5.40$.

Then select your payment method in which you want to take the money and then select the amount you want to withdraw then click withdraw and then click on send token.

A code will be sent to your Gmail. Collect this and put it on the token box.

Then click on Submit request that’s it. Wait for 3 to 10 days you will get your money.


How Much Money Can You Make On Sproutgigs?

It actually depends on which region you are living in. If you are from the European region or the USA then you can earn a lot. But if you are from the Asian subcontinent or another you can earn a small amount of around 1$ per day depending on how much time you spend on this site. The higher your experience you will automatically learn how to enhance your earnings. So, the amount of money you can make on Sproutgigs depends on the region you are living, how fast you can complete tasks, and your Temporary Success Rate. If your Temporary Success Rate is higher than 90% you will be able to submit more tasks per day. Remember your Temporary Success Rate must be above 75% to keep submitting tasks.

Learn how you can manage your Temporary Success Rate above 75% always and work more and more. 




How Do I Contact Sproutgigs?

If you have any basic queries like their payment method or about the rules you can read their terms and conditions.  But if you don’t find the answer to your question then you can contact their support. To contact their support center. To contact the support center click on the? the symbol at the top bar from which bar you went to your profile. Then click on CREATE NEW TICKET. Then on the subject box write about what you are contacting with them. Then choose your category. In the last section write your question in detail. You can write at most 600 characters’ messages. After writing your message click on Submit to start your support ticket. One of the members from their support center will answer your query soon. When your problem is solved just closed the ticket. When you need to contact their support center with a new query just start a new support ticket with accurate information.   


That is it for today. Soon I will upload some working strategies by which you can earn a lot of money from this site. To read that article click here.



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